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  1. Goran are those screenshots representative of your actual sim visuals? Because they look x100 times better than mine at the moment. Do you have any special settings, say in nVidia Inspector or the like? To give you an idea, the image quality is so bad at the moment, despite having SGSS and other things selected in nvidia inspector, that I can’t see the writing on any of the FJS Q400 panels when lit at night. I’m at my wits’ end because no matter what I do, the quality just doesn’t improve. It runs fine, but looks awful. Now this may well explain it. But why are screenshots like Goran’s and videos I see from streamers so nice? Is that the result of inadvertent post-image treatment? Is there no way of imposing AA into the programme, if you see what I mean, like through NI? I can’t quite believe that they would make a sim in 2022 with no AA capability - why would they do that? Thanks for the help so far folks - nothing has worked thus far.
  2. Thank you for that - I have tried everything you have suggested, tried SGSS in Nvidia Inspector, tried everything application-controlled with sliders all the way over, it always just looks like a blurry, jagged mess. I