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  1. Hey guys, so first of all my System: (i7 10700k, RTX 2070 Super,Win 10 64, 32 GB RAM , Z490 Gaming Plus MoBo, Corsair 650 w 80 Gold PSU) 150k Internet speed I have the problem, if I fly on (ultra settings) over the Mount Everest and the nearby mountains, the mountains change. Its like the mountais are moving. So if I fly over a mountain ridge for example, the Slope is just changing, like moving. And then it stops. Or distant mountains pop out of nowhere. <--- you can watch it in this youtube video from like minute 2:40 - 2:45 on the left side, the slope is moving. Only that I get these moving parts and popping out mountains a lot more than this guy. Could this be because of a bad bandwith or maybe a faulty GPU? Because I never earthed myself when changing my GPU or Motherbord. Maybe that caused the Problem?
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU in the next couple of months from my GTX 770 4GB to a GTX 1070 ACX 8GB and am wondering if it is worth upgrading. My budget is $500 USD or less. My current computer specs: I7 3770K OC 4.5 GHz (hyperthreading off) 8 GB RAM 750W power supply 250 GB SSD - Windows 7 64 bit 500 GB SSD - P3Dv3.4 and add-ons Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler I am running P3Dv3.4, Active Sky Next weather with REX soft clouds, Track IR Scenery - FTX OpenLC USA with UTXv2, multiple airport add-ons, AlG AI traffic Aircraft - mainly PMDG 737 and 777, Aerosoft Airbus, A2A C182, RealAir Turbine Duke, Flight 1 GTN 750/650 I don't want to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading. If it will make a difference then I will do it. If I have to upgrade CPU and other components to make it worthwhile then I'm going to hold off. Thanks!
  3. Hello, does an AMD FX-6300 be enough for the T7? What GPU schould I use? Thanks in advance Felix Keller
  4. Just purchased the TBM and was trying to setup a flight. I switched on the GPU so I could setup my flight plan in the G1000 without draining the battery. It took a while as I was taking the opportunity to learn the aircraft as well. After approx 20 minutes the battery died and all the avionics shut down. Does the GPU not work on this plane even though the message on the PFD said battery off while in GPU mode? Do I need to do anything else besides selecting GPU on the overhead? When the battery dies, is there any way to get it working again besides restarting P3D? Thanks for the help! Dan
  5. I just built a new machine for Xplane and P3d. Now want to upgrade from my GTX770 to a better GPU. Should i take the TitanX or the GTX 980Ti? Is the TitanX worthe the 300€+?
  6. Hello everyone. I plan to build a new gaming pc for P3D, however i am extremely stuck in trying to find the right specs. I do not wish to spend anything over 450 pounds ($673) for my CPU and GPU, yet i am unsure which i should spend more on. I am looking for 30 fps at most airports with addon scenery. Does anybody know which is more important and / or has any specs recommendations? Yours Sincerely, Kamil Nasser
  7. I am buying a new graphics card. My current graphics card is an AMD RADEON HD 7520 which is decent but can't run more than 1 and a half hours on FSX. I am planning to buy a better GPU so when the PMDG 777-300 comes out I can FINALLY do long hauls. I want a graphics card that can last for more than 17 hours on ultra settings fsx but I dont want to spend to much on it. Will the GTX 660TI do the job or should I get a GTX 760? Still wondering... And what kind of GTX 660 or 760 should I get? TI? Superclocked? 2GB? Thanks, Andrej
  8. Anyone has using R9 GPU series from AMD for primary flight system(FSX/P3D)? (R9 270x/280x/290x) Is there any problem/issue with FS? (like black screen,blur display etc..etc..) -------------------- I was plan buying GTX 660 in last three weeks ,But can't get any. maybe there 20 retail store and 5 online store i asking if there any gtx 660 available ;_; (no stock) I look 270x , and its available.Maybe will choose this card for my flight sytem (it has mantle thoo ) (I know Price 270x and GTX 760 MS* on neweg** is similliar, but in my country(Indonesia) there $30+- USD diffrent) I know using Nvidia card its best choice for Flight system.. But 3 weeks without gaming its... killing me T_T,Can't wait any longer.. * Sorry for bad english *
