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  1. I did 2 flights so far TLV-BLR-TLV both on the 400F PW, around 15.5H total time in the air. Both flights used CI of 55 and AS16 and PFPX. Both times landed at around 300-700 KG more then planed (including CONT' fuel).
  2. Any chance you will do Cargo Air Lines("CAL"- ICAO ICL) fleet, it's only 3 planes and all of them white: 4X-ICA 747-4EVF (ER) S/N:35172 CF6-80C2B1F 4X-ICB 747-412F(SCD) S/N: 26561 PW4056 4X-ICC 747-412BCF S/N: 24227 PW4056 thanks in advance
  3. KPAE-KPAE, local 1-5H to test the bird or LLBG-LLBG same flight(1-5 H test flight)
  4. It may be the case in "ICL"(on the LGG-US routes) but not in ELY.
  5. The other way around TNT made few flights for ELY due to shortage of 744 crews in ELY, and some times TNT fly for "CAL"(ICAO is ICL). All this TNT flights to TLV are wet lease.
  6. I have seen LYs 744 bound for the JFK/EWR(not sure) turn around just 1H(around 5-6H from takeoff) into the atlantic and fly back to TLV(10-11 Hours of a tour over Europe) due engine failure.
  7. As far as I know sometimes they do fly to not so "safe" places on the globe but 99% of the time its TLV-LGG-JFK/ATL-LGG-LCA-TLV and charters to few EU airports(BTS/BUD/BUC...)
  8. Very Detailed list , any chance to to have CAL(Cargo Air Lines),4X-ICA/B/C(any of them) as well?
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