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  1. Folks, Is anyone aware of a printable PDF tutorial for the FWB Airbus? I'm looking for something I can give to my son to use, as he doesn't want help from me, despite having flown the A330 for a good chunk of my career! We did find some videos, but he's looking for something that will take him step-by-step he can read and follow. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks guys, and to confirm, moving to the 787. And yes, former US guy. I've toyed with the idea of using the QW 787 to familiarize myself with the aircraft, but may avoid it, simply so as to not pickup any bad habits using a PC based sim versus what is taught in training.
  3. The switch for the turn signal's is just to the right of the ejection seat handle. They look and feel identical, so be careful.
  4. I knew it was coming, and I look forward to the 787, but I will miss the 330. I spent 3800 hours of my life flying her... She was a good ship, that always got my passengers, crew, and I home safely. https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/air-transport/2020-10-22/american-airlines-adds-a330-200s-fleet-cuts
  5. Thanks. I am running a 2080ti, and a 9900KS, so I think my system is beefy enough. My biggest concern is using the monitor for productivity when not using for flight sim. It's also getting hard to find a 43" 4k screen, as they all seem to be showing long lead times on Amazon.
  6. Thanks guys. I'm still debating over dual 27" 4K, vs a single 43" 4K. My concern with the bigger monitor is that it may be too much screen for productivity use.
  7. Folks, I need to replace my monitor, and would like to go 4K. It seems most of the monitors out there tap out beyond 27" at 144hz. I did find an Asus 43" that certainly looks awesome for flight sim/gaming, but I'm worried it may be too much monitor for web browsing, Microsoft Office, etc. Has anyone used a monitor this big for other task beside flight sim? It will sit on my desk, with me about 2.5 feet away. Thank you in advance for any advice!
  8. There are no boots for the Bonanza. I have a TKS system installed. It has worked very well, but since it is fluid based, and not a "hot wing" or boot system, I can easily run out of fluid if in repeated icing conditions during a long flight. I love the system, but still keep a close eye on the WX and potential icing on my route of flight and avoid icing if at all possible.
  9. I can't speak to what MSFS 20 has, as I don't own it. But in my real-world Bonanza, I have a switch on my panel.
  10. My real-world Bonanza (A36) has an anti-ice/de-ice system.
  11. Awesome post!! Let me add - Real World Flying Airline Edition is even more buggy! Bad coffee, horrible passengers, furloughs, masks, pay-cuts, the feeling you are at times living in a real world Dilbert cartoon... This version is absolutely still in Alpha, and should not be played, unless you are sadistic, or stupid like me, with no other discernible skills other than yanking and banking an aluminum tube. 🙂
  12. Thats pretty much how I feel at times, flying in real-life, with a bunch of low time GA pilots, who all think they are the second coming of Chuck Yeager. But, ultimately, that is real life, and this is a game.Relax, don't get so upset over something so silly.
  13. The other reason is when the flaps are down it locks the air conditioning packs on high. This causes the the aircraft to think it’s about to go flying. The aircraft thinks this because generally it’s during a thru trip and the ADIRUS are still aligned. During most of the year depending on where the aircraft is operating from it does not matter due to temperatures. However an aircraft operating in Dallas Texas in summer with a ramp temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit it is an issue both inside the aircraft and outside. By putting the packs on high it pulls a larger volume of air through the ducts helping to keep the duct temperature down. This may seam backwards but it’s not because the packs are pulling that air at a faster velocity through the ducts and doesn’t allow the air to slow down to transfer that heat to the ducts. The APU at this time doesn’t speed up or put out any more air. It was already commanded to 100% with any bleed air demand. The most important reason for this is a bleed air duct leak in the wrong place may cause a fire onboard; hence why it is a no go item.
  14. As others have said, family first. If you will absolutely lose your job, and finding another will take time, chasing the last 747 flight is a mistake. Sometimes being a grown-up sucks, and you can't always do what you want, especially if it conflicts with your responsibilities to your family. Just my 2 Cents. Best of luck with your decision.
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