  9. Please excuse me if this is the wrong area to post this thread, but i checked out the topics and found that this is probably the most appropriate area to post my question I know im not suposed to post hardware related questions here, however this isnt much of a hardware related question, more so software related. But without further-ado; I heard using ENBSeries d3d9.dll helps with FSX visual quality. However when i put the d3d9.DLL v1.0.0.1 W/ the ini folder inside my program files FSX directory, It disables my 540M relying on my intel-hd graphics instead. Now someone on one of those other FSX forums said something about using the "software" "ENBSERIES INJECTOR" instead of the "WRAPPER" will solve my problem. However after some sincere googling i was unable to find the "INJECTOR" version to download of enbseries. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  10. I have got my low spec XP rig running pretty good after a year of constant experimenting w/ hardware, tweaks, and graphics settings. I am running Razer Gamebooster to hopefully kill non-essential backgrough programs. I can run a fairly consistent 18-24fps with my non-tubeliner aircraft. One thing still bothers me... I get occasional 1-2 second freezes. Is this what is referred to as "stutters" in the FSX world? Sometimes they seem to be related to an aircraft action such as adding flaps or changing the throttle setting but often they appear without any action on my part. Is this "stutter" most likely related to the Mobo or the graphics card or what? Thanks in advance for any advice on this problem. Every day is a learning experience for me. Obie
  11. Hello avsim! Yes I'm very new to all of this. But from the time I loaded FSX onto my computer, I was hooked! Now before you judge the title... yes I know there have been thousands of topics on this but, please listen to what I have to say. I purchased a MacBook Pro last fall, before school started, it's my baby! I purchased the 13-inch model for portability, and processor speed. Before I go any further here are the specs: 13-inch (Early 2011) MacBook Pro 2nd Generation Intel CORE i7 dual core (four virtual cores) processor 2.7GHz-3.4GHz max turbo dependant upon active cores (i7-2620M) Intel HD 3000 Graphics Processor (on CPU chip) 500GB HDD @5400 RPM (partitioned in half for Mac OS X, and windows) I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit installed in a 250GB BootCamp partition. Now to my question. I love using the PMDG 737 NGX, right now I have the high-res textures installed in the VC, and I'm getting 11-12 fps at Fly Tampa's Tampa Rebooted add-on scenery. Outside the VC in spot view I get 25-30fps. I have learned that I can install an external GPU via a Thunderbolt port (Lightpeak). If I were to install a Nvidia GTX 570, and overclock it, plus add 4GB-8GB more RAM, and possibly an SSD, would I see significant improvement in fps? I would not be running REX, or anything else, just the NGX, and add-on airports. I realize my current GPU is not the best, but my processor does fairly well, and with everything but the CPU replaceable, I'm stuck with it, and no way to overclock it. I would even be willing to opt for the 580, or 590 if it would guarantee me more fps. This is getting long... wow. I'm just looking to increase my fps to 20+ in the NGX's VC. The only thing I cannot change is my CPU, or its speed. Please help, all post are greatly appreciated, thank you! I also wish to use an external monitor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I created a GPU to work with P46T and huge thank you to the brilliance of Doug Dawson who created and share the battery charger dll. so no more depleted battery if you dont have FSUIP4, extended battery life setting or unrealistic aircraft.cfg setting to give you battery life for ever. FSX battery deplete very quickly and if you really take your time with proper start up you would have found that by the time you wnat to start the engines, then your C90 do not have sufficiant power to start the plane current workarounds: - Most use FSUIP4 with setting "Extend battery life indefinitely" - Manually add an entry to the FSX plane aircraft.cfg under [ELECTRICAL] section electrical_always_available=1 NOTE: CONDITION for gauge to do its work..! for this gauge to work properly so that you can actually see battery power depletes and being charged both FSUIP4 entry for battery life indefinitely on, must be switch off and the aircraft.cfg file must not have the entry "electrical_always_available=1" It has been uploaded to avsim. I dont know when it will be available, should be available in day or two. so check the library under FSX gauges Illustration on how it work NOTE: THIS will ONLY work if the plane is stationary. Once the plane moves and you have not decoupled the GPU the system will automatically decouple the GPU and switch off the battery charger.
