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  1. There must be something going on with your set up. I just flew from Stewart (CZST) in W Canada to Juneau. I have Rex Sky Force and Environment pro working with non EA, plus ASP3D. With both EA and non EA It accurately depicted 100% overcast, mist and rain all the way to the coast until it cleared up as per the METAR, over the coast near Juneau. i was playing a bit with various settings so I can vouch that it works well enough. (within its limitations) in v5, ray
  2. Hi again definitely having problems with sound on this one. Seems to be working well but completely lacks the environmental sounds so far. Loading a default plane all sounds return.
  3. Hi My understandxing is that the time allotted by P3D to each frame to load scenery textures and autogen is known as Fiber Frame Time Fraction (FFTF). If you limit your frames the default value for this in P3D is I beleive 0.33 (not sure what the units are). If you don't limit your frames this parameter does not operate, and like me you will tend to experience blurries and loss of autogen at your destination on descent. The autogen will eventually load but it can take an immersion destroying time to do it. I don't think this happens to everyone, but depending maybe on your system, the higher your texture resolution and autogen density settings the more likley this is to occur without some kind of action. You could try adding a line in you P3D.cfg to set FFTF to 0.15 as this is receommended by some people. Add this line to the [MAIN] section of your P3D.cfg if you are comfortable editing this file i.e - FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.15. I use a tool from FSPS called Dynamic FTFF, which works for me. Again not everyone claims success with this but it works well enough on my fairly old machine with quite high settings. Hope this helps. Kind regards Ray.
  4. Hi Not sure if this will help you but I have come to rely on the FPS FFTF tool in v5. I have an old PC from 2014. Provided I don't get stupid with my settings - fingers crossed, I rarely either get CTDs, blurries - which you showed, or non apprearence of autogen at the destination airport. I use the AGLsetting with 0.15 to 2600ft then 0.33 above that, and it works a treat fo me. I feel it's allowed me to set my settings higher than I might otherwsie have got away with. I am not prone to recommending paid for tools normally, but as I said, for me and I think a few others on this forum, it seems to work really well. Having said that - before FSPS updated their tool to HF2 I noticed that the reluctant autogen and blurry situation seemed to be improved from HF1 anyway. So some with newer machines may not need this tool. None of the above means you can push your settings unnreasonably though - you have to be sensible and only give what your machine can take., No tool will help that - as others keep saying don;t judge v5 by what you're used to fro mv4 etc. P3D v5 can give an addictive impression of incredible smoothness and performance - then suddenly without warning, a crackle - CTD and gone. Hope this helps. Ray
  5. Thanks Jabloom1230 that helps me understand the SDK side of it better (of which I know absolutely nothing) and I undertand the complexity and that this is still very much work in progress. I am not so sure they can't do proper cumulus though. I have some screenies enroute SKPS just past Bogota in Colombia which show what is possible - and that was with HF1. I'll upload them if someone could remind me how to do it here. But suddenly (METAR changes are still v sudden with AS) I had magnificent menacing cumulus at FL200. No flattened clouds there and really big dark thunder CB clouds with loads of vertical development terrible turbulence and heavy rain - OK not anvil heads to be fair. Almost like MSFS in fact - but just for about 5 mins then it all of a sudden disappeared snd back to the normal chopped off flat fair weather rubbish. I've never encountered anything like that before or since. So I know it's possible even now with AS but maybe as you say not stable yet. Ray I await developments with impatiernce 🙂
  6. .. and to go back to my first point where I saw it in P3d v5 before the AS update came out. In effect the weather you choose is correct only for your departure aiport, but once you get away from it all the weather presumably is interpolated, which possibly explains why I was seeing it in Canada with the default fair weather enroute.. So in that case it may well be a P3D EA bug.. for interpolated weather...?
