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  1. If you’re considering a Navigraph sub for $80 per year you can get the basic ForeFlight for another $10: https://foreflight.com/pricing/ That’s the electronic flight bag used by the vast majority of real-world general aviation pilots, and surely in the near future it will connect directly to MSFS so you can see your location and traffic on the ForeFlight display (as it does now with X-Plane and P3D). I know it’s almost $100, but that’s also probably two dinners out in a given year ...
  2. After a few days of tinkering I’m getting there in having my home cockpit function in FS2020. Still no side windows (those screens are out of frame here), but thanks to being able to pop-out the PFD and MFD I was able to drag those over to other screens (an iPad via Duet and the RealSimGear 530 screen). The Yoko yokes and Saitek rudders work fine, as does the Saitek trim wheel, and I was able to bind the hat switch on the yoke to custom camera views that make up (poorly) for the lack of side windows (being able to look over each wing, 45 degrees behind, etc.). All those Saitek FIPs work via SPAD.next but the current simconnect problems (as documented elsewhere) kill frames so those are off. I was also able to get the FlightIllusion radio stack to connect to the sim via their FSX plugin, but that too relies on simconnect and FSUIPC. There’s a set of five rotary encoders from Desktop Aviator that the sim is seeing as sending keyboard inputs that I’ve been able to bind to heading bug, altitude bug, OBS etc. although FS2020 seems to read them as sending inconsistent keystrokes, so more troubleshooting to do there. But the bottom line is that, at least for my setup, the sim is two updates away from taking a significant leap forward: multi-monitor support for camera views and simconnect that doesn’t crater frames. Updates from RealSimGear and Air Manager will help immensely as I’ll be able to have more six-pack options and will be able to bind the buttons and rotary encoders on the 430 and 530 to make flight plan entry much easier. All this is to say that I actually got farther setting this up than I expected to, and while I’ll be using X-Plane to practice IFR work today on PilotEdge (I’m instrument rated real-world), for me at least I’m enjoying FS2020 and am hopeful about its future in my sim. It will be interesting to see how committed MSFT is to home cockpit builders as the future unfolds.
  3. I am really glad to read this. Thanks for the updates and I'll be doing this later today.
  4. Sounds like today's project is to set up the Surface I currently use to run Air Manager and my six-pack in X-Plane as a virtual monitor and drag that G1000 screen over ...
  5. I came across this in the Sim Innovations forums today and wondered if anyone had been able to confirm this. I'll be at my sim this afternoon and will try it myself, but wanted to post it now in case it's correct and of use to others. "Hi if you want popouts in MSFS2020 you need to switch the battery on in your aircraft and when for example the left screen of the G1000 starts up you hold right ALT on your keyboard and hover over the screen. Then a magnifying glass will appear and if you click it the G100 screen will be undocked and you can drag it around to another screen and resize it to your AM Panel. I hope this helps."
  6. Affirming what others have written above: no multi-camera support (if you are used to P3D) or multi-monitor support (if you are used to X-Plane 11). But you can stretch a window across multiple monitors or use NVIDIA surround. For a side-windows-as-monitors home cockpit setup we’ll have to wait for (hopefully coming) updates.
  7. Conundrum I have the same question — mine is a three-screen home cockpit with the L and R screens at 90-degree angles to the front.
  8. And here it is working as a pop out on a touch screen display.
  9. I cannot WAIT until the SDK is updated and we can dispense with all of this ...
  10. Curious if there is an update on status here. I paid for the GTN several months ago and so far it is unusable in my cockpit due to the inability for it to render on a second screen. I understand this is an SDK issue, but I was curious as to any expectation of timeline or other workaround. Thanks.
  11. Had IMC into Idaho County today. Breaking into the clear below the deck felt surprisingly real. These are default X-Plane 11 clouds with home spun ortho scenery underneath.
  12. Do you have a power adapter for the yoke? Without enough juice for its internal USB hub I find the devices get unreliable. Also, from a driver perspective, I abandoned all Saitek drivers in favor of SPAD.neXt and gladly never went back ...
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