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  1. Hi, On several occasions recently I have found that the NOAA real weather doesn't seem to be providing current information (or P2A isn't picking it up). For example, last night at time 21:00Z the weather being displayed was still from around 13:00Z. Is there a way to force an update when this happens, or better still, prevent this from happening at all? By the way, congratulations on a fabulous piece of software. 🙂 Best wishes, Luke.
  2. The best way I have found to do this quickly is to keep a folder with all of your edited exported registry voice entries. Then, if windows updates and re-sets the registry entries, all you have to do is double click each of your saved reg files and re-merge them.
  3. Good answer, thanks 🙂 My only real gripe with Orbx right now, is that they seem to be failing in the User Guide department! Their omission of a guide or any configuration options for their MSFS version of LOWI was irritating to say the least. I note now note that the Orbx Direct User Guide button for EBBR also just throws up an error. The guide IS present but I had to go delving through the installation files to find it! 🙄
  4. With an increasing number of products being available through Orbx Central, I'm wondering if there's any advantage or disadvantage purchasing through Orbx Direct, or, is it preferable to purchase a standalone copy via the publisher direct - for example, I just purchased Aerosoft's EBBR for MSFS via Orbx Direct. However, I did pontificate for a while as to whether or not I should purchase from Aerosoft! 🙂
  5. Thanks for your reply @Cpt_Piett. I've been following the thread you've linked to and tried deleting and deactivating several things but it hasn't made any significant difference. I'm guessing there is something deeper and uglier happening within the core simulator... probably explains why MS/Asobo have remained very quiet about it thus far!
  6. Yes, in the normal way of things that's correct. However, the point I'm making is that that whether I'm on the ground or in the air, my processing and rendering hardware still has lots of spare performance headroom (apparently) and there don't appear to be any bottlenecks to performance, so I can't understand where the performance drop is being invoked. If something was maxed out, it would be a different story of course! 🙂
  7. Something fundamental that I don't understand... At a gate, KSFO, clear weather, aircraft in turnaround config. FPS limited in Nvidia CP to 60, VSync on. GPU Usage approx 45%, CPU Usage approx 60%, GPU memory usage approx 50%, system memory approx 40%. All temps at around 50c and no CPU cores maxed out. Network activity 0%. GPU at approx 60% power consumption. Why then am I only seeing 21fps when no component of the system is working at more than about half of its capacity? As soon as I get airborne, my FPS return straight back to 60 or higher if I deregulate them. It demonstrates that my system can produce far higher performance but something is preventing it on the ground. It has to be something in the core of MSFS, surely? Under the same circumstances, if I change to an outside view, and pan around, the FPS are still glued to 21 and don't fluctuate regardless of scenery rendering, or for that matter, changing my settings. I currently have most things on ultra and lowering some of the more influential ones doesn't increase performance. This further suggests to me that the program is limiting FPS, not the capacity of the hardware. Can anyone give any insight into this? Cheers! 🙂
  8. Hi Guys, I have just moved into MSFS2020 thanks to the recently released Fenix A320 but I am having problems with clicking switches etc. in the cockpit. I am finding that unless I am viewing the item pretty much square on and fairly close up, the click spots on stitches, knobs and so on are often displaced from where they should be. For example, if I'm in my normal pilot seat view, clicking buttons on the MCDU is almost impossible as the click spots are not over the visual key positions. This means I have to switch to a custom close up view if I want to operate it accurately. Even in a close up view of the MCDU via the 'Instruments' preselected view, the position of the mouse pointer often ends up clicking a key next to the intended one. It's a real nuisance and it's rapidly putting me off the whole thing. I haven't tried this in any other aircraft yet, so I can only comment on my experience with the FA320. Any advice would be gratefully received! Cheers.
  9. Hi Ray, I have now received a reply and am working with him to find a fix. Thanks. Luke
  10. Hi Ray, Thanks for your advice. Yes, the first thing I did was report it to JS support but got no response. I remain hopeful that I will be able to find a solution with them. My frustration here is with SimMarket. They are trying to take the position of no responsibility for what they are selling. The bottom line is that they took my payment, they processed my order and it was purchased from within an account with them and no doubt, they receive a commission for the sale. Therefore, my contract is with them and they are not entitled to shift that responsibility to a 3rd party, no matter what their terms and conditions say.
  11. Rules that are misleading and unfair. That's all. I've learned my lesson but it's not a good look for the industry overall.
  12. Well, aren't you a paradigm of virtue! I'm glad you've never had a problem with them. I've posted this because I have.
  13. Well, I should make it clear here that I haven't got a problem with JS as such. I'd like for them to be able to get it working for me. My issue here is with SimMarket's approach, which seems like a swindle to me.
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