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  1. Well, they are below 10,000 feet, so they know to slow to 250 knots and turn on the lights! Just goes to show you how intelligent they are. I still have FO's that forget that! 🙂
  2. busdriver

    Airlines that no longer exist--interesting

    So it was you!? LOL, that software is the devil! 🙂
  3. busdriver

    A2A Bonanza revisited

    Folks, I don't own the A2A Bonanza software, so I can't compare it to the real world. If this is the same software as whats included in P3D, I can say that I don't find it to be an accurate representation of how my 1975 A36 flies. It's almost show time, need to run. I'll post a few techniques later. -B
  4. busdriver

    A2A Bonanza revisited

    Folks, I own a Bonanza A36, and can confirm it requires a decent amount of right rudder to keep the plane tracking the center-line of the runway. I tend to also use aileron as necessary too. Happy to answer any questions as they come up.
  5. busdriver

    There's always one!

    I'll give this a try on the Airbus V2500 engines this morning. Should start right up! 🙂
  6. busdriver

    San Jose, California arrival

    Well done! what are you using to pan around the flight deck like that?
  7. busdriver

    Are you a real world pilot (P3D users only please)

    ATP - Type Rated A300, 757/767, Airbus A319,320,321 USAF - F-111, F15E General Aviation - Bonanza A36
  8. busdriver

    True Earth Netherlands

    Awesome, which sim is this?
  9. busdriver

    RW Airline seniority system qustions.

    Hello, I've made some replies in-line, above. These are based on my airline. Hope they are helpful. My replies are in bold italic...
  10. I think the better expectation is that developers work to optimize the code for today's processors, as the direction seems to be more towards additional cores, not faster clock speeds.... My system is brand new (spec's below) and I still can't send the sliders all the way to the right, without things turning into a PowerPoint presentation.
  11. Did you uncheck the "Global Warming" button under scenery?
  12. busdriver

    Airline assumed temperature v derated thrust takeoff usage

    On the Airbus, we call it FLEX, short for flexible temperature.The maximum takeoff thrust is limited by outside air temperature (OAT). By assuming a higher temperature than the actual one, the thrust can be reduced... Quick Example: An A320 at 77 tons (maximum structural takeoff weight) with an OAT of 4 degrees Celsius. The performance limited weight for the OAT is much higher than 77 tons, but for the sake of example, let’s say 83 tons, but I’m making this number up. By calculating the temperature at which the takeoff can be made with maximum thrust at 77 tons, you can reduce the thrust. Lets say this value happens to be 40 degrees (I am also making this number up). Then you have it: FLEX value is 40. During cockpit preparation, pilots will insert this value on the performance FMS page. During takeoff, they will move the thrust levers to the detent marked “FLEX/MCT”. The FLEX thrust will be delivered, regulated by the engines’ computers, called FADECs This thrust reduction helps reduce fuel consumption, engine stress and maintenance costs. There are some limitations for the use of FLEX takeoff, but the above explains the principle. Hope this is helpful....
  13. busdriver

    Stutters and FPS drops

    Hi, Can you post what your P3D settings are as well? I'm not as knowledgeable as the others, but that would be a good place to start. Also, your CPU is a limiting factor, as P3D is mostly CPU bound, which means most of the heavy lifting for the visuals are dependent on it, rather than the video card. Consequently, a higher clock speed is crucial.
  14. busdriver

    PTA Help Please

    It's mostly fixed, so thank you to GSalden! Shez - yes, still seeing the break cloud error, but will live with it for now... Thanks guys!