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  1. Ed Kammerman

    Problem with 748

  2. Ed Kammerman

    Problem with 748

    Not that I know of. After I get parked I right click and choose lower overhead switch on the APU and wait till it's running then turn on the nav lights, go to a clear spot and right click and choose the throttle quadrant. That's where the problems start. Please see original post.
  3. Ed Kammerman

    Problem with 748

    Hi guys, first of all pardon me if it's all runs together but I use speech to text and don't always think about punctuation LOL. To the subject at hand, over the past couple of days I've been having a problem with my 747 - 8. I get set up at a gate at Heathrow, set my parking brake Go to the overhead turn on the APU and the nav lights when I see that the Apu is running I go down to the throttle quadrant to turn off the engines. Not working everything goes to being a hand as in doing something with it when I move away from where a hand should be I have to wait for it to become an arrow, whetherer I right click or left click it becomes a hand again I try to go up to the overhead and nothing works. Everything on the 747-400 works so I'm not sure what the issue is. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling no joy help would be appreciated thank you by the way using FSX, Windows 10 64-bit and last I knew version 1803
  4. Ed Kammerman

    APU bleed air switch

    Thanks guys
  5. Hi guys, I know I'm going to get yelled at for not reading the manual but I'm trying to keep it simple I've gotten everything else worked out but I can't find the Apu bleed air switch on the overhead. Assistance would be appreciated thank you
  6. Ed Kammerman

    FMC data out-of-date message

    I went to The navigraph forum and there's an article under FMS data about how to fix this. Thanks for your assistance guys
  7. Hi, ever since the new Cycle came out, I keep getting FMC out-of-date message. Is this an issue with navigraph or has location been changed from their usual. I've had pmdg products for quite some time and this is the first time I've had this message. Any thoughts?
  8. Ed Kammerman

    747 crashing FSX

    Well looks like the problem have finally been fixed time will tell
  9. Ed Kammerman

    747 crashing FSX

    I'm well aware that it's a Microsoft issue it's just surprising well not really that they're taking so long to come up with a solution Microsoft that is
  10. Ed Kammerman

    747 crashing FSX

    This question is directed to the development team at PMDG. It seems that this issue has stalled here since I haven't seen any permanent solutions here on the forum. Has anyone on the team contacted Microsoft concerning this issue, and if so any results ?
  11. Ed Kammerman

    747 crashing FSX

    Anybody heard about a fix for this problem yet
  12. Ed Kammerman

    747 crashing FSX

    In response to Viperid's comment I just recently updated Windows 10 to the latest build which is the fall creators update build 1709 that's why it's in Windows. Old but it still affects the operating system as far as Microsoft coming out with a fix in November I certainly bloody hope so
  13. Ed Kammerman

    747 crashing FSX

    So here's the KB4041676 update we're referencing is in my computer in Windows. Old \windows\ services it won't let me remove it it's basically locked I'll continue to work on it but what I'd like to know is the development team working on it cuz it seems to be a Microsoft issue but it's related to the product and I love the product but if I can't fly it it has to stay hangered till we have a fix
  14. Ed Kammerman

    747 crashing FSX

    I'll check for that KB update thanks
  15. Ed Kammerman

    747 crashing FSX

    Sorry if my signature didn't show up but I had my account fixed by Jim so it should show I'm just looking at it on my phone so it didn't my apologies Ed kammerman