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  1. I agree. Sadly I think that type of flying is over. Not to mention, I would not want to be in commercial real-estate... Globally, I think that is going to be a huge drag on the world-wide economy for a long time.
  2. Me too. Boy the stories I could tell..... I'm glad to be locked behind a steel reinforced door. My heart goes out to the FA's, they have it pretty rough sometimes.
  3. More than likely, yes. My airline fully retired it's 75/76 fleet, and the 76's went to Amazon. Someone needs to fly them, so I guess this could be an avenue for some. For myself, ultimately I should be ok. I'll most likely end up on the 787, as I'm on the right side of the seniority curve.
  4. Wow, makes me sad.. I had the dubious honor of "parking" one of our A330's. It was a short flight, and I tried to savor every moment of it.... I was actually thrilled when ATC issued us a hold outside of PIT! Currently, I'm getting paid not to fly until October. But, since my fleet will be fully gone by then, not sure what I'll end up flying. For lack of a better description, I've bid for the 787, and the 321.
  5. It's a tough time for my airline, and sadly, a chunk of my fleet is going away. Currently, I'm on a paid leave of absence, and will displace myself either as CA on the A320 or 787, hopefully in 6 months. I'm lucky, as I have enough seniority to weather the storm. We actually offered a group of pilots what is essentially early retirement, and I watched men and women with seniority numbers as low as #2 take the package. In all, over 600 of our most senior pilots retired. Thankful to still be able to fly my Bonanza, and look forward to getting back to airline flying soon! Stay safe my friends...
  6. I tend to try and hide what airline I work for, but given the type of airplane I fly, and my base, most could probably figure it out. 🙂 I do this for privacy, more than anything else...
  7. Actually, this idea is intriguing, and the engine startup procedure could easily be factored into the sequence for take-off. I've personally have had VERY lengthy delays on the ground with either one or both engines turning, wasting fuel. I can easily see how this could be economical for my airline, even with an increase in weight for the system.
  8. Not sure yet, as I have my international IOE this coming week, but my fiance who is on the 767 says she has done both. 🙂
  9. Both ATHR and the autopilot have been improved greatly with what Airbus calls "autopilot robustness." Having done the traditional 2-4 legs per day, I'm ready for a break! Although I will still end up with a few domestic trips, thankfully it wont be the crazy pace of the past.
  10. Hey Guys, I'm in the process of cleaning up my office and flight bag, and came across my QRH for the 767. It's way too much to scan into a PDF, but if anyone needs a specific page, from a real world QRH, happy to grab it and send it out. Regards, Bill
  11. Thanks Rick! I'm seat locked to the 330 for at least 3 years, so depending what comes up next, I may just stay on the 330 until I retire, or move to the 787 if it comes to my base.
  12. Well, I passed! While there are some differences in the way the short bus flies compared to the 330, thankfully it wasn't as drastic as going from the Boeing to the Airbus like I did 10 years ago! I'm home after a 3 day IOE trip, and excited to hold a line with international trips next month, plus 16 days off! I'll be around, and happy to answer any Airbus questions, or international (Atlantic) questions anyone may have. Cheers, -B
  13. Folks, Lets keep this thread civil. I think one of the moderators already had to lock a thread on this subject, due to some bad behavior. -Bill
  14. Until a PC sim is able to reproduce both the actual feel of the aircraft, along with the actual motion, in full fidelity, along with an actual fully functioning cockpit, you can only get to a point. PC based sims are great for learning systems and procedures, but simply can't create a true stick and rudder experience.To be honest, even the multi million dollar simulators my airline use, still don't fully feel like the actual real airplane, despite the fact type ratings are issued on them. Anyone who has done an MV (maneuvers validation) test) in the SIM, which is required for getting a type rating will tell you that the real airplane does feel a bit different. Different enough to notice.... Especially during landings. While graphics, 4K, and a bunch of add-ons can make the sim more immersive, until we can have a full cockpit setup, with multi-axis movement and feedback, full realism will be a stretch.
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