  13. Hi, I'm just getting into making FSX videos, and I was wondering what the best recording program is (for playback from fsrecorder). I currently use MSI Afterburner, but I get my framerates easily slashed in half, or at the very least, dropped by 5-10 while recording. Since FSX doesn't use the GPU more than around 30%, I was wondering if there were any good (and free) recorders out there that can pretty much run on the GPU using CUDA. Thanks!
  14. This may sound a bit silly but I thought I'd post after recent problems I've been having with P3D performance/stuttering/CTDs etc. It looks like the cloud.fx fix was not the only reason my P3D performance suddenly recovered so significantly. I took a look at my GPU last week and noticed that the circuit board side was CAKED in dust. I'd been running with the PC case sides removed to help with airflow. Or so I thought. Actually it just allowed a load of dust to gather in the PC over a period of about a year. After cleaning the GPU with a vacuum cleaner and removing all the caked dirt my PC performance shot up - especially in P3D! A silly basic simple mistake. So thought I'd share my experience and urge you to give your PC and case a good vacuum as it can make a big difference. Cheers Adam
  15. Hi, Last year I bought an AMD FX6300 @ 3.5Ghz, Turbo up to 4.1Ghz (technically a 3 core 6 thread CPU) and recently an R9 270 GPU. It greatly improved performance in FSX compared to a previous old core2duo. Even better in Prepar3D. Recently I got an Acer laptop, thin and portable with only moderate casual gaming in mind, it has a Core i5-4200U @ 1.6Ghz, Turbo up to 2.6Ghz (a 2 core CPU with 4 threads) with an NVIDIA GT750M GPU (in optimus) and in turns out that this laptop runs just as good if not sometimes better than my main desktop rig? I compared settings and loaded up addon scenery with addon aircraft and the FPS is mostly similar (in Prepar3D) In FSX the desktop is somewhat faster but also not much. In other first person shooter games (BF4) or Watch_Dogs the desktop rig is considerably better, but still the laptop is not too far behind if I slightly dial down details. Now I am wondering, are games so well optimized these days or is AMD just really bad? I know vishera/piledriver and whatnot wasnt a hit but I didnt expect it to almost lose out to a mobile CPU found in ultrabooks.... this i5 is the U version with low TDP.... Also I recall usi some msi tool to see CPU core usage in-game and it was constantly dropping and rising, I have a low end ASUS mainboard could this be a bottleneck and have trouble handling the FX CPU?
  16. Hello, I am currently planning to enhance my FSX experience in a custom-built PC (homemade off course) and what I am thinking is a multi monitor set up with 3 1080p computer displays, with a joke, pedals, throttle quadrant, comm stack, and maybe one additional LCD display for instrumentation purposes. This is off course a rough draft because I am wondering what hardware selection would be best for this type of mini-cockpit set up. My budget is quite flexible but moderate. In that sense, this is the type of components that I am thinking in terms of hardware & software... 8GB RAM DDR3 1833MHz 3 1080p Displays + 1 display for instrument purposes. Saitek Pro Flight Joke + Throttle Quadrant Saitek Pro Flight Pedals with Toe Braking Saitek Pro Flight Comm Stack TrackIR 2 HDDs; 1TB for Windows OS (not sure whether to go 7 or 8) and 320GB for FSX. Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition SP2. 750W Power Supply These are the unknowns where I would gladly accept suggestions for hardware given my set up... Currently thinking of using a Haswell Motherboard (thinking of this candidate from GIGABYTE) and using the Core i7 4770k or Core i5 4670k. One last thought, given that we are talking about FSX, should I just go for the Core i5 4570? As for the GPU, I am actually unsure of which one to pick. I know that most of the agreement here at AVSIM is that the Nvidia GPU is the best one for FSX. Which Nvidia GeForce GPU do you guys recommend for a multi monitor set up for FSX? I am willing to accept an AMD wildcard suggestion because I have seen some YouTube videos showing FSX multi monitor set ups using AMD GPUs with their Eyefinity technology. That's all for the moment and I appreciate your answers and suggestions!
