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  1. Yep I get this too. When you say custom waypoints - do you mean even custom waypoints created in MSFS - as opposed to ones created externally (in Little Navmap of other external planner)? My experience is it is affected by custom waypoints created in MSFS.
  2. I just installed the Studio version using NV Clean Install. Nothing else there except the driver itself. Works a treat.
  3. You do have to leave the Beta via the XBox Insider App first. Once you’ve done that just start MSFS nothing else to do. Your version number will not change. I just did it and it was seamless.
  4. And yes, the version number for today's release is the same so looks like we don't need an update
  5. Was on beta - same for me - no update still
  6. So a very quick search seems to talk about RdR (Render Thread) problems not being new in MSFS. They may have first been noted after SU5 when TAA was introduced in graphics settings. There may not be a one single silver bullet here, but solutions suggested include ensuring you do have TAA set in your graphics options, and that the CPU ‘priority’ level for flight simulator.exe has not been set to below normal for example. Hope you sort it, with a spec like yours it should be blazing fast! Good luck
  7. Just a thought: Have you checked your Windows; Time and Date (and Language) settings? Are they correct for your location. You might have to resync these settings. Worth doing after a Windows update for example… good luck- this sounds awful - most likely this will be a Windows not MSFS issue.
  8. Apart from the Twitter and Kodiak, the obvious choice would be the C208 Caravan. Especially the steam gauge one…
  9. Absolutely. MSFS has made it possible- along with the SWS Kodiak of course, for the first time in any sim, to genuinely get a taste of the atmosphere and crazy flights Ryan does - eg from Goroka, to Aibai and many others.
  10. Yea! cracking value as well. I had it in P3D - best study level KA ever. Pity it hasn't come over to MSFS (yet). Just get it!
  11. Yes PMDG is top dog for Boeings. And SWS is for Kodiaks, Fenix is for Airbuses... WT is top dog for CJ4 mods, FBW is tops for A320 neos.... :-) waddyawant?
  12. I just downloaded v6 and installed it on the same drive and directory as before - deleting the old version. I am on Win 10 and MSFS SU10 beta3. The downloaded the Windows App SDK file as directed. Once installed, I tried to start the main Map Enhancement .exe file. No deal nothing happens so far - no window or interface. I've not moved any of the files from where I installed them. Any help please? Have I done something wrong? I'd be happier using v5.7 for the time being. Thanks
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