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  1. rondon9898

    [06OCT18] Livery Painters are a dime a dozen...

    Alex from Goldstar Textures should get involved here - his PMDG repaints have even included accurate control column checklists and flight deck placards, and they're brilliant repaints. Christian Mohr does this with his repaints too - not just immensely accurate outside, but inside as well. I don't know if that's relevant to the Ops Centre, but I love it. John and Steve are both fantastic, too, of course.
  2. Hi folks, I appreciate that, even at relatively light weights, the aircraft will accelerate beyond 250kts to ~260kt mark below 10,000ft, unless manually limited in the VNAV CLB page, and that this is likely so that there is a buffer from the minimum flaps UP manoeuvring speed. i just wanted to know whether ATC around the world appreciate that this is likely to be the case and 747s routinely just accelerate a tad beyond the 250kt limit without permission/warning, or whether you have to wait with flap 1 extended until ATC says 'no speed restriction' or similar (in reality I know that flying out of London and UK airports this tends to happen pretty quickly after departure anyway, but I just wondered). Cheers
  3. Gotcha - thanks Robert.
  4. Sure - I only ask because I’m afraid, although it looks beautiful, the -8 doesn’t quite fit into my simming agenda, so to speak, so I shan’t be partaking of it - but the Global Ops sounds very, very interesting and could be a lovely addition to the 744.
  5. Is it just the -8 being released this weekend, and not the Global Operations programme too? Kyle mentioned some of the programme’s functionality with the -8 in his video but I assume that RSR would have mentioned that specifically if both were coming out at the same time.
  6. rondon9898

    Phones on Planes/cockpit

    An airline of my relatives worked for had to remind flight crews not to use ACARS abusively - there were a number of messages being sent between aircraft on the freetext option slagging off the airline’s managers and all ACARS messages were logged by the company’s ops department! As for phones in the cabin, what a dreadful thought. Being an airline passenger’s unpleasant enough without listening to some gob going on about how Dawn in accounts has got it all wrong and doesn’t know what she’s doing for 8 hours, like you get on the train.
  7. rondon9898

    APB on Double R - aka Robert R.

    This is the usual sort of gap between updates, there’s nothing out of the ordinary I would say. I have to say I am a bit unnerved by this post, though - I’m sure PMDG would say if there was something wrong with RSR. He’ll be ferretting away in PMDG’s virtual hangar.
  8. rondon9898

    FSXSE conver to P3D v4

    Yes, I’ve lost my 777 and 737 (and the MD11 and JS41, come to that, but they’ve not been ported to P3d) because I won’t pay for them again and have gone P3D only, and although I entirely understand that it’s PMDG policy, it does sadden me a little that it is their policy. But c’est la vie. I won’t be getting the 748 simply because there are no airlines that operate it that I’d wish to replicate in the sim, but the 744 is absolutely fantastic in v4 and there’s no way I’m going back to farting around with restarts and OOMs in FSX when trying to do long hauls.
  9. rondon9898

    Patiently Waiting...

    2 1080TIs? I recently built a PC with the1080Ti and I wouldn’t actually be able to fit another one in my case - they’re massive! Your case must be huge. Does having 2 actually double the graphics power? If so, that’ll be a mean machine.
  10. rondon9898

    777-300 ER

    PMDG provide an excellent manual which is just like the one you’d find in the real world and it covers the 77W.
  11. rondon9898

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    I’d love to know from PMDG how difficult in terms of modelling/flight dynamics programming it would be to create a -200ER from the existing material they have with the LR/-300ER. All the textures for the flight deck remain the same, for example - would it just be the flight dynamics and performance/engine modelling that need changing? Would love a -200ER, especially as I like to fly BA 777 flights and am just not happy flying ER flights in an LR.
  12. rondon9898

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    I don’t - it was operated by GSS out of Stansted if that’s any help.
  13. rondon9898

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    You won't get a ground map feature in the 777 as it isn't a feature on the real aircraft to my knowledge, unless PMDG are going to develop the EFB and put a ground map feature into that and retrofit the EFB to the 777.
  14. rondon9898

    Flightplans wanted

    Paul the simbrief integrated route finder is very good,and if you are in europe, you can run the plan through the eurocontrol checker to verify for errors so you can add points to avoid or change flight levels. i have to say, simbrief is fantastic - whoever made it and runs it deserves a flight sim medal of some kind. Also, if you’re flying in the UK, we have a standard route document in our aip - just google UK NATS SRD.
  15. rondon9898

    Current 747 Passenger Routes

    Excellent Jon thanks for that - VS is my operator of choice for my QOTS II flights so these things are really good to know and add a bit of realism to those ferry hops. Just out of curiosity because I'm so stupid I can't get my head around it - as BFS-MCO is only once a week, how did the long haul crew that the ferry crew hand the aircraft over to get to BFS? Are they in the back of the 'empty' aircraft coming from LGW? Otherwise they'd have to nightstop there all week and the savings would be out of the window, wouldn't they? Sorry, not relevant, just sheer curiosity. I'm amused at how my poor performance brain can't grasp the logic of some of these things.