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  1. Exactly that! I have a Samsung 55 inch curved smart TV with which I run P3D v4.3 at 4K. Couldn't be better. Spirit Flyer
  2. Great Bargain for only $19.95! I love it. Thank you once again QW. Kind regards, Spirit Flyer
  3. SpiritFlyer

    Do you intend to stay on P3Dv4.3 for a while?

    Yup, and depending upon time zones and release times, maybe even the day before! I have no sense of loyalty whatsoever and always have my hand on the "switch" switch, so to speak. Bring on P3D v4.4 or P3D v5.0 sooner rather than later. The only caveat for reluctance for change that I can think of concerning any release of a substantially new P3D v5 would be whether or not ORBX would still be usable under license without having to pay extra fees. Kindest regards, Stephen
  4. SpiritFlyer

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Hi Guys, This is something I know nothing about, but after listening am intrigued. Can these voices be used to change or supplement the voices in P3D's artificial intelligence? How can they be used in FS? Thank you in advance, Kind regards, Stephen
  5. SpiritFlyer

    Getting a new simulator and computer...

    Sure is fun getting old(er) isn't it! It could be worse! What if we did not have computers but had to knit or something like that? ! Kind regards, Spirit Flyer
  6. Here I thought X-Plane must be gaining the momentum with a fast growing large minority approaching majority numbers based upon the noise levels of X-Plane evangelists here in AVSIM. The future is cloudy and veiled, as all the future is, guessing aside, but for the present, P3D is still the overwhelming choice of the vast majority, many of whom can't be bothered getting into a spitting contest. Good poll with clear questions and very clear results. I like it. P3D rules! Kind regards, Spirit Flyer
  7. SpiritFlyer

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    I also agree. Being perfect is not on the table for any product, but Vector is the best for what it does. It is a must have for me outside of the usually flown areas. Kind regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  8. SpiritFlyer

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    What's the problem? I ran the Vector elevation tool, applied it when it was done, restarted P3D v4.3, and elevation problems solved. I own thousands of dollars of ORBX sceneries and have not had a serious problem yet (except a correspondingly lowered bank account). Love the snow banks, although there was not enough there that would need snow tires and chains on my truck. Looked pretty light being from New Brunswick and all. However I imagine it looks daunting and scary for an Australian used to only dust storms! Kind regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  9. SpiritFlyer

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    Love this thread! Now the old brain juices are flowing and hazy old memories being revived (popular activity these days). A blue 1965 Beetle was the first car I ever drove at 14 or 15 years old. I lost control on a muddy road and got broadsided by the owner driving behind me in an old truck without brakes. He needed to bring the truck back from the woods and needed someone to drive his car. I volunteered. The truck did not have license plates, and I had no license... and was unhurt, but the bug was a bit squashed, but it was kept more or less secret until today! Now the whole aviation simulation world knows! Shhh, don't tell anyone else! Hey, wasn't the VW beetle/van breed called somebody's revenge? I loved our (own) Bug anyway! Would love to put it's engine on the front of a light weight airplane! BTW, this is fun. Is having fun still allowed? I hope so. Kindest regards, Stephen
  10. Good Grief Ken, What a lost opportunity! You could have picked up a couple of 2080's and 2080ti's and dropped them off at Rob's house! That way we might have the all the comparison tests finished already! I suppose alternatively you could have sent them to me. Kind regards, Stephen
  11. SpiritFlyer

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    VW mechanic! Vunderbarr! So Sue, In 1975 we owned a red VW Beetle. So, why did the cable repeatedly break from the gas pedal to the carburetor on the engine of my 68 bug? Had the cable changed twice and as far as we could tell there was no crimp anywhere and both ends seems to still be connected, but the cable would snap in the middle somewhere under the back seat. Never did reconcile such a thing and you are the very first VW mechanic I have ever run across! Of course, the dealership might have been taking advantage of us since we were so young and they could see us coming for a long time as the engine would idle in 2nd gear at about 8-10 mpg (Get out and push in neutral as fast as you can, jump in and put into 2nd gear, 1st gear going up hills -5 mpg tops, and neutral going down). One day it took about 8 hours to go from Brooks Alberta to Medicine Hat (where the closest dealer was) on the Trans Canada highway! Now I realize this has very little to (obviously) do with airplanes, but please bear in mind a couple of things: 1. The VW Beetle engine is air cooled, and could be assembled on the back of a lightweight aircraft (maybe). If so, the throttle cable would have to be more reliable since it is harder to fly in idle than our truly wonderful red bug was. 2. I love airplanes, old stories, new friends and all things aviation. You are/were a VW mechanic so if I ever acquire a VW beetle engine equipped light weight airplane, I am going to invite you to be my co-pilot. That makes this post aviation related (I hope). Kind regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  12. SpiritFlyer

    The Vertx DA62 Coming soon to Prepar3D v4

    If Sean is behind this company, count me in! A new DA62 it is. Stephen
  13. SpiritFlyer

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    So, we are not supposed to be friends that can talk about anything else besides aviation? So to ask any questions like: "Hey Matthew, how ya doin way down there in NZ? Miss the winters here in Canada?"... are now deemed to be out of order here in Hangar Chat? Well OK then, in case I'm wrong, just to be on the safe side: Matthew: Airplanes, do you still like them? Just trying to lighten things up a bit (as airplanes and hot-air balloons tend to do). Kind regards, Spirit Flyer
  14. SpiritFlyer

    Things I don't understand.................

    Women: They are all lovely, intelligent, and wonderful. Each is a perfect gift, especially the ones I love. (if that does not cover the bases and protect my back I don't know what does!) The Offside Rule: If you have the puck stick handle it, do not dump it in! Marmite: What's that? FSX users and their OOM's who will not switch to P3D: Dumber than a bag of boots!