  17. I have tried searching the forums on this problem. My J41 started a problem yesterday where I can't power up the Avionics unless the Ground Unit is attached. I am sure that when I first got this model it did. And I have read you can start the plane on the Batteries, Battery Condition is 25.5 when I load a fresh aircraft and not a saved file. Thanks in advance. Charlie G.
  18. hi if we install 2gb dedicated gpu cards, either in one card or in 2 separate cards format, does FSX use all the 2gb memory available in the pc while flying? or does it only use a certain amount of the gpu system memory? thanks
  19. Hi there, I intend to build a new PC with Intel I7 3770K and OC 4,7 GHz. I wonder if Nvidias GTX670 will be sufficient for FSX DX10 or GTX 680 is the more adequate one and added value. There are mentioned in the AVSIM Software and Hardware Guide for FSX some CPU/GPU combinations, but could not find the right answer. Any recomendation is appreciated. Wulf
  20. Good afternoon guys, i'm not sure if this belongs to this forum or the P3D forum, but i thought it was better here. I was using FSX and running it with about 30 frames on the ground at payware scenery with addons like pmdg 777, ASN, GSX, etc, so i was quite happy with my rig. Recently i bought a Samsung 850 evo SSD and with the reinstall i decided to switch to P3D. But now that i have everything installed i get about 8 frames in aerosoft's EGLL with their A320... So i would like to ask for your opinion in what is my system's bottleneck, and what would you recommend for an upgrade with a bugdet of about 200-300 euros. Thanks in advance! MOBO : ASUS P8z77 vle CPU : i7 3770K OC to 4,7Ghz GPU : Nvidia GTX 550Ti SSD: (windows and P3D there):Samsung 850 evo 250gb corsair h80 water cooler PSU: 620W RAM: 2x4gb 1600Mhz im pretty sure its the GPU, but i'd like to know if i should invest in new ram as well, and if your suggestions would be compatible with the system. Thanks a lot!
  21. Hey All, I'm currently using a GTX 750 Ti and I think the time has come to upgrade that GPU. It depends on the situation but sometimes the 750 ti has a 100% load and everything starts to stutter so I put the tessellation settings to low. I'm planing that when I have a more powerful GPU, these stutters will go away and after putting the tessellation setting to max I get a small fps boost too. It's very important to know that I don't play a lot of graphic intensive games and when I do the settings don't have to be on ultra. For me it's no problem if they are "only" on high, as long as the frames are at 45, witch I'm getting at the moment. I have 2 possibilities : Upgrading to a GTX 970 or a R9 380, both 4 Gb Vram. Is the R9 380 (equivalent to GTX 960) enough for Prepar3d at the moment ? I fly some pmdg aircrafts, sometimes on flytampa sceneries with all the usual addons like Rex and so on.. If so, I'll take the r9, if not I consider purchasing the 970. I want you to remember that I upgrade the GPU only for Prepar3d and not for gaming in general. I hope somebody can help me with the decision
  22. I recently came into a small inheritance, which at my age I'm going to blow :smile: and am looking for advice. I've scoured AVSIM and other on-line sites, but really can't find a definitive answer--if there actually is one--for one aspect of my new rig. I have three Phillips 43 inch native 4k monitors. One centered and the other two at about 30 degrees offset. The monitors stretch eight feet across and I sit about 3 feet from the screen, so my whole field of view is covered, as I don't like being confined to one screen. I always use Track IR at slow tracking speeds, and aren't ready yet for VR. I'm trying to drive all three monitors at 4k and am stuck at configuring the GPU's. I already have a water-cooled I-7 6700k at 4.8 ghz; a1250 watt power supply; an ASUS Maximus VIII Formula MB; 16 gb Trident RAM at 3400 hz; and a large case. I fly virtual cockpit exclusively, with no extra views. I had three