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    Thanks you for you response Mr. Chris Makris. Have a great day. v/r Mike


    Good morning all, I'm looking for a little help/advise. I saw this post and thought it would be the perfect place to start, so please forgive me if I'm in the wrong location. I'm the happy use of FSX Deluxe version/Acceleration Pack with various PMDG aircraft ( PMDG 737NGX/777 with expansion packs) but it time to put the old girl to rest. I just upgraded my system and would like to move up to the P3D version 4. So here's my question: will the PMDG aircraft I purchased for FSX operate within P3D v4 or will I need to repurchase the P3D version of these aircraft? Its a big jump purchasing the P3D software and the NGX/777 software. Once again please for give my ignorance on where to post this question as well the question itself. Fly straight and level and thanks for any support/advise you fellow simmers can provide. Respectfully Mike

    sp1D doesnt install for me

    Ok, I'm slightly confused. On the PMDG web page it discusses downloading the SP1d for both the base package and the expansion and just running them, but above it talking about uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Can you please provide some simple instructions for the instructionally challenged. Also how do I update the 777 if I purchased a legal box version of the software and only purchased the expansion downloaded at the PMDG web page. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. v/r Mike (Knight Shadow)

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    Mr. York, Thank you for replying. First I'm sorry for being unclear. There was no problem with the product, I miss understood the Tutorial Instruction. Everything appears to be working fine! (This was all due to operator error). Thanks again for creating outstanding products. I currently own FS2CREW for the PMDG-737 ndx, 747 Queen of the Sky, 777, MD-11 and I love them greatly. I plan on purchasing the FS2CREW of the PMDG- J4100 in the near future. Thanks again. v/r Mike

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    Good evening and happy New Year! I'm having a little problem with install FS2CREW PMDG 777. I downloaded the program and thought I followed the instruction. But when I try and locate the config in NotePad {Microsoft Flight Simulator x\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-200LR\panel\ the net thing I should see is panel.cfg, but I see a PMDG folder which is empty. Should I remove FS2CREW and re-install. Or is there something else I should do. I have also run MFSX and have been able to open the FS2CREW panel, but when I speak nothing happen. Please forgive my lack of understanding in basic installation procedure! Thanks for any help you can apply. Mike
  6. Wow, great looking rigs. It a bit/greatly over whelming. I want to get a great rig, but I'm still not sure how to go about it. Do I buy in parts and build it myself(will need some help with that) Or do purchase one from a online build such as Jetline, Cyber Power, Digital Storm etc. OMGMike