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  1. I am looking to regain some disc space on my main, "C" drive and would like to move my Orbx Library to another SSDrive. If I do will Orbx Central still work? Will I have to reinstall my sceneries in order to have Central recognize the new location?
  2. Been using LNM a long while with no issues. Had to do a major reload and repair of P3D and now I have one! When I attempt to update my P3Dv4.5 Scenery Library I get the following: Caught exception " Cannot read file C:/Users/MyName/OrbxLibrary/p3dv4/KJAC Jackson Hole Airport/add-onxml. Reason: Start tag exjpected" If I uninstall the offending airport file it only gives the same error message for the next Orbx airport in my library? Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. The GTN750 says that my flight plan has locked waypoints and that I should unlock them. I have found not way to do so. Can anyone tell me how to unlock the waypoints as the 750 instructs me to?
  4. Have encountered the same "Locked Waypoints" in a flight plan. Have read all of the above thread. What nobody answered was How Do You UNLOCK locked waypoints in the G750. Most posts seem to blame LNMap but that is not the issue. As one poster stated the issue is that the AIRAC cycle in LNMap is up to date and the G750 isn't. So again I ask, how do I unlock the waypoints as the Garmin instructs??
  5. I have searched several forums for Orbx and have found nothing on this topic. I purchased the Ketchikan scenery and installed it. When I load a scenario to go to airport there are NO PARKING SPOTS, only the option for runways 11/29. I have two sim friends who also have the scenery and they are experiencing the same thing. I have had the scenery for quite some time so this certainly is not a new issue. All of us are using P3D V4.5 and our computers meet all specs. And yes, we have run the "Verify Files" in Central and reinstalled the scenery several times. Any help to clear this issue would be appreciated since this makes the scenery somewhat useless.
  6. Given the fact that the camera system is almost impossible to work with I really, really hope that Chase Plane will be able to be integrated with 2020. I know at least 3 other local simmers who would be all over it, like, "scum on a pond" as Darrel and his other brother Darrel used to say on The Bob Newhart Show....
  7. For quite some time CP and the Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25 played nicely together! Then something went wrong. When in interior view the views keep changing rapidly by themselves. Ther is no way to stop them. If I change to an outside view all is ok and my presets work fine. I have deleted all the presets for this aircraft and CP still flashes when in On Board view. Imported a new set of presets and am getting the same thing. This is the only aircraft this is happening with. I have uninstalled an reinstalle the aircraft several times. Any ideas?
  8. In P3D menu select: Options/Settings/Controls/Axes. Scroll down and you will find the command: Engine 1 Throttle Axis. Using the Change Assignment option assign this to the first throttle control. Scroll down three more, and you will see: Engine 2 Throttle Axis. In the same way assign that to the second throttle control on the Saitek. That should fix it for you. Good flying. R.
  9. Not really sure the price/benefit ratio is really there. Does the high cost really gain a simmer that much of an increase in realism?
  10. Above all, family comes first. My thanks for the fine work and service you have provided to the flight sim world. The advancements you made to making fllight simming mor "Real" will always be remembered. Each time I will fly my Real Air Duke I will offer a prayer to you and yours. Take care, R.
  11. Since I have a programmable wireless mouse I used the feature to turn the zoom on and off.. Assigned the Flight Sim 's command: Shift + o to the press scroll wheel function and it works great. That way, I can lock and zoom in or out with the scroll wheel.
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