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  1. basementflyguy

    GTN 750/650 in action (videos only)

    And here it is working as a pop out on a touch screen display.
  2. basementflyguy

    Temporary way to utilize GTN 750/650 on touchscreen

    I cannot WAIT until the SDK is updated and we can dispense with all of this ...
  3. I just had to do this.
  4. basementflyguy

    Undocking window in X-Plane 11

    Curious if there is an update on status here. I paid for the GTN several months ago and so far it is unusable in my cockpit due to the inability for it to render on a second screen. I understand this is an SDK issue, but I was curious as to any expectation of timeline or other workaround. Thanks.
  5. basementflyguy

    A Moody X-Plane 11

    Thanks folks!
  6. basementflyguy

    A Moody X-Plane 11

    Had IMC into Idaho County today. Breaking into the clear below the deck felt surprisingly real. These are default X-Plane 11 clouds with home spun ortho scenery underneath.
  7. Do you have a power adapter for the yoke? Without enough juice for its internal USB hub I find the devices get unreliable. Also, from a driver perspective, I abandoned all Saitek drivers in favor of SPAD.neXt and gladly never went back ...
  8. basementflyguy

    RXP GTN 750/650 Touch v2.4 XP11 released

    RXP, I'm wondering if one can now successfully drag the 750 to another monitor in XP 11? I know this was a problem before. Thanks.
  9. Had this problem Chas and realized Win 10 had set my paging file to a ridiculously low number. Made it massive and no problems since.
  10. basementflyguy

    On The Fence... STILL

    For the OP's initial question, I have quite a few US videos in this channel here. All GA, but you should get a sense of the visuals.
  11. basementflyguy

    Is REX coming to XP 11?

  12. I generated my first photorealistic scenery for X-Plane 11 today, and was really struck by this shot. You've got to love where our technology is today. Thanks for looking.
  13. Agreed, Rich. Can't figure out why that's so hard to fix.
  14. basementflyguy

    Is REX coming to XP 11?

    Good catch, Rich. And Capt. Allen, thanks for reading.
  15. basementflyguy

    Interesting article from an XP11 convert

    Hi everyone. I'm the author of that post, and thanks for the kind words above. I did spend more than just 10 minutes with XP 10 - remember that I've had XP on my Mac for years - but there was no way I was going to run multiple instances on three PCs so it was sort of a non-starter for me. XP11 made that a lot easier (although I still had to figure out screen configs for my sim), and the visuals were just beautiful. So I stayed with it. I also just really want to be like Rich ;-). ~ BFG