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  1. Hello.. having a strange issue with TCA Airbus quadrant & sidestick. Everything appears to be working correctly (i've updated, calibrated & read through manuals) however once I enable VR the thrust reverse selection becomes intermittent but really fails to work most of the time. Very strange im not sure why VR is having an effect on this - it does work consistently outside of VR. The physical throttles are moving the throttles in the sim all the way to idle. Just wondering if anyones seen this before. I was able to search out another thread with other users having the problem but unfortunately no leads. Thanks Tom
  2. Been exclusively using VR with P3Dv4 for the past couple years... absolutely no way I could go back to a monitor. Not too long ago I tried & found myself distracted by a leaf blowing around outside. lol. VR is the future no doubt. I do understand though for some people, its uncomfortable. Whatever you do... dont run right out the door after a lengthy session.. you'll get funny looks from people staring at the red HMD stamp on your face. lol.
  3. Thanks.. I just rolled back to 4.4 client & issue is gone. Seems like 4.5 is kind of a lemon.
  4. Hello all - Wondering if anyone has seen this issue. I just did a full reformat and reinstall of P3Dv4.5. I've troubleshot this down to native VR messing up my wing view cameras... a whole portion of the fuselage & wing disappears as soon as I enable native VR (using Rift). Dont seem to get the issue on the ground, only in the air. Pictures below.
  5. Ok I realize I probably should have posted this in P3D forum (moderators plz move if able). But in further testing it seems that as I climb higher the wing view cameras get screwed up and the wing/fuselage begins to disappear (starting from wing root) until only a small section of the end of the wing is visible. If I start descending the wing slowly comes back in to view... really strange! I just wiped my P3D install & loaded NGX with no other addons present so not sure what could be causing this. Im certainly no computer programmer which is frustrating because it seems to be 90% of this hobby unfortunately. Here are some pics of the problem - UPDATE - I stand corrected this should probably be in VR forum. Think it has something to do with my Rift.. messing up the cameras.
  6. Hello - Im having a strange issue when switching to wing view in the NGX. Im not entirely sure if its NGX related or not. Shortly after getting in the air if I switch to wing view, a whole chunk of the wing has disappeared and you can only see about the last 10 feet of the wing/winglet. Starts out fine on the ground & degrades in the air as I cycle through the wing view cameras. I just did a full drive reformat & reinstall of everything. Never had this issue before. I did just pick up REX Environment Force & was having some problems with that so I was thinking it might have done something weird. I tried different liveries & uninstalled EF / deleted shaders. Still there. If anyone can shed some light on where this problem is coming from would be much appreciated. Im using P3Dv4.5.
  7. I purchased city & airports. So far not so good for me (why did I have to get sucked into VR - cant go back to monitor now). I did some circuits around the city with PMDG 747/777 & performance seemed to be acceptable at first. Last night I tried to fly MSP-ORD with Leonardo MD80 & got CTD with terrain.dll error when entering city area. Did some more testing with MD this morning & was getting a lot of jumping & stutters. Also I get some aircraft bouncing on the ground at ORD which is usually pointing to mesh complexity... I have mine dialed back to avoid that problem. Really want to get this package running decently in VR.
  8. If anyone is using this + city scenery in VR would appreciate some feedback.. hesitant to spend the $$ as I suspect performance will be an issue.
  9. Hello all - I cant seem to find any threads on this subject. By default I feel it has to get way too dark for the lights to finally come on. It would be nice if the lights could be adjusted to come on earlier in the evening & go off later in the morning. Any insight appreciated. Thanks! Tom
  10. This is great stuff guys! Thanks for the input! It really is amazing how meticulously designed these products are down to subtle differences likes this. Hats off to PMDG for putting us in the driver's seats of these magnificent machines!
  11. Hello all - I've noticed a difference in takeoff dynamics with regard to pitch in the -8. I understand that there are differences in the wing & air frame design so it makes sense. In the -400 series.. upon reaching Vr.. i'll start a smooth pitch up at the standard rate & the mains will leave the ground right at or above v2 for a nice climb out. In the -8.. I use the same procedure however it seems very sluggish to get airborne & achieve v2+. There seems to be more back pressure required to sort of "pull it off" the runway as opposed to letting it fly off. Acceleration through v2 is also slightly delayed. I understand there are several factors that come into play here. I've done testing at different weights / thrust settings & get same results. It could be a controller issue (sensitivity set to max & zero null calibrated through P3D). It could be a non issue & this is just how the -8 behaves. I'm certainly no expert but just wanted to start a topic to see if I might be having a problem or using incorrect procedure. Tom
  12. Sure. My point is how they set their pricing. Its ridiculous how much they ask for such shallow modeling. But if they’re still generating sales I guess you can’t blame them.
  13. Eventually? Lol. Carenado folks are 3D modeler/texture artists, nothing more. They have no idea what theyre doing with flight/systems model or sound. The fact that they think their less than half baked products are worth $40-$50 is laughable. Haven’t bought anything from them in years and I’m suprised ppl still do. Sorry I realize that’s harsh but I also feel like it’s fair criticism with how much they charge $$ The FSW FA50 is great!
  14. Thanks Marques! Im still learning P3D.. made the switch from FSX when P3Dv4 was released. I do have my frames locked internally at 30 right now due to the disappearing autogen problems. I think maybe my draw distance might be up too high.
  15. FWIW - the problem seems to disappear slowly as the scenery loads.
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