EVGA 1070 FTW dt's with stock fan cooling in the first build. Each was plugged into one of the three monitors using display-port 1.1, which on these monitors gives you a 30hz refresh rate. I physically overlapped the screens' bezels and didn't use Nvidia Surround (because you can't in this setup). I used Rob's high end settings. The best I could do was to span all three at 2560 x 1440 full screen by stretching the windowed image across all three (at some point I'll use Fly-Elise or something else to remedy the distortion.) Usually got 30fps plus in ORBX scenery and A2A aircraft at that resolution. When I went to 4k it worked well on one screen, but stretching the view over two (or even one) more screen drove fps way down to single digits. When I shrank the view, the 1070's fps went way up. Enlarging the view sent fps way down, so I figured I was GPU limited, not CPU limited. My plan is to sell the three 1070's and get one or more Titan pascal's. My options as I see them are: one water-cooled Titan driving three screens; two water-cooled Titans in SLI; two water-cooled Titans not in SLI with one card driving two screens and the other a single screen; and three Titans each driving its own screen. I do not plan on overclocking the cards. I want 4k detail, if possible. I really don't want to get into another rig to use Wideview, and would welcome all advice. Thanks, Jay
  23. I´m building a new system for work (stock exchange) and need a real fast processor for data analysis.... I also want to play FSX with PMDG and other add-ons. Processor i7 -4790k ou 6700k. (I need a i7 for my work, and it´s also good for fsx) Memory: 16gb DDR3L (2x8gb) (ddr4 is very expensive and hard to find yet in my country, I need 16gb) Monitor: I´m thinking about a LG 29" 2560 x 1080 FHD (Ultra Wide), as it would help a lot with my work and looks good in FSX. I´ll use a 850evo SSD as main drive and a 2gb HDD for data. Questions: 1) What would be the best processor ? 4790k ou 6700k ? I´m afraid of skylake bugs (like the prime95), but 4790k is getting old every day, and it also should run a little hotter. Would the K series add a lot in FSX ? or a 4790/6700 would be enough ?? What do you guys suggest ? 2) I won´t play games except FSX, so what GPU should I buy ? 750TI ? GTX 950 ? GTX960 ? GTX970 ? I don´t need it to be perfect, just looks good and good fps... But I probably will need to play it at 2560x1080, so.... what is the recommend card for this resolution in FSX/PMDG ? Thanks !!
  24. Needing CPU/GPU Advice for P3D Been searching the better part of the night to no avail. So. I am seeing from the forums here that P3D is more GPU then CPU. Got it. Q. Which CPU, i7 or i5? Q. Then which one? 4690k etc. Q. If I go i5 which GPU? Q. If I go i7 which GPU? I am mindful of the DX12 solution (maybe) coming. In those days we'll have to see about upgrades. As you can see my rig, it's upgrade time for sure, even if something is coming down the pike. Thank you guys so much!!
  25. Hello. Not sure if this is the right area to post this. I just about have my new sim pit set up. Waiting on a new 27" monitor and have a used 24" monitor from the folks. My video card has two DVI connections. I just wanted to know, because I'm sure people have done this before, will it be possible to run a program like Plan-G on the smaller monitor and to run FSX on the larger monitor without running FSX in windowed mode? Is there anyway around this? Can I somehow tell Windows not to treat the other monitor like an extension of the desktop, but still get Plan-G to open on the smaller monitor or drag it there? I just really don't want the windowed outline that comes with windowed mode, it kills immersion. Maybe a silly question, but if I have to run it in windowed mode can I get rid of the outline somehow? I swear that I have seen someone run this setup online and not have the outline. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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