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  1. Thanks guys! Fixed it! FXAA off, and mipmapping OFF.
  2. Tried every combination still not working :( What about my nvidia inspector settings?
  3. What do I need to change? I do not know. Andrej Vukovic
  4. Cockpit seems to be blurry in the P3D version of the PMDG 777... How do I fix this issue? Andrej Vukovic
  5. Okay I will Try that Chris Brand. Hold up 10 minutes I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you! Andrej Vukovic Thanks it works!
  6. 777 activation window doesn't pop up in P3D v2.4. Andrej Vukovic
  7. I recently bought the PMDG 777 for p3d last night. When I open P3D and I want to activate it, no activation window pops up :( Andrej Vukovic
  8. Yes but why would we pay again? They didnt change anything with the program itself. All they did was got the correct licensing to use it in P3D? We shouldnt need to pay again...
  9. Hopefully we don't need to buy it again if we bought it for fsx and switched to p3d. Like active sky next, you didn't need to buy it again once it was released for p3d.
  10. I think you might have to buy the PMDG 777-200 and the Sp1 and -300 will be free so you can just download it but you will need the -200 first. HOPEFULLY this is the case for the -300, or else I wouldn't afford it either:) andrej
  11. Awee what? That's sucks its going to cost like 150$
  12. Wouldn't the 200 is like $80 and with the 300 its going to cost like $150 ugh:(
  13. Will we need the pmdg 777-200 to buy the 777-300 or will it be separate? Andrej
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