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  1. Rolf, Sounds terrible! Wish I knew how to help. If you need a quick fix you can come over and fly mine! Stephen
  2. Contrariness, opinionated, and stubborn too! Those are necessary well rounded attributes for people like us. Anyone that stuck with the flight sims we (once) had, and worked on them for the hundreds (or thousands) of hours the way we did, needed them all, and then some. Kind, contrary, opinionated and stubborn regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  3. Yes it is. It feels good too. When a simulation both looks and feels right the way FS 2020 does, it's over for me. Others may make a different choice. After all, in this community we are often known for our contrariness anyhow. Kind regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  4. It's over. The cows have left the barn, the horses have bolted and the fat lady has sung her last song. In the same way it took some time for the Titanic to flood and nose dive, the damage is done. Anyone that has flown from KSEA to CYVR in Flight Simulator 2020 knows there is no going back to what once was, but will soon be no more. P3D with all the pay-ware addons possible looks generations old. X-Plane never had a chance. It's over. Let's move on or risk throwing good money after bad, and thereby being buried with them. The Sky is Calling! Full throttles. Let's go! Kindest regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  5. I tried, I fretted, I pouted, I yelled, and I did this and that and finally I checked into X-Box games with my "other" password and the system realized my two "names" were the same person, and "BINGO", everything matched up. Currently almost 50% downloaded. It was either that or Microsoft was afraid I would cancel, demand my money back, and cause a financial crisis that would blunt their success. In any case: "It is a far, far better thing I may get to do soon, than what I didn't get to do before..." Kind regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen PS: Thank you for the help. sympathy and empathy! Lets get it done one way or another before the cows come home to be milked. SF
  6. Really? We have seen this before...!!! NEAR... far https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9IuXEwpU7U Kind regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  7. Thank you Malct, That is exactly what happens to me, identical. Spirit Flyer Stephen
  8. There is a brand new Nvidia driver I just installed, then re-started without any difference. Same thing. I grow weary. Been Flight simming forever it seems, for decades. These are perhaps the most frustrating days, for I thought that I knew enough, or know those that do, so that this kind of nonsense would not happen to me, again! Anyhow, it is a bit of a relief that I am not the only one locked out. Misery loves company! Kindest regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  9. I have a general question: After seeing the aircraft over KSFO with the "press any key" (or whatever it is) notice and a key is pushed, what does the screen look like after that, while it is downloading and/or setting up? I have 2 variations: Black screen Black screen with flashing press any key instructions Is either one correct? Spirit Flyer Stephen
  10. I am out of patience. I stayed up half the night trying this way and that. As far as I can tell I have met all the conditions and the the latest in everything, but unless somethings changes I am done. Please let me know if you are able to get a refund.Ckyliu. Spirit Flyer Stephen
  11. This question may be circling the root of my problem. I have been unable to download, install and run.
  12. I had shut off the firewall for the process as advised elsewhere, so I do not believe it interfered. Are there any particular videos from Microsoft themselves?
  13. Isn't this the Kicker! I preordered the best version of the new flight sim and everything shows up in the MS store and visible in the library. I have tried downloading, installing or running for many hours and have gotten nowhere. At this point I just want my money back from the Microsoft Store and perhaps try my luck buying it from steam, or else walking from the hobby. Does Microsoft provide help or alternatively do they refund a purchase price? Kindest regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  14. I think I am in trouble. After having bought the largest package without a hitch a couple of days ago, I just tried to download and install now. It shows my packages in the Microsoft store OK, and I did download and installed the ownership item, whatever it is called, then the sky fell in, so to speak. :) I did up to step 6 and it showed an aircraft above KSFO with a flashing "Press any key to start. When I did so it just shows a black screen with the same "Press any key to start" flashing and music playing. I can not get it to do anything else for more than an hour now. Is this normal? Is it downloading while still flashing the instructions? Spirit Flyer Stephen
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