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  1. Good if it does the job. interestingly I also have an i5 4690k, but with a 1080 ti. I find I can get 35-70+ FPS in almost all situations on high-end, with scenery cache and other settings on Ultra and LODs 200, v few stutters if any. I’d been having regular CTDs until I found I had a memory error on 2 of my memory sticks. Took them out and good as gold fingers x’d. I use Nv control panel for vsync and latency on ultra.
  2. Yep me too. TBM with latest mod and WT G3000 out of Orbx LOWI en route LIPB. CTD after 15 mins. (005c). Regenerated Cache, running card in debug mode. Made no difference…
  3. Just wondering if CTDs are still related to overclocked graphics cards? I can't run MSFS anymore without running the GTX1080ti in debug mode - and no add-ons enabled. That's the case for me anyway even since WU6 HF1. Mad!
  4. I have an i5 4690k with 32Gb and GTX1080ti. I have had great performance at HIGH-END ++ settings and caching on ULTRA, Render scaling 200 etc. at 1440p. 50-60fps in modded TBM w WT G3000 over Switzerland. 35-45 at airports (even London City EGLC). Not to say I don’t get occasional CTDs (better than SU5) but I think I might have a memory problem with my PC.
  5. Agreed - if there were any updates! But there isn’t. At least publishers normally communicate updates fairly quickly. Marketplace? Nothing.
  6. Totally agree, I have only 15 that don’t work, v poor show. I am v disappointed they have not yet been updated. Will not be buying via Marketplace again.
  7. Just to add LSGS will not load (addon) and that is an example of many add on Marketplace airports that don't load in in WU6. Otherwise all good with Bijan trees, CJ4, WT G3000 and TBM mod.
  8. Glad to see John is able to fly again at least. We all know how it feels to be unable to use the sim and this past month has been very trying for so many of us. Though I'd add my experience with my old Asus based 2014 PC (i5 4690k 32g RAM) - I was having consistent CTDs near the Austrian/Swiss border out of LOWI; MOGTI RWY26 departure towards LSGS. It always seemed to crash about 15 minutes into the flight the last 3 times I tried it. After updating Visual C++ redist to 2015-2022 - the latest version (14.30.30401) and running my GTX1080ti in debug mode - no more CTDs. I am not naive enough to think I'm totally out of the woods, but I'm pleased to say that for now I had a fantastic flight - the first one ever in WU6, and at 50 70fps. LSGS is also the add on version and no issues at all. Min fps was 36-38 on finals into RW25. Hope this helps someone - worth a try anyway.
  9. Thanks all. So it’s not the mods causing problems. I’m reading more people are reporting CTDs as I have had also. How about Marketplace addons? I have 15 airports that haven’t worked since SU5. eg SCEL, SKPS, SKMD, LELL, LESU… Anyone have issues with Marketplace payware products. Why haven’t they been updated yet? 😬
  10. Apologies if there is already an active thread elsewhere. I have searched and didn't find anything. Could we maybe use this thread to aggregate all the mods that either people have found work after WU6 + DACH without CTD, or any updates released that are explicitly WU6 compatible. The sim seems to work fine without any mods by the way as I removed all mods with AddonLinker. Orbx LOWI works fine - 50-60fps in default TBM, pre-caching slider set to HIGH. I then tried adding the WT CJ4, WTG3000, Nxi, PMS50 GTN750 and Bijan seasons. I experienced CTDs with these enabled. I have not disabled them one by one as yet so no idea which ones caused a CTD. Good to know if anyone has any feedback on this yet... Thanks, Ray
  11. Anyone know if the Marketplace payware airports that wouldn't load after SU5 are working (or have been updated)? e.g. SCEL, SKPS, SKMD, LOWS, LFSB... I had to delete about 15 airports because they stopped loading... very cross about that. Can't see them in the downloads available in my content manager yet.
  12. OK it worked for me. Thanks - excellent advice! Never had to do that before tho
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