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  1. @MrBitstFlyerwhat numbers are you using for each filter adjustment please? Trying to dial it in on my PC but having little luck. Thank you.
  2. The PSU is close to the minimum. I would be looking at replacing that with a 1000w. Don’t get me wrong it will work, but any CPU OC or power spikes from the 3090 and I’d expect trouble. For ref: James
  3. Hi, I don’t think so. That version is for v4. I think they are running an open beta at the moment for v5. If you can get on to Rex’s discord server, you can find more information there.
  4. Morning all, Specs: 5950X at 4.8/4.7 (CCX1/2), 32GB RAM @ 3733mhz CL15, 1866 fclk, 1TB nvme, and a overpriced RTX 3090. I just swapped from intel 10900k to AMD 5950X as I wanted to see if the extra cores would help. Turning off SMT (Hyperthreading) I can manage 4.8 on CCX 1, and 4.7 on the other. To be honest FPS wise possibly a little better, but it’s hard to quantify, however the smoothness is (objectively I get less stutters) way up. Heat is the biggest issue to control IMHO, voltages of 1.3v and up it gets difficult to sustain long all core loads - Benchmarking etc. I use the Artic Freezer 420 AIO for ref, this just about keeps it in check. (Note: AMD chips have a lower TJ max before they start throttling- 90c I think) Going from 4-6 core chips you should net some nice gains, but, you need to OC the ryzen chip to get the sustained clocks that are required. (I want to explore AMDs PBO though) It took me a while to understand the platform because I’ve always had Intel, that aside, I don’t regret swapping.
  5. No worries. Thanks for the update. All sorted now. 😀
  6. @simbol Good morning, did you managed to find my support request? Thanks - James
  7. Good afternoon, How do I redownload the professional package again? I'm a little stuck, I have links to the manual updater..but can't seem to find the email that contains the full package download link.. Thanks in advance, James. - Emailed support.
  8. Evening all, I cant seem to find a definitive answer. Does anyone know? I’ve seen references to it in other threads, but nothing concrete. As we wait for tS to develop, does anyone know of any workarounds? Other than the default ...turn EA off. Take care, James.
  9. Probably the only justification I have for the 3090 I bought 🤣
  10. Re pixelated clouds. - change the cloud resolution in the volumetric cloud config to: [Global] cloud_resolution_ultra=1024
  11. @Damian Clarkis that predicated on a hotfix for 5.1? Thanks for your great product.
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