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  1. Hi there, It seems that in SOP2 the virtual FO turns on the FUEL MAIN XFER 1 & 4 switch on the taxy-in, but that seems to me only to be an abnormal procedure following a malfunction causing a fuel imbalance. Was this an SOP in the airline replicated in SOP2? At the moment, I'm having to go to the overhead and turn it off and that is a little irritating, as one of the fantastic advantages of having a virtual FO is that I don't have to look up during taxy. Otherwise, I'm loving having FS2Crew in the 747! Thanks
  2. Hi folks, I've had my 8700k overclocked now since i built my new computer around September time and had it running at about 4.8GHz with no problems. Then, after updating the drivers on my 1080Ti a few days ago, I first got a BSOD in P3D 4.4 on Tuesday while lying EGPH-EGKK and since had all kinds of BSODs and startup problems, including the computer not actually booting at all.. Just running a memory diagnostic and I've reset the BIOS settings to remove overclock so I can boot the computer properly. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had problems with the NVidia updates or whether it's just coincidental and something else is up with my computer and it's a coincidence. I've rolled back to 417.01 for now too. Aorus Gaming 7, 1080Ti, 8700K, Windows 10 Home x64, Corsair 2x16GB 3200mhz RAM, H100i cooling, EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G3 850W PSU. Cheers folks
  3. Sorry to go on a slight tangent, Trevor, but Inverness? I am surprised they’d need speed restrictions - it’s hardly the London TMA in terms of traffic volume up there.
  4. Haven’t been on the sim for a good while but I’m sure my suggestion above works. Someone might want to test it and see.
  5. The suggestion is to keep the repetition slider for the decrease throttle setting in the middle - this will allow you to select the reverse thrust setting you want. That said, the 747 operator I’m most familiar with encourages pilots either to just select idle or selct full reverse and not to bother finding an intermediary position.
  6. Richard I have throttle decrease quickly set with slider in the middle (continuous, in my experience, deploys full reverse as soon as you touch the button, which is undesirable), A/T manual override set to HOLD only (so that I can easily reject a takeoff if required by just closing my thrust levers) and flare idle set to yes so that I can control the flare just as in the real aircraft. I also have a throttle cut button set up on my thrust levers, which allows me to stow the thrust reversers after having deployed them.
  7. Righto, Kyle. Well, I’ll leave the post up here for wider discussion if you don’t mind and I’ll send a message to support too, in that case.
  8. Sorry, Kyle. I thought the forum was the place to ask these kind of questions - both community input and PMDG input to any questions I ask would be great
  9. Chaps I seem to remember before the 744 was released asking whether there would be an option of transponder panels/systems (i.e. whether we could select between the system with rotary knobs and that with the keypad-style display) and Kyle said there would only be one type simulated as the keypad-style system was too disparate to include merely as a swappable aircraft option in the FMS menu. However, now that the chaps have completed the 748 and it has the keypad-style transponder, I wondered 1) if this was sufficiently similar to the keypad transponder system in the 744 and, if so, 2) whether a selectable option could now be viable in the 744 options menu in the FMS? I know Lufthansa, and I think BA too, have the keypad transponder panels in their 744s and it would be nice to be able to recreate them.
  10. When you put it like that, Simon, the cost seems a little more justified, but I still can’t help feeling that access to information about Boeing aircraft that, outside of our hobby, would be massively abstruse, seems very, very steep. It’s not as if PMDG are asking for information that would require Boeing to employ specialist engineers to provide; it’s info that Boeing must know for safe operation of their aircraft. That said, there aren’t many people to whom I will bow to superior knowledge - you are one of them, Simon.
  11. I also think the torch would be great - often I’ve had to fumble in the darkness for the battery switch to start the APU. I’d have thought that the real aircraft has some kind of boarding light so that you can get some light in the flight deck before turning the battery on, doesn’t it? If not, a little torch would be great. Xplane has this feature already, I believe.
  12. I've seen the intrductory spiel to it on the Prepar3d website but really don't understand what PBR does.
  13. I've seen the kinds of mess shaders can make to the sim, so I stay well away. If P3D had a native camera setup, I would never use 3rd party add-on cameras either. Why the people at EZCA decided to add ridiculous, gratuitous effects that completely change the sim physics I will never know.
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