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  1. For the Asobo devs to spend a week with some seasoned long time simmers and their systems so that they actually understand what we're talking about when we ask for stuff. e,g, They've never understood what we meant by "Replay". They've clearly never seen Active Sky in use nor ever seen Hybrid measurements in use in an aviation context 🙄
  2. I just don't understand the apparent obsession with Simbrief and EFBs that are nothing more than convenient utilities. You'd think they were as vital as a pair of wings to succesful flight from the frothing on here. I've managed nearly 18 years on Vatsim in PMDG 737s without either utility but now suddenly anything which doesn't have both gets a good kicking. I don't get it #justsayin .
  3. Zero performance problems with the DC-6 here and my system is a geriatric i7-2700k/1660ti
  4. I've not seen such busted restrictions at all and since all my flying is on Vatsim one has to be on top of such things. VNAV does at all times work within the art of the possible and if one tells it to do the impossible then it will ignore it, it can't just stop flying. I've certainly never had it descend below a hard floor and if it were doing that as a matter of course then it wouldn't have been released.
  5. In PMDGs, black screens are usually an indication of, shall we say, a 'licensing issue". So the best way to fix it would be via PMDG, use their Support Portal as detailed in the documentation provided with the plane.
  6. Not by PMDG it wasn't, so whatever the source of that it is pure speculation. Face it, NOBODY KNOWS except PMDG.
  7. Except, as so often happens, that is NOT what he said. He is probably the most misinterpreted developer out there. SM is littered with people saying he's announced a release date and he just hasn't. Just like all the people who say they know the price of it. RSR knows he gets hopelessly misinterpreted so he picks his words carefully. FYI, he said he hoped we would have it BY next weekend with the usual caveat that it might not be if they find an issue.
  8. Of all the items on the sample lists above, there are only three that I am interested in #justsayin
  9. I don't waste my time with streamers at all. I'll watch good reviewer's videos since they will usually cover all I need to know. "Live" streaming just adds wasted time and mistakes #justsayin.
  10. I think the message in this thread is: before blindly spending fortunes in order to "run" MSFS - try it on what you've got first because you might be pleasantly surprised.
  11. My PC is mostly about 10 years old: a i7-2600k at 3.5ghz, 16gb DDR3, 1060 gpu,1tb SSD and it runs the PMDG DC-6 totally smoothly, no stutters at all. Just prudent use of graphics settings, nothing dramatic, and I'm totally fine with it. It's far better than I ever expected it to be. Btw, my last CTD was in September 2019 and it was my own fault! The thread title is totally correct. I don't expect to have to do any upgrading for the PMDG 737 which I never thought I'd be able to say!
  12. Yet I don't understand how they had PPL training and STILL got the Hybrid measurements wrong! You wouldn't think that possible. Similarly the misinterpretation of Metar cloubases to be MSL rather than AGL is a glaring lack of understanding of the basics. But yes, a few focus groups with simmers or developers would have avoided a number of wild goose chases.
  13. The Save issue is another where Asobo show their lack of knowledge of the FS genre then fail to understand what their customers are asking for. See also the Hybrid measurements that aren't hybrid and also just not grasping what people meant by a Replay system. They'd do well to sit down with some grizzly old simmers and get to grips with what we had got used to 10 years ago like replays, saves etc.
  14. Your PC definitely WILL run it. It's streets ahead of mine (10 year old CPU!) and I'm using the PMDG DC-6 at the moment. What your PC WON'T do is run it with everything maxxed but that's rather obvious. Without doubt, try it before buying something else because it WILL run and then it'll give you a pointer at how much you need to upgrade to reach the level that you are happy with.
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