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  1. Jim Young was a kind, generous and competent leader in the Flight Simulation universe. I had the wonderful opportunity to having served together alongside him in service to AVSIM and have never seen a more professional dedicated leader at work. He was the right man at the right place at the right time. Jim Young will be remembered for his competence, his judicial use of authority, and his gracious manners. His loyalty as a faithful friend to me never faltered. Farewell friend Jim. Spirit Flyer Stephen
  2. Thank you Matthew my friend. I intend to follow your recommendations to the letter and acquire and try both. I will report back over the next week or two. Great stuff! No more spending on old P3D stuff for me either, and eagerly looking forward to the new Flight Simulator, but meantime, and eventually along with, it's trucking time methinks! Kindest regards, and best new years wishes for you and yours, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  3. Really? OK Matthew, which truck sim should I look into? Tell me what to get and I will do so immediately. Not doing much flying anyway for a few more months as I am ah... hmm... waiting for an upcoming opportunity 🙂 Wherefore are thou 18 wheelers? Kindest regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  4. Happy New Decade everyone! This will be a good one, the best yet! Kindest regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  5. What's the matter with you guys? Is there something in the air, or what?
  6. Question: How Far Can This New World Take Us? Answer: Our bodies nowhere, but our minds, emotions, spirit and imagination as far as we want to fly! Isn't that wonderful. I can hardly wait! Kindest regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  7. I nominate this post by HiFlyer as the post of the month!
  8. Thank you Rick. Being a responsible attentive moderator for AVSIM is hard work, and all too often a lightning rod in a highly charged atmosphere. Thank you for serving us, and your kind and restrained response.
  9. Old friends, and a few others, all, Not very often do most people see the equivalent of the radical revolutionary event the new MSFS will be bringing to the flight simulation world we each belong to. This is truly very rare, if nor unique. Before it gets lost in the huge tidal wave sweeping over us all I want to thank two people, who to me, personally represent the highest form of class (but not the only ones) of developers in this hobby, namely: "Sean Moloney and Rob Young" of RealAir Aircraft I own all their products and have never experienced or witnessed anything less than professional and generous support and enormous value for money spent. The company closed it's doors several years ago for reasons unknown. I am proud to have been their customer/client. Thank you kindly for your service to this community. Spirit Flyer Stephen
  10. It sure is! Here are modelled all the states of mind from the narcistic disillusioned cynic to the childishly delirious exuberant and most points in between. There has always been more being displayed about real human nature throughout these forums than ever was about aviation, real or imagined. That is why I am hooked on AVSIM, even more than pretending to fly airplanes! Kindest regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  11. True, what will be, will be... For me, MSFS 2020 installed and running on my new 65 inch screen will be an extraordinary gift that I hope to be grateful for, since if ever it be so, another new year will have been given once again in order to enjoy it. May "MSFS 2020" (or whatever it will be called) be the first of a new breed of sophisticated "flight imitation" versions released over the next few years that blows (yours and) my simulated socks off! Tis indeed the best of times for this hobby! Kindest regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
  12. Oh no! That is a heavy toll in just a couple of days, between the crash killing 7 in Kingston Ontario, and the 9 here. I pray the 3 survivors make it through. Tough time for so many family members. Kind regards, Spirit Flyer Stephen
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