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  1. Hi Jim, Sorry it's been so long for a follow up. I've resolved the issue by doing 3 things. 1 Ran Tweaking.coms' repair tool which dose a very good job of tuning up your PC, I just wouldn't run it too often, it will over do things. 2 rebuilt my dll.xml file step by step as you recommended. 3 Found a post here back from 2010 by Umberto from FSDT pertaining to pauses (not stutters) caused by their Addon Manager. This was fixed by an adjustment in the Addon settings in FSX. Unfortunately at this time I don't remember the exact details due to old man's memory (lol) Ed
  2. Jim, after renaming the dll XML file and restarting FSX as I said I could not locate the new. Dll XML file, it was not where it should be. And you're correct there's a lot of older files from installations of updates and new programs, but no clean copy of the. Dll. XML file. What I'm considering doing is backing up the current one which is the one you originally had me basically turn off and relocating it to another location on my hard drive. Then what I'm going to do is create a whole new one and cleaning out everything else pertaining to that file and see if that shows up. I can always copy and paste to the new one entries from the old one one at a time and see how that work. I have notepad plus plus so that should work.
  3. Thanks but remember I'm dealing with FSX not p 3D the file we're talking about is under my username, app data, roaming, Microsoft, FSX. The odd thing is since I've rebuilt the file I can't find it. Which to me is very odd
  4. Jim, I had already cancelled auto save in FSUIPC prior to these recent posts from me. The stuttering had continued. What's odd after renaming dll.xml file and reloading FSX I can't seem to locate the new dll.xml file, I know the location where it should be, but it's not there. Ed
  5. Hi Jim, so I tried what you suggested and things seem to be running a lot smoother the only problem is I lost all my things like GSX and the co-pilot program that provides me with time adjustments and things like that. It kept my ultimate live traffic so that doesn't seem to be the issue. I love to keep the smoothness but keep GSX and things of that nature. Flight is from KBOI to KLAX. Aircraft pmdg 737 800 weather is as2016. KBOI is updated with freeware add-on and KLAX is fsdt.
  6. Hi Jim, So I did as you suggested, after rebuilding the scenery.onfig file and reloading FSX today I noticed the issue was still occurring. I happened to look up at the title bar and realized the that whenever the sim paused especially for more than a second and the hourglass appeared on the title bar it said not responding. Do you know if there's any specific program that might cause this ? Like weather, live traffic GSX etc. Ed
  7. Thanks Jim, it's been a rather frustrating week to say the least LOL
  8. Hi all, Thanks for your recommendations and suggestions.....however for me it's just too complicated and time consuming to go through all these processes, I am going through the FSX .config manual and rebuilding my FSX .config file.. However I'm not going to write a 25 page dissertation on what I've done (LOL). I've backed up and rebuilt the FSX .config file several times, played with frame rates (usually keeping to 30 fps). Scenery settings between ultra high and high, basic scenery addons are Free mesh, FSC2010 and FSX nav updates. A fair amount of airports (asstd. developers) and several 3rd party aircraft (primarily PMDG) weather AS2016. My PC specs are in the original post, which are quite sufficient in my opinion P>S Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer Ed.
  9. Hi, so recently my installation of FSX has been stuttering. What I get is an hourglass and then FSX stops very briefly and then starts again. If I pause it then I get a brief flash of my desktop and then the flight continues. Assistance would be appreciated . I have tried everything that I have seen here to no avail I'm just at a total loss I don't want to have to do a complete reinstall of FSX anybody got any out of the box ideas . Computer Dell XPS 8900 Intel i7 quad core 3.4 gigahertz, 8GB ddr4 Ram, 3 terabyte Serial ATA Drive and the equivalent of an Nvidia 1050ti graphics with four gigabytes of DDR RAM, OS Windows 10 1903, thank you Ed
  10. Hi, so recently my installation of FSX has been stuttering. What I get is an hourglass and then FSX stops very briefly and then starts again. If I pause it then I get a brief flash of my desktop and then the flight continues. Assistance would be appreciated thank you Ed
  11. Thanks, Dave. I'm looking forward to seeing this. In the meantime my daughter is flying to Tokyo On 9/24/19 I intend to follow her route which will be KBOI-KLAX then a several hour layover before KLAX-RJTT Ed
  12. What tends to be really annoying with FSX ATC is when you're somewhat off course for whatever reason and they start giving you what I called The Wiggles. They have you heading in one direction for a few minutes then heading in another instead of in a straight line back to the magenta line or your course. That's my biggest complain with ATC in FSX.
  13. Well Charlie on this particular flight FSX ATC has been a bloody disaster. At the moment though after a couple of days it seems to be functioning decently. So we shall see
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