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  1. Hello, does an AMD FX-6300 be enough for the T7? What GPU schould I use? Thanks in advance Felix Keller
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU in the next couple of months from my GTX 770 4GB to a GTX 1070 ACX 8GB and am wondering if it is worth upgrading. My budget is $500 USD or less. My current computer specs: I7 3770K OC 4.5 GHz (hyperthreading off) 8 GB RAM 750W power supply 250 GB SSD - Windows 7 64 bit 500 GB SSD - P3Dv3.4 and add-ons Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler I am running P3Dv3.4, Active Sky Next weather with REX soft clouds, Track IR Scenery - FTX OpenLC USA with UTXv2, multiple airport add-ons, AlG AI traffic Aircraft - mainly PMDG 737 and 777, Aerosoft Airbus, A2A C182, RealAir Turbine Duke, Flight 1 GTN 750/650 I don't want to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading. If it will make a difference then I will do it. If I have to upgrade CPU and other components to make it worthwhile then I'm going to hold off. Thanks!
  3. Just purchased the TBM and was trying to setup a flight. I switched on the GPU so I could setup my flight plan in the G1000 without draining the battery. It took a while as I was taking the opportunity to learn the aircraft as well. After approx 20 minutes the battery died and all the avionics shut down. Does the GPU not work on this plane even though the message on the PFD said battery off while in GPU mode? Do I need to do anything else besides selecting GPU on the overhead? When the battery dies, is there any way to get it working again besides restarting P3D? Thanks for the help! Dan
  4. I just built a new machine for Xplane and P3d. Now want to upgrade from my GTX770 to a better GPU. Should i take the TitanX or the GTX 980Ti? Is the TitanX worthe the 300€+?
  5. Good afternoon guys, i'm not sure if this belongs to this forum or the P3D forum, but i thought it was better here. I was using FSX and running it with about 30 frames on the ground at payware scenery with addons like pmdg 777, ASN, GSX, etc, so i was quite happy with my rig. Recently i bought a Samsung 850 evo SSD and with the reinstall i decided to switch to P3D. But now that i have everything installed i get about 8 frames in aerosoft's EGLL with their A320... So i would like to ask for your opinion in what is my system's bottleneck, and what would you recommend for an upgrade with a bugdet of about 200-300 euros. Thanks in advance! MOBO : ASUS P8z77 vle CPU : i7 3770K OC to 4,7Ghz GPU : Nvidia GTX 550Ti SSD: (windows and P3D there):Samsung 850 evo 250gb corsair h80 water cooler PSU: 620W RAM: 2x4gb 1600Mhz im pretty sure its the GPU, but i'd like to know if i should invest in new ram as well, and if your suggestions would be compatible with the system. Thanks a lot!
  6. I´m building a new system for work (stock exchange) and need a real fast processor for data analysis.... I also want to play FSX with PMDG and other add-ons. Processor i7 -4790k ou 6700k. (I need a i7 for my work, and it´s also good for fsx) Memory: 16gb DDR3L (2x8gb) (ddr4 is very expensive and hard to find yet in my country, I need 16gb) Monitor: I´m thinking about a LG 29" 2560 x 1080 FHD (Ultra Wide), as it would help a lot with my work and looks good in FSX. I´ll use a 850evo SSD as main drive and a 2gb HDD for data. Questions: 1) What would be the best processor ? 4790k ou 6700k ? I´m afraid of skylake bugs (like the prime95), but 4790k is getting old every day, and it also should run a little hotter. Would the K series add a lot in FSX ? or a 4790/6700 would be enough ?? What do you guys suggest ? 2) I won´t play games except FSX, so what GPU should I buy ? 750TI ? GTX 950 ? GTX960 ? GTX970 ? I don´t need it to be perfect, just looks good and good fps... But I probably will need to play it at 2560x1080, so.... what is the recommend card for this resolution in FSX/PMDG ? Thanks !!