  7. Yes that's true but there may a simpler explanation. I've noticed it desn't seem to occur much in places like Europe or USA, where AS provides ample local weather data. In remote reas like Colombia however, away from major cities where AS is providing interpolated data, that's where I think it mostly occurs. thinking about it. In that case, if so, once AS P3D comes out of beta it may be sorted... Anyone have similar experiences? Ray
  8. Hi tje thing that really bugs me about clouds in EA is how they get shaved off at a certain height to apparently ensure flat tops. I am using AS but this is not an AS thing as I noticed it right from the first release of v5. This effectively precludes any serious vertical development of clouds most of the time. Anyone else notice this? Or are my settings wrong? i have EA on ultra but it makes no difference if I lower the settings... grrrrr!! rsy
  9. Hi I find Orbx is generally good for me in v5. even with my old PC (2014) Notable exceptions are LSZS (which worked pre HF1) and CYBD which no matter which HF crashes my P3D - Orbx confirmed this to be an issue but no update for it yet. I am nowhere near trying all my Orbx regions and airports out but no other issues so far. Difficult to kow why there are these problems but they could be PBR and DX12 rellated, or in one case I had layered the scenery incorrectly and got a kernelbase dll CTD. Also disabling grass and flowers sometimes helps - as a temp workaround. Otherwsie eg LOWI is working great as is the Landclass regions and full fat ones (British Isles, Germany USA Aus retc... Ray
  10. "Forever indebted to the late Michael Greenblatt of FSGS" Indeed - RIP Michael. Learned a lot from him in the early days.
  11. Wow are we all musicians as well!? OK, confession - 2 Sims but 5 guitars (4 Fenders) and Fender Deville Hotrod amp. Playing with amazing Guitar Amp Sims like TH-U while I wait for the P3D v5 update. Love it. I've even got the arthritic left thumb lol I hear my P3D aircraft sounds through a Fireface 802 sound interface, studio monitors and a Lake People Headphone amp. @Chock - love the chipshop joke - reminds me of when I used to be in a band. Spot on! Ray
  12. I agree with Steve Phenomenal perfomance compared to 4.5. My CTDs seem to be related either to my old 8Gb graphics card (DX Device hung thingy), or to Orbx sceneries (mostly VCruntime140.dll). I also had problems when my Orbx scenery order was all messed up which disappeared once I rearranged it correctly. Massive improvement though since I bought a GTX1080 ti.. I have a 6 yr old PC (i5 4690K Win 10 Pro, 32 Gb of 1800RAM mechanical hard drive with P3D on). Mostly ultra smooth high or even phenomenal FPS and rock solid. I have Orbx and use Real Air and Carenado GA excliusively with F1's GTN750. My EA is on and set to ultra and autogen all up to the right. I pedalled back to 8x AA and that improved things. In defence of LM I would say if you have a completely stock version of P3D v5 with no add ons and default planes - and absolutely no Windows or hardware instability, and it still crashes then I guess you can look to LM and v5. As people keep on saying, v5 is a very different beast to the other versions. In many ways it's a completely new Sim environment. So these issues are perhaps not surprising. I think the main issue with LM was that they released a sim that was OK in itself but had perhaps never been seriously tested with all the add ons we all expect to use in a vast variety of pc environments. That's a guess, as I'm also aware some manufactuers had been working with LM for a good while already.. But that's not the same as testing released products in real world environments perhaps. I would say LM had probably not not been able to do enough testing with the available add ons before v5 was released (even HF1). So there is considerable work still to do I'd guess. I hope this does not take months. Then, once HF2 is released, all the manufacturers will start to release their products; FSL, Rex, Ultimate Traffic and many sceneries as well more updates from existing releases. And then no doubt there may be more crashes and another HF...The difference iwith P3D v3 and 4 was they already had a mature add on population to test before release, so these problems were ironed out largely beofre those releases. Although - look at v4.5 and all the CTDs that had. Just a few musings anyways Ray
  13. I just installed it and have yet to notice much difference. So far I expect that the main roads in Colombia are less gleaming white (I dont there really are white roads even in Colombia). Maybe you have to just ensure the insertion points are all correct in Orbx Central? Ray
  14. Hi Yes it's on the www.tweaking.com website 'Windows Repair tool' (Free). I think it just batches all the tools that are already in Windows like SFC, but you may not be aware of all of them (I'm not). I have the free version and it did a good job on my mess of a Windows. Fingers crossed so far so good. I also use the FFTF (Fiber Frame Time Fraction ) tool from FSPS - which for me is invaluable for preventing blurries and autogen refusing to appear on my system. Remeber though the more you load onto your sim, the harder it will be to maintain good perfomrance whatever tools you use. It's just the system limits and symptoms behave somehat differently to what you may be used to in P3D v4. I'm still testing, but with a just a few planes and Orbx scenery plus ASP3D I can get up to 80-90 FPS and extremely smooth performance in most places, and c 30-40FPS at Innsbuck. with about 5-6Gb RAM usage. And it looks amazing. Ray
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