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    Fly World Wide Virtual air routes for Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz with the Aerosoft A32, Majestic Q400 and Carenado B1900D

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  1. For quite some time CP and the Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25 played nicely together! Then something went wrong. When in interior view the views keep changing rapidly by themselves. Ther is no way to stop them. If I change to an outside view all is ok and my presets work fine. I have deleted all the presets for this aircraft and CP still flashes when in On Board view. Imported a new set of presets and am getting the same thing. This is the only aircraft this is happening with. I have uninstalled an reinstalle the aircraft several times. Any ideas?
  2. In P3D menu select: Options/Settings/Controls/Axes. Scroll down and you will find the command: Engine 1 Throttle Axis. Using the Change Assignment option assign this to the first throttle control. Scroll down three more, and you will see: Engine 2 Throttle Axis. In the same way assign that to the second throttle control on the Saitek. That should fix it for you. Good flying. R.
  3. Not really sure the price/benefit ratio is really there. Does the high cost really gain a simmer that much of an increase in realism?
  4. Above all, family comes first. My thanks for the fine work and service you have provided to the flight sim world. The advancements you made to making fllight simming mor "Real" will always be remembered. Each time I will fly my Real Air Duke I will offer a prayer to you and yours. Take care, R.
  5. Sure thing, does it every time for me. Quite sure it has always done that since FSX. Guess its another fix for LM to do,but I am not too sure it will be very high on their list. :wink:
  6. Gues its not a forum as such but on their website they have a Support page which provides some answers and the capacity to contact the developers directly. Worked super for me. Not many developers that invite you to contact them directly if you need help!! :smile: Would be interested in what you might find out if you would be kind enough to post it. Thanks and have a good day. R.
  7. Not sure of the absolute correct answer myself, but, did you post this on the Real Air website/forum? They are really good about answering questions.
  8. Not a bit of change here with three windows undocked. Using i5 @ 3.4 and an Nvidia 650 Ti Boost!
  9. Shouldn't LM be able to tell you on their Forum? They are quite good at answering questions about their licensing requirements.
  10. Open your default flight. Put yourself in the VC then save the flight using the semi colon and overwrite your saved default and the next time you open it you should be in the VC!
  11. You will find FSUIPC in the "Add Ons" section of the Menu Bar.
  12. If you use FSUIPC for your controllers then you should use a key press for F2 and be sure to tick the "Repeat while held" box.
  13. When I go into the P3D Flight Planner to load a previously saved plan it does not load the waypoints saved in the original on the first attempt, it only gives a Direct To version of the plan. In order to get the planner to load in the waypoints I had used, I need to clear the plan then Load it again. Is there a fix for this, or is there something I am doing wrong? R.
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