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  1. Hi All I have an issue with the latest build of the B744, whereby the "SEATBELTS OFF" EICAS message is 'stuck' on the EICAS. If on, I get both "SEATBELTS ON" and the off, message. Could this be related to panel configs from previous builds? Thanks!
  2. Hi all I am currently having a broadband outage whilst BT Openreach decides when they're going to connect my new home to the telecom infrastructure! (Order placed December 2017, what fun). This seems like a good time to consider a system re-build to enable an upgrade from FSX:SE to P3Dv4 as that seems to be where the future of Flight Sim is heading. I want to be able to run the FSLabs Airbus (and upcoming Concorde) comfortably, with weather addons, scenery and all the mod cons you'd expect along with VATSIM event traffic AI. Currently I have an i5 3570k 3.40GHz processor with a liquid cooling system, 12gb RAM, an SSD hard drive and a Nvidia GTX 760. What do I need to spend to get myself to a comfortable position and could somebody inform me of compatible parts for ordering? Thank you!
  3. Dear all I've been out of the loop for a little while and have searched to no avail. Could anybody bring me up to speed on whether a -200ER variant of the 777 is still on the table? Thank you!
  4. Dear all - I've noticed that the MCP on the BA 747s (in sim, no changes made to the default config assigned by the official repaints) have changed to an LCD MCP. Is this correct, a bug, or have I inadvertently changed something without realising? I was pretty sure the BA examples had the old fashioned 'wobbly numbers' rather than 777-esq liquid crystals. The rest of the avionics seem consistent with the earlier (and 'old') representation. Thanks
  5. It's certainly an odd one. I think that BA (variant I took the screenshot in) still use the non-smoking sign to chime the cabin before departure and landing, hence I don't think it's used for those purposes :S
  6. Hi Romain, sorry for the delayed response - I wanted to get in-sim to show everybody the function I am wondering about. This is on the BA 747.
  7. Hello Can anybody confirm what the function of the 'flight attendant alert' switch is? It is labelled with words to that affect, no access to the sim at the moment and can't find any screenshots or mention in the FCOM to show you? It is located at the very rear of the pedestal below the intercom selector panel. I am guessing that in the real aircraft, where fitted, it illuminates something in the galley/door areas to request their seats are taken?
  8. To me the 747-400 is the interesting version, 747-8 is a bit more mundane. Very happy with the 747-400
  9. Hello, with respect to the BA 747s, I have noticed that the modelled 'radio altimeter' callout is not consistent with what I have seen in flight deck videos. The sim uses a standard 'Boeing' callout (male voice) however BA uses a callout with the same voice as modelled for '50 above' and 'decide'. A minor detail, admittedly. Perhaps it is airframe specific? https://youtu.be/tZX_ddXzy3k?t=3m11s Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks chaps, I noticed there were various scrolling options and didn't want to 'test' it without knowing what it would do. I don't think my girlfriend would be very happy about that. I am the Captain and Cabin Crew for my flights, whereas she is the company CEO!!!
  11. Hello Please can someone point me in the direction of how to use the functionality shown in the screenshot attached? I am not sure what it is! Cannot find it in the manuals, unless I am being thick Thanks in advance
  12. Any chance of a few more freighter paints, such as Emirates, Kalitta, and Martinair? Thanks!
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