  7. Hey All, I'm currently using a GTX 750 Ti and I think the time has come to upgrade that GPU. It depends on the situation but sometimes the 750 ti has a 100% load and everything starts to stutter so I put the tessellation settings to low. I'm planing that when I have a more powerful GPU, these stutters will go away and after putting the tessellation setting to max I get a small fps boost too. It's very important to know that I don't play a lot of graphic intensive games and when I do the settings don't have to be on ultra. For me it's no problem if they are "only" on high, as long as the frames are at 45, witch I'm getting at the moment. I have 2 possibilities : Upgrading to a GTX 970 or a R9 380, both 4 Gb Vram. Is the R9 380 (equivalent to GTX 960) enough for Prepar3d at the moment ? I fly some pmdg aircrafts, sometimes on flytampa sceneries with all the usual addons like Rex and so on.. If so, I'll take the r9, if not I consider purchasing the 970. I want you to remember that I upgrade the GPU only for Prepar3d and not for gaming in general. I hope somebody can help me with the decision
  8. I recently came into a small inheritance, which at my age I'm going to blow :smile: and am looking for advice. I've scoured AVSIM and other on-line sites, but really can't find a definitive answer--if there actually is one--for one aspect of my new rig. I have three Phillips 43 inch native 4k monitors. One centered and the other two at about 30 degrees offset. The monitors stretch eight feet across and I sit about 3 feet from the screen, so my whole field of view is covered, as I don't like being confined to one screen. I always use Track IR at slow tracking speeds, and aren't ready yet for VR. I'm trying to drive all three monitors at 4k and am stuck at configuring the GPU's. I already have a water-cooled I-7 6700k at 4.8 ghz; a1250 watt power supply; an ASUS Maximus VIII Formula MB; 16 gb Trident RAM at 3400 hz; and a large case. I fly virtual cockpit exclusively, with no extra views. I had three EVGA 1070 FTW dt's with stock fan cooling in the first build. Each was plugged into one of the three monitors using display-port 1.1, which on these monitors gives you a 30hz refresh rate. I physically overlapped the screens' bezels and didn't use Nvidia Surround (because you can't in this setup). I used Rob's high end settings. The best I could do was to span all three at 2560 x 1440 full screen by stretching the windowed image across all three (at some point I'll use Fly-Elise or something else to remedy the distortion.) Usually got 30fps plus in ORBX scenery and A2A aircraft at that resolution. When I went to 4k it worked well on one screen, but stretching the view over two (or even one) more screen drove fps way down to single digits. When I shrank the view, the 1070's fps went way up. Enlarging the view sent fps way down, so I figured I was GPU limited, not CPU limited. My plan is to sell the three 1070's and get one or more Titan pascal's. My options as I see them are: one water-cooled Titan driving three screens; two water-cooled Titans in SLI; two water-cooled Titans not in SLI with one card driving two screens and the other a single screen; and three Titans each driving its own screen. I do not plan on overclocking the cards. I want 4k detail, if possible. I really don't want to get into another rig to use Wideview, and would welcome all advice. Thanks, Jay
  9. Hi everyone, I just upgraded from a GTX 1060 to 1080 and I'm surprised that performance is just slightly better in v4. I was wondering if anyone else in here made a similar switch with similar results. I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE ABOUT TWEAKING or turning off settings. Rather, I just am curious to know if making the upgrade was worth it, by people who have made a similar move. I'm using the 382.33 drivers (.53 didn't seem to agree with my system so much), and you can see my specs in the signature. I have sliders almost to the right, which I had with the 1060 as well, and performance wasn't that bad except at KATL and DFW. I thought for sure I could eek out a few more FPS by upgrading. Am I missing something here? Thanks, John
  10. Hello dear avsimmers I built my pc 5 years ago. The specs are Core i3 2120 1155p , 2x4GB DDR3 1333mhz Ram , Radeon HD6670 2gigs 128bit graphics , Gigabyte H61 MA-D3V mobo. I'm bored of compromising performance for graphics and vice versa and want to make some significant changes to run the P3D or FSX-SE smoothly with decent graphics. Here, I'm able to find used i7 2600k or 3770k in good condition as the mobo is 1155p and thinking about putting a GTX 1060 inside. But I'm pretty much concerned about the mobo as it's old and not sure if it could run these hardware consistently. and i know that it's like impossible to make a stable cpu overlock on a H61 chipset motherboard. So , should i go for it without worries or keep saving money to build an entire new setup which will take a long time tbh. And i need precise answers about the performance of AMD products for flight simulators especially P3D. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi to everyone! Im having a first world problem, should i get another 980ti or roll over to a single 1080? I run a 49" 4K tv locked a 30hz. Would SLI scale accordingly? Thank you for any help or advice in advance. James
  12. Hello. My current system is: i7-3770K @ 4.2GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970 and I run at 2560x1440. I fly X-Plane, FSXSE and Prepar3d and overall I get satisfactory performance, except at busy airports (which I fully expected). It's possible (finances permitting) that I may upgrade CPU/MOBO/RAM towards the end of the year (I'll keep an eye on i9 prices). In the meantime, I'm thinking of buying a GTX 1080 Ti. I know this is a good card. Has anyone gone from a 970 (or similar) to a 1080Ti? Were you happy? Martin
  13. Hello, I have a six year old desktop, running FSX. which is beginning to show its age, although I also have P3D v3 on another on another desktop, I would like to update the FSX system, which is;- Motherboard Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3, CPU Intel i7 2600K Sandybridge 3.40Ghz, GPU NVidia GTX 580 DDR5 1536 Mb, Memory Corsair 8Gb Vengeance 1600Mhz, Hard Disc Seagate 1TB 32Mb Cache. I suspect the main improvements could be made with updated CPU & Graphics, but not being a hardware buff, I would appreciated other simmers comments. Thanks Mike
  14. Hello fellow simmers , I have a recomendation to make for those willing to upgrade based on my own experience. If you own a I7 2XXX you may consider if its worth going for a skylake or babylake or a new gpu. Well, i had recently this dilemma i had an i7 2600 coupled with a Gtx 780 and after a lot of research i decided to upgrade my gpu intead of the cpu And i bought a gtx 1070. Well i think i made the right choice, big improvement on fps and smoothness, and the I72600 still cope very well and do not bottleneck the gtx1070. Why buying a cpu that according to tests beats the i7 sandybridge only by 10 % and with also the heating problems the 7700k exhibits (see the latest intel warning on overclocking). That way i have decent prformance and i can reserve the cpu upgrade in a future chip much better than the babylake. Ps: all these are valid only if you overclock your i72XX of cource mine working steadily in 4,4 GHz
  15. I have a weird oddity with my 777. There seems to be no sound playing while using the external gpu cart. I have power from the cart, just no sound. Strange that the air start and air conditioning external engine sound plays but not the gpu. I have not modified anything or removed files. Anyone have a fix or know of this issue? Thanks.
