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  1. A very nice creative example of WebSimGauges used in the PRO aircraft model. Here in the upcoming TORNADO PANAVIA by SSW for FSX/P3D 3 WebSimGauges used in the DEMO (HUD, RPMD moving map, ESRRD - terrain following radar). There is one more gauge not shown in the DEMO - TV-Tab Head-Down Display. The same gauges could be potentially ported to X-Plane for Win and Mac without any effort ! Enjoy https://youtu.be/rApEj2X3diM Marcin
  2. WebSimConnect

    P3D running 32-bit on a 64-bit PC

    here's nice explanation of the subject: https://#####.wordpress.com/fsx-oom-and-addon-vas-usage/ of course smart memory management in P3D could partially solve the issue, however the ultimate solution is going x64 which would leave a lot of space for memory leaks and bugs Please note, the memoy leaks & bugs could be not only due to FSX/P3D but also bugs from add-ons loaded as DLL (e.g. complex gauges of custom aircrafts)
  3. WebSimConnect

    P3D running 32-bit on a 64-bit PC

    No, I did say that. I just said, that making it x64 would solve OOM issue without any particular effort on optimisation, fixing leaks, etc. That does not mean it should not be addressed in 3.X version, in fact such issues should be fixed anyway no matter if 3.0 is going to be x64 or still 32 bit app.
  4. WebSimConnect

    P3D running 32-bit on a 64-bit PC

    You got it wrong Tolip2. 32bits apps often (including FSX) run out of memory beacuse of the simple physial address limit (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3_GB_barrier) and FSX/P3D allows custom 4K textures, custom dll addons etc, etc you can easily run into OOM issue (not error) and YES, 64bits apps solve the problem automatically - I mean you still need to adapt your app to 64 bit but you do not necesssarily neeed to fix all memory leak issues. As explaind, OOM in FSX/P3D happens just because it allows custom textures and addons and each of them consumes RAM in the FSX/P3D address space unless they are separate EXE files and communicate with FSX/P3D using IPC or other technique - in that case your RAM and Virtual Memory (if needed) is the limit.
  5. After some heavy development effort I have completed version 2.0 of WebSimConnect Framework. It has two major changes, I replaced the rendering engine (it is not backward compatible with 1.x components of WSC) and developed X-Plane version for Mac OSX 32 and Mac OSX 64. The biggest challenge for me was X-Plane Mac support. I am a "Windows guy" for many years so I had to learn a lot in a short time. I have dusted off my old MacBook (which I have never liked much), upgraded to OSX Yosemite, installed all the tools, synchronised with my on-line code repository and started coding. First of all, I replaced some core functions with cross-platform code and that was the easy part, Then I had to dig into OSX Cocoa world and investigate a bit how X-Plane for Mac is built. It was quite a challenge, however I am glad that after weeks of ups and downs (oh yes there was a time I was frustrated as hell) I managed to integrate WebSimConnect with X-Plane OSX version. I hope you will like the results. Mac version comes also with simple HTTP server called WebSimConnectX. Few remarks on the future. The rendering engine version is fixed for all future 2.X versions.I will not replace is for at least 2 years. Every new minor version of the tool for the same major 2.X release (i.e. 2.1, 2.2. etc) will use the same engine and will be always backward compatible with the previous 2.X versions. As usual, the deployment package contains all binaries, SDK and samples. Please consult the "Installation Guide" on how to install and configure the tool. For Mac, apart from copy-paste method you need to run one script to let X-Plane know about the new framework. http://websimconnect.webs.com/download Cheers, Marcin HTML5 add-on framework for FSX/P3D/X-Plane www.websimconnect.webs.com
  6. WebSimConnect

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    Bingo. Indeed that might be a brilliant business model DTG has in mind to create single addon center for all addons. I guess steam & dtg take their share for it. It might also help the publishers fight piracy. http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/39735969248972722/66533DD021A09E15AE7E18AF8F5B8FA65985F353/ here they come, steam pilots generation
  7. WebSimConnect


