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  1. BEST VALUE12 month license (all platforms) USD $107.99
  2. Anyone have this bright copckit ligths in asbo b747? i don't know if i have installed a mod in the past that is causing that or if its normal And if its normal, is it possible to fix that brightnes? thanks
  3. Hiya Dave , Why ATC told me i was off course i f i was in line with flight plan? LEBL DCT CAVES UN861 OLOXO DCT LOMRA DCT ROMAK DCT CFA A27 MOU G21 EPL UM624 ROUSY M624 DIK N853 ARCKY T853 NVO T857 BIKMU DCT EDDL Here my log file https://mega.nz/file/V4sg1Ypb#8CYZrzKbdLsFUdoT3IKO0Rn-NflxKGWLVaREUIWvthI Thanks Mike
  4. Is the atc only speaking to the player? There is no interaction with ia planes?
  5. Pls Dave, could you send me beta 6D link while you found a soluton? Thanks Mike
  6. After last update , i can't get clearance for take off at LEMH, when i arrive to runway 01 pilot2atc change the frecuency to tower but when i ask for take off i don't get any instructions from tower Here my log file https://mega.nz/file/0p9ShBDa#Zp52OVTgyRsuyw7gLdGyISnKtYEAPb7WsTmFpYbSlmY Hope you can solve it thanks Mike
  7. finally worked on fenix, and is a suberb program , a must have program Now testing on FBW developer version and don,t work, when try to put my personal ATC number it says "NO HOPPIE CONECTION" and all is ok insertd at EFB Any solution for that? thanks
  8. I have installed and configured it but nothing is apearing at the screen after i have the clearence from ATC and the logon is accepted, what could be the problem? thanks
  9. I have all correct installed, ship traffic at 5 in simu, and only active mediterranean region but have no shops arriving to valencia port, when in real life there is four - five cargo ships arriving to port constantly. This is very unrealistic
  10. solved calibrating flaps in MCDU sorry
  11. where to calibrate the flaps in MCDU? i have found only to calibrate the throttle
  12. flap axis is assigned correctly like i had before the fenix update
  13. after update now flaps doesn't work with the throtle quadrant
  14. Why there isn’t ships near Valencia port (Spain) if in real life there is cargo ships all time arriving and departing from Valencia?
  15. Yes enabled at load manager and now the HUD is on the planes but is off
  16. how to active the HUD? , after updating the bird the HUD isn't on it
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