  16. Ok, i'm going to dive in and try them tonight (with XP10.45, my P3d is under reconstruction), as the last set from Nvidia were decent on my system. You know where to get it!
  17. Hi all, Some months ago I updated my computer. ​Old one was a i7 2400k, mid-end amd gpu.... So went for new config and here it is: ASUS Maximus VII Hero Intel I7 4790K running at 4.8Ghz 32GB of DDR3 (4x KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX) 500GB SSD EVO 850 And last but not least: EVGA GTX980 AC2.0 (4gb) First installed windows 8.1, but when I tried to play FSX steam edition, things looked realy bad. I wasn't able to get it in widescreen for some reason. So after a while I thought to give it a shot with windows 10, because I realy wanted it running again. It has been a while since my last tweaking, so started searching some tweaks again... But for some reason i'm messing up. ​When I test the game and look at GPU-Z. Memory of the GPU stays the same, there is no load, only the clock and memory speed go slightly up. Used Nvidia configurator to set texturing and AA options... Or should it realy be nvidia inspector? These are some options I tested with in fsx.cfg (So don't have to put all of .cfg in here: [GRAPHICS] HIGHMEMFIX=1 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096 [BUFFERPOOLS] POOLSIZE=0 BufferPools=1 UsePools=1 RejectThreshold=126976 Poolsize=490000000 [JOBSCHEDULER] [DISPLAY] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=40 [Main] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.15 [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980.0] Mode=1920x1080x32 Anisotropic=1 [SCENERY] LENSFLARE=0 DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=5 [TERRAIN] LOD_RADIUS=5.500000 MESH_COMPLEXITY=100 MESH_RESOLUTION=23 TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=27 AUTOGEN_DENSITY=4 DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 WATER_EFFECTS=7 Is there anybody who can point me to the right direction or even better with a smooth running .cfg with a kinda identical system? For those who respond... thx already!
  18. Hello, I currently am running a A6-3670K APU with a Radeon 4850 HD GPU. I know that both of these components are outdated. I have many addons such as FTX Global, ASN, Aerosoft Airbus, PMDG 737, REX, and various airports. I am getting about 10 fps sitting on the ground at FSDreamTeam DFW. I am looking to upgrade my processor to an I5 and my GPU to a current card. What is the best value I5 that would run FSX smoothly? I don't need 80 fps, just trying to get it up to about 25-30. Thanks!
  19. Hi guys, Today, I am upgrading my GPU from a 980ti to 1080ti for use with my ultrawide montior. I have just done a circuit and kept an eye on my current GPU usage in MSI afterburner. Question, the maximum I got to was 80%, but what does this actually mean Does it mean that I can put up graphics settings in game and not lose a single frame rate until I reach 100% usage? Or is it simply not true and other things at play.. Thank you in advance, Alex
  20. Ok guys so after wanting to play flight simulator or prepar3d with no hiccups and all the bells and whistles like ngx 737 etc and scenery addons so my girlfriend today after complaining about my csgo experience with my horrendous 5 year old laptop she has went and pulled it out the bag for me the absolute angel! She's spend around £1800 on a configured gaming pc with the specs as follows I7-7700K at 4.2GHz but wanting to over clock (corsair H45 liquid cooling 120mm) 256GB Sandisk X400 Sata III Gaming SSD 2TB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 64M Cache 7200rpm Hard Drive (Single Hard Drive) (1x8GB) DDR4/3200mhz Dual Channel Memory Corsair Vengence with heat spreader MSI Z270-A PRO INTEL Z270 Chipset, ATX Mainboard Corsair 600 Watts CX600 MSI GeForce® GTX 1080 8GB Video Card I am also wanting to run on two 1080p monitors at the moment so please could anyone and everyone help me out with how to overclock and how much I should over clock by and just if all of these specs are good just because she has already ordered it and it comes Monday so please any info on how to get the best out of the system and even configs etc just anything guys!
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