    I guess we do not know the answer yet. P3D has modernized the old fsx engine and introduced new sdk features barely used by 3rd parties due to compatibility issues with fsx users. SE has just started. either we will have competition "entertainment" vs "real simulator" or just sim competition. Dunno where it will go. We'll see who has $$$ and brighter minds. LM is limited in the entertainment issue and FSX-SE is not i guess. Interesting. My guess is, p3d will continue with better sdk and 64bit, while DTG will focus on own DLC with visual effects that brings attention of young generations used to high quality arcade games. So, invest 5$ and wait sounds like good answear for fsx-se, while you can already enjoy p3d v2. Marcin
  8. WebSimConnect

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    that means it is not just reselling business as some of you say. It is really an evolution ,so for me it is not 5 bucks discussion but rather "Where fsxse is going". looks those guys do not know either ...
  9. WebSimConnect

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    I got it as well. Paid most expensive version in € what puzzles me is what is the future of fsx-se vs p3d ? LM invested considersble effort for v2 and dx11. I know because i studied their sdk in depth and i love the way they change the sdk to be more open and useful. What worries me that in a year from now we'll have two sdk going into different directions though originating from the same source. Not a nice perspective for addons builders and simmers as well. It might be nobody uses anything specific and sticks to common but old sdk ... What hit me most is that i assumed LM bought exclusive license. Looks I was wrong ...
  10. WebSimConnect

    Dynamic Textures in P3D

    Sure, I made a sample project called WebSimChart, pity I had not come to an agreement with skyvector owner (even for payware) to use it as I did in the video below: of course it could be integrated in VC as any of my window. That's the point. Connectivity ! and it is the HTML and HTTP that we use for that purpose most of the time. On top of that simplicity to define graphical content behind HTML5 and acceptable performance. That was my spirit when I started my work on it. thanks all for your feedback. It looks like "rain drops" are quite important as this feature is missing as from FS9. I could build simple website using VCRainStop/Moving000* textures. The problem is I do not have FS9 any my FSX and P3D textures are "blank". Maybe somebody could help me on this ... regards Marcin
  11. WebSimConnect

    Dynamic Textures in P3D

    Thx All, a short word on the performance. 1) It runs in the separate process, using DX11, deferred context. i.e. as much as possible with GPU support. As P3D is DX11 enabled, no GPU "compatibility" problem. 2) When using WebGL, the performance is even better. There are lots of libraries to simplify WebGL programming. 3) Of course, once you put too much content, then the performance will drop. It is up to the developer to build the logic and not to enable too many dynamic stuff at a time for example, imagine you have engine that changes the textures with not too much insensitivity (e.g. dynamic billboard adds changing on every minute) then the performance loss is close to zero ! Once the texture is updated it stays in GPU memory and behaves as any static texture loaded from file. For the moment I do not support mipmaps, but it should not be a big deal to add it to the solution. Feel free to apply to your scenario. I am here to support your "imagination" I'd say, how about "fly in" theatres br Marcin
  12. WebSimConnect

    Dynamic Textures in P3D

    some time ago I introduced HTML5 gauges, http://forum.avsim.net/topic/438276-bringing-html5-into-fsxprepar3d-add-ons/ Now, a time for Dynamic Textures powered by HTML5 Enjoy, cheers Marcin
  13. WebSimConnect

    Dynamic Textures in P3D

    some time ago I introduced HTML5 gauges, http://forum.avsim.net/topic/438276-bringing-html5-into-fsxprepar3d-add-ons/ Now, a time for Dynamic Textures powered by HTML5 Enjoy, cheers Marcin
  14. WebSimConnect

    Honeywell SVS (Synthetic Vision System)

    so, this is the thread that brought me some traffic to my youtube channel Thanks fshobby for putting my work in the context. Nice work Jonathan ! interesting discussion about tricks and hacking, Good I have nothing to confess about as I used terrain database of the real world As for the tricks Naruto is referring to (I used two major tricks, I guess they are very similar to Naruto's though using different technology), in fact it's not a rocket science, but as it's part of the mine and his know-how I will not say a word but it's far from any hacking so to say no matter what definition we take ... Indeed, once google moved away from google earth plug-in and introduced webgl version of theirs maps it should not be that difficult, however as I am very busy with other "tricks" I have no time to do it, but as I am tempted to see the results I will do so in the near (I hope) future .... Cheers, Marcin
  15. Hi All, please find video example of usage of free WebSimConnect HTTP server to stream FSX data into 3D aerial view using WebGL