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  1. That's just what I thought myself. Thanks for answer!
  2. They have a forum? Thanks for the anwswer!
  3. Hello! If I want to post a video with ORBX FTX global base in it on youtube with ads turned on (so that I will make money on it) do I need to buy the commercial license, or is it enough to have the normal license? I don't want to brake the law, but as a 14 year old, I don't want to pay 2000 AUD. Best regards Bork
  4. Hello! So, I have gotten quite annoyed by all these addons for P3D and X-Plane not working as they should... Here is a new one. I registered my 737 immersion which I just bought, and when I click on "direct download" in the VFXcentral, a message shows up two secounds later saying "you need the aircraft installed for this to work. Please check your manual" and I don't know which manual they are reffering to. I found no help in neither 737 immersions or PMDG 737 NGXs manual. So I have a windows 8 computer. I am running an updated version of PMDG 737 NGX (SP1d) on both FSX and P3D, and 737 immersion was able to find neither. I can run the PMDG 737 in both simulator, and the addon shows up in my PMDG operations center. What should I do, so that I can download the 737 immersion? Best regards and happy new year Bork Johnsen
  5. I have a problem with installation. It says I have to put in the stuff in VRMGenerator.cfg manually, but due to a bad "read me" file, I do not what to put in there. What do I do?
  6. Thanks very much! Can I use WOAI for match making, when it does not support P3D? (UT2 doesn't support P3D either) Wouldn't I need to install the programs I use for match making to my simulator?
  7. Well, so I'm in the situation where all aircraft on vatsim are displayed as A321s, and I get a "beep" every secound because my model matching isn't set correctly, so my question is, which AI traffic addon is best for model matching? And does the AI addon have to be compatible with P3D (which I am running) for me to have any luck using it to model match, or doesn't this matter as I am only using it in vPilot? Thanks for your help! :-)
  8. Thanks. I'm unable to update the 737 right now, but I'll try in 10 days.
  9. Hello! I bought FS2CREW REBOOTED for the 737 yesterday. When starting fs2crew I get this SDK error which I have tried to fix - without any luck. In sop 3, I use voice and it runs perfectly until I ask for the before start checklist to the line. It picks up my voice, but does nothing. When I switch to button control I have no problem what so ever. In SOP 3 it runs great uintil I start the before start checklist to the line. It reads: "Phones", and I say off. It picks up what I say, but does nothing. If I switch to button control I am able to continue, but I want to use voice. If I switch to voice from button again after the checklist, it still doesn't do anyting. What do I do?
  10. Ok thanks. Too all you others, Hughes has now told me this, I don't need you to tell me three more times :smile:
  11. http://www.prepar3d.com/news/2013/05/4320/ Keep to the topic http://www.prepar3d.com/news/2013/05/4320/ Quotes from https://www.google.no/#q=difference+between+32+and+64+bit+memory "A big difference between 32-bit processors and 64-bit processors is the number of calculations per second they can perform, which affects the speed at which they can complete tasks." "Multiple cores allow for an increased number of calculations per second that can be performed, which can increase the processing power and help make a computer run faster." "Another big difference between 32-bit processors and 64-bit processors is the maximum amount of memory (RAM) that is supported. 32-bit computers support a maximum of 3-4GB of memory, whereas a 64-bit computer can support memory amounts over 4 GB. " Your PC runs faster, it uses ram in a better way.
  12. Well, P3D announced their 64-bit in 2013, with their V1.4. The reason I got P3D was so that I could have a 64 bit simulator...
  13. Hello! I am running windows 8 64 bit on my PC, and when I have P3D open, and look in my control panel, I get a bar, like I do with any other program currently running on my computer that says; "Prepar3D exe (32-bit)" Is the 32 bit a bug, or am I really loosing RAM? If it really is 32 bit, how can I make it 64-bit? (I run Prepar3D V2.5) Thanks for answers!
  14. I neither have a scenery.cfg file, nor any Area.XXX files. If I go into my Prepar3D folder, I have a folder called "aerosoft". The aerosoft folder has an Airbus A320/21 folder, and a Skiathos X folder, though it does not have a Bergen X folder. The only Bergen X related file in the folder is an "uninstall Bergen X" read me file. The launcher tells me I'm downloading 1.02
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