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  1. Ah, I see, sorry. I misunderstood.
  2. Simbol I own the FSW Lear and am not a real world Lear pilot - is it going to be just porting the aircraft over to v5 or will it include improvements to make the a/c behave more as it does in real life/the manuals? I would be interested in joining the project if the latter, but if the former, perhaps not.
  3. What a massive pain FLAi was the perfect solution - online traffic is a nightmare to setup usually. Why couldn’t they have just been a bit more careful and given the appropriate credit and got the necessary permissions?
  4. No, I’m not using anything like that. And now I’m not using Rex sky force as it’s not fully implemented for v5, the landing lights don’t show up on the clouds at night so everything is just oppressively (and unrealistically) dark.
  5. Hi folks, I just wanted to know if anyone else has got dark ground textures at night in P3D v5. I am using Orbx global/vector/open LC, but there is absolutely no city glow - when I fly even over somewhere like London at night at higher levels, it’s completely dark basically. Has anyone else experienced this and got any tips? I have seen a moon related entry in P3D.cfg, but it didn’t work. cheers
  6. I really would wait. I have bought it because I was very keen to use it, but it is, at the moment, unusable for me - nothing working at all and FMS without clickspots. I'm sure there may be problems my end, and I have submitted a ticket, but I should have learned from years of simming to hold your horses and wait for reviews and things to stabilise/bugs to be ironed out. As I say, could well be an issue my end and I have submitted a ticket, but at the moment it's completely unusable for me.
  7. Excellent in that case I'll go for the cheapo one then thanks Bill
  8. Hi chaps, I remember with FSX there were numerous limitations to getting the cheaper standard version of the sim to the Deluxe model. I only really want to get the cheapest version of MSFS because I am not interested in default aircraft or airports - all I want to know is, is the difference between the 3 versions only about the amount of airports/aircraft you get, or are there limitations to the cheaper Standard one that will later make me wish I hadn't been such a cheapskate? Thanks folks, John
  9. Hi folks, I have the FLAI AI for flying online with VPilot which is absolutely fantastic, but it just isn’t terribly comprehensive when it comes to GA aircraft. It seems that the TBM9 is a popular type for flying on VATSIM, as are the DA62 and the BE58; with many of these types, they will appear either as the default CRJ (which is really jarring, seeing an airliner land at a small, GA grass airfield like Goodwood), King Airs or other airliners. Does anyone know of any AI that has a comprehensive set of GA aircraft that will prevent this when flying online? thanks folks
  10. I only have it in the Realair Duke, the only other aircraft I have a GPS in is the Flysimware Learjet but I have the GTN in that.
  11. Yes I updated it yesterday but it wasn’t working before the update either
  12. 😆 no can do, if it’s not in Bert’s set-up I would have no idea how to do that. Besides, it did work as it is, it’s just not now.
  13. With F/D and NAV engaged, the aircraft just turns perpendicular to the selected GPS course on the HSI to try and establish on it and just goes straight through the magenta line. NAV flag in the HSI too
  14. Actually the test does deflect the HSI and the flag disappears, but when I go to navigation, red flag and nothing works
  15. It is indeed Bert - and if you mean the RealityXP.GNS ini file, I'm using yours 👍
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