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  1. Like everyone says here, jump in, you won’t regret it. It can be phenomenally realistic, immersive and thrilling… but of course inevitably, far from perfect. In my experience crashes and performance issues are typically caused by these situations: - a dodgy or outdated addon (most common for me) - something up with your PC, hardware or Windows (memory, system or graphics errors) - major issues - thankfully v rare in the Sim itself - and mostly they fix things reasonably quickly. There are some long standing annoying non critical bugs. I have a relatively modest machine; i7 1170k, GTX 1080ti and get 30 ish fps, with traffic (FSTL) at a major airport eg KSEA in the Fenix or PMDG and eye tracker. NB You may find it helpful to be aware of how to tweak your machine for best performance (there are many YT videos that can help) and generally keep your machine/ windows up to date and in good condition. Hope this helps.
  2. *PS Maybe try uninstalling then reinstalling again. Last week I was experiencing terrible BSODS at Haneda (RJTT and all over Japan. Couldn’t load, crashes and stuttering. Uninstalled, reinstalled and all good now… worth a look anyway maybe
  3. Hello My rig is by no means top of any range: i71100k @5GHz; GTX1080ti FTW OC, 32Gb of fairly elderly RAM; NVMe SSD 2Tb. No noticeable stutters after WU15 here, Nordics excellent mostly for me (Iceland, Faroen, Bodo, Leknes, Tromso and Bergen mostly) so far… agree MMV…
  4. Hi All, I've noticed an issue around some of the default airports that wasn't there before SU14. I've tried the VNAVX RWY36 approach to Quito SEQM in the Fenix A320 a couple of times, and the approach is now offset by about 200m ot the right. In poor visibility this can be a real problem for a last minute swing over to the runway. The Fenix has the approach correctly in the FMGC but does not correspond with the scenery. This never happened in previous versions. It's also happened in another default plane - an RNAV appoach somwhere in Scotland (Sumburgh I think) in the updated SR22 G6. Anyone else see this? In case anyone asks, I haven't switched off all my addons. That's the next thing once I've got a bit of time to test it. And I have updated all my Navigraph data. Thanks for any help or pointers...
  5. Well, I've never seen a hybrid cockpit like that so far as I remember - and how creative and inventive, and clearly a lot of hard work. Brilliant, and thanks for the video..
  6. Same happened to me on takeoff from LHR 27R today, no takeoff until 190kt and tailstrike - V1 was supposed to be 163. Load calculations and weights from Simbrief. I beleive there is a problem here, as this does not happen in the same scenario with the Asobo 787X.
  7. I feel performance is slightly worse. GPU usage seems to have reduced in this update seeming to put more pressure on the CPU. Boefre they were more balanced - for me (i7 11700K GTX1080ti @ 2k)
  8. Flying in Alaska - no MSFS weather either (IRL there’s plenty!). Actually to be precise, there seems to be wind, temps and pressure, but no clouds in my case… Using X-enviro instead, which I find a v useful alternative at times like this…
  9. Proper snow coverage, no frozen lakes and sea in mid summer. Frozen sea and lakes only in areas well below freezing in winter. No hard wired connection between snow and frozen sea/ lakes. Convincing cirrus and stratus cloud, scary thunderstorms and turbulence. otherwise not a lot
  10. Please!! No stupid snow cover in mid summer and not linked to freezing water surfaces… or an off button snow is good but only at appropriate resolution otherwise it’s one of the worst things for me in MSFS2020.. so please please please!!!’
  11. For me the beta is as smooth in DX12 as its ever been. I am running 2k with an old GTX1080ti on a GSync monitor. FPS? meh - 25-50 depending. I don't care. The Worlds updates are still donwloading - my Internet is 2010 level - 25Mbits if I'm lucky. But this is UK 2023 in the countryside, so what do you expect?
  12. Thanks! You got it. Newlight uninstalled default livery- works a treat!!!
  13. Hi Has anyone experienced this problem in the FBW A320 in SU13 beta? I haven’t heard that it’s not compatible w/ SU 13b (coulda missed it of course)… When I try starting up the engines at pushback, having never had a problem before with this, the engines start extremely sluggishly and never really ever come up properly. So it’s effectively unflyable for me now. I’m using latest version of GSX at the gate. I'm using the Dev version, having uninstalled the Experimental version and completely reinstalled today. shame it’s getting to really a be nice plane. The Fenix A320 starts and flies perfectly SU13 beta btw.. Thanks for any help.
  14. Ah yes had similar problems this morning. didn’t report it though as by the time I’d rebooted, updated Windows and got back into the sim at the gate it was all ok again.
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