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  1. I go back to FSX every time I want to fly big-tin IFR in a true study level airliner because I simply can't do that in MSFS (yet). For VFR it's MSFS every time. Horses for courses for the time being.
  2. As regards an AS wx model, my priorities are accuracy of live wx for online flying in particular at airfields which determines runway in use. Also interfacing with on board systems as currently happens with AS and PMDG aircraft so the FMS can load enroute wind and depict wx on the radar. The AS ability to source metars from Vatsim makes a HUGE difference because it keeps you on the same page as the ATC who will not, probably ever, have the MSFS wx in their systems.
  3. I thought this thread was locked already? Do us a favour and lock it again? TIA
  4. I'm happily running both and on the same drive. Horses for courses: FSX for big-tin IFR on Vatsim with PMDGs etc and MSFS for VFR also on Vatsim. Both working perfectly. They don't appear to interfere with each other at all (although I havn't tried one after the other without a reboot - but that would be daft!).
  5. MS/Asobo tweeted this morning that they are aware of some connection issues and are working on it.
  6. END was quite happily working for me today on my largely unmodified setup so it's default action clearly hasn't changed.
  7. Are we ready for "Since update 6 my kettle won't boil the water anymore, Don't they test these updates? I'm going back to FS98 so I can make a cup of tea."
  8. I'm a YES and particularly because I didn't expect it to even run on my ropey PC! My expectations as a 30+ years simmer were: 1. A very pretty default world that would need 3rd party enhancement to be perfect. That's what we got. 2. Default aircraft that wouldn't be up to the mark for IFR especially the big tin. Tick there too. 3. GA VFR aircraft that could be flown VFR but weren't close to RealAir, A2A products. It's already my Go To VFR sim. Huge tick, far better than I expected.
  9. I agree. I only fly light a/c on MSFS at the moment and I can't get a metric QNH in any of them under Hybrid or even Metric setting! Hpa/mb pressure settings is what I really wanted from this update and it doesn't seem to have happened.
  10. FF and a UK Basic Service are very much NOT the same thing! Without going into sleep generating detail suffice to say you can have a Basic Service without radar coverage.
  11. But in Europe, Flight Following only exists in FS. It's not a service offered by ATC.
  12. Aircraft tags working in Vatsim so we know who that other a/c is (this isn't a Vatsim issue allegedly but an MSFS one) An end to zooming when tuning! Not a cludgy workaround, a practical end to it! Comprehensive ANOs: tv masts, cooling towers, tall chimey stacks etc. for VFR nav Steam gauges in light aircraft!!!!!!
  13. I spend a lot of FS time in and out of Brizzle and the new version is a complete revelation, the official screenshots simply don't do it justice (they're awful in fact). It's a huge step forward and it cost me just £9. I don't get the negativity towards it but if it's based on the screenies then it's a misjudgement. I had last year's HD version and this certainly isn't a portover of that! (Not associated with uk2k in any way)
  14. The weather that the controller has is what determines runway in use and that effects other controllers and traffic flows right back up the chain. Therefore Vatsim Weather (what ATC see) overrules what you see out of your own window and overrules what an airport is doing in the real world. If that's an hour behind rw then so be it, it's still in charge whether one likes it or not. This is why Active Sky and Rex both had the option to use Vatsim Weather around airports to ensure that pilots and ATC were in step on the network and it worked, very well, for operations on Vatsim. There will always be pilots on the network that "know better" and want to use the real world runway in use but when it's busy that's just disruptive and rather selfish.
  15. If your QNH doesn't match the Vatsim QNH then press B to reset the altimeter and you will then appear to be at the correct altitude to the controller and vs other a/c. Yeah it's an unrealistic workaround but it is the most practical solution until we can get Vatsim wx injected into the sim. So when ATC gives you a QNH you read it back correctly but use B even if it gives a different result and you will be in step with the system. Wind is more difficult since there is no quick'n'easy workaround. If you're at a busy airport then it's important to go with the flow and use the assigned runway even if it means a tailwind approach/departure and try to live with it. If it's quiet you can always request the most appropriate runway for MSFS wind and they'll try and fit you in. The other alternative if your wx is vastly different to ATC's is to fly on preset wx in MSFS, use B again for QNH.and it'll put you right.
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