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  1. keithorton

    Thoughts on Synthetic Vision?

    Hey Rob, Just an update, seems as if the SVS works for the Phenom 300, just tried it on there. Haven't had any issues as far as crashing.. so maybe it's a Phenom 100 issue? Still pretty poor FPS performance, though. even with the co-pilot PFD turned off, the frames hovered around 30fps at my quiet home airport. I don't think turning off the co-pilot PFD really affects the FPS, IMO... not like the Flight1 Mustang, anyway. Also, do you know if there is a way to make the cabin lighting brighter in the Phenom 100? It's way too dark in the passenger cabin after dark, the lighting back there barely puts out any light at all.... and the Phenom 300 cabin lighting is almost too bright. Even though I really prefer the 100, I've been flying the 300 because of the terrible lighting in the 100's passenger cabin. I even submitted a ticket to Carenado about it and sent photos, but they didn't really offer any help. Is there a file I can go in and edit that would affect the lighting level in the back cabin of the 100? That, and the constant "fuel critically low" message that pops up are the only things I don't like about the 100, but it is the cabin lighting issue that keeps me from flying it. Personally, I'll be happy when Flight1 finally releases the Mustang for P3D v4.... I'm only flying the Phenoms until that comes out.... but I don't think it'll be here for awhile. They're working on projects one at a time, and said that they won't start working on the Mustang until the B200 update is complete.... it hasn't even been released yet. I'm not looking for the Mustang to be released for a few months, IMO. Thanks again.
  2. keithorton

    Thoughts on Synthetic Vision?

    Thanks for the reply, Rob... yeah, I've given up on getting it to work for now. I actually got it to load a few times, but only when I loaded the initial flight up with a different plane and then switching to the Phenom 100, and it has only worked occasionally. Every other reload, the sim crashes. We are certainly missing something, and the PDF instruction file seems to be for the C172. You say that SYN VIS button isn't visible, which plane are you using? I had that issue when I first installed, then realized that we had to re-download our G1000 equipped planes if we want to use the SVS, since they have updated them all with this release. You probably already tried it, but did you download & install the updated plane yet? For the couple times I actually did get it to load, the SYN VIS button was there... the FPS were also cut almost in half, too... normally, at my home airport, I max the FPS at 60-65...I have vertical sync set to "adaptive" in the Nvidia Control Panel, so this is the max for me (monitor is a 60hz Samsung 1080p HDTV). But once I turned on the battery & the glass cockpit lit up, it dropped to around 40fps.. sometimes as low as 30. My home airport is in an area that isn't busy at all. It surprised me. My desktop is just two months old with a 7700k OCed at 4.6ghz, 32GB RAM, and a GTX1070... shouldn't be an issue with the system. When I went in to change the SVS quality to "normal", that's when it stopped loading... eventually managed to get it to load once more, but when I exited out to edit the panel.cfg file to turn off the co-pilot PFD, it was back to not loading. Changed the cfg file back, but it did no good. Just won't load up. I submitted a support ticket to Carenado about the issue, hopefully they'll get our issues fixed soon.
  3. keithorton

    Thoughts on Synthetic Vision?

    The SVS add-on for their G1000 planes has been useless to me, so far. I installed the updated v2.1 Phenom 100, along with the SVS addon. When I load up any other plane, the sim loads fine. But when I select the Phenom 100, the sim will load as usual, but when it hits 100%, I get an immediate crash to desktop, saying the "Windows has detected a problem" box. Is anyone else having this issue with this addon on other planes besides the C172? I've tried this on both my desktop and laptop, but still same results. Have gone through everything I can possibly go through, but still no success. Looks like a great add-on, it's too bad it's unusable for me. Any help on getting this to work would be greatly appreciated. Do I need to do anything else after installing the add-on? Run any other .exe or whatever? Thanks for any help any of you can provide.
  4. Hello, i just purchased the Navigraph expansion for my Phenom 300, and the trip stats/fuel stats page is showing some VERY wonky data. The flight plan page with the ETA times show the same times as the trip stats page, usually with an ETA around 12:00am or so.. the 471 mile flight I was doing showed time in route anywhere from 7 hours to 30 hours.. and fuel stats show negative gallons will remain after arrival. None of this makes sense.. and it all showed pretty accurate info before I installed the Navigraph extension. The only reason I purchased the extension is because, after I updated to P3D v4.1, all the Airports disappeared off the map once I zoomed out past 50 miles. VORS, etc would still show. The only way I could get it back to showing airports farther out than a 50 mile zoom level was to revert back to v4, but I feel that’s just dumb to do. Carenado said to install all the fonts, I did so but the airports still didn’t show back up. So, I bought the Navigraph expansion to see if they’d show up, and they did, but then I got disappointed when I noticed the trip & fuel stats data was all messed up & spitting out garbage numbers. Also, is there a way for the G1000 to automatically load a flight plan using the P3D flight planner? With the Navigraph extension, it won’t automatically load into the system.. but it did so before I installed the expansion. Thanks for any help.
  5. keithorton

    Cockpit lights will not come on

    Yea, I finally figured out that "L" turned the lights on last night.... but the overhead buttons that turn on the cabin lights, as well as the dimmer & clicking directly on the dome light inside the cockpit, does nothing. It will say on the tooltip "Cabin Lights (ON)" when they're not. I discovered the "courtesy light" button on the left side panel, which turns the cabin lights on, too... but still, neither the overhead button, nor the dimmer switch work. The switch to turn on the panel lights & the dimmer for the panel lights work fine. It's just the cabin lights switch & the cabin lights dimmer switch. I tried turning off reflections & everything (read this as a tip for buttons that won't work), but that didn't help, either.
  6. Hello, I cannot get the cockpit/cabin lights to come on. The switch will say "ON", but nothing happens. All other lights work (landing, reading lights, panel lights). I've tried turning off reflections, reinstalling...but nothing changes. Is there a fix for this issue? I cannot fly the plane at night without cockpit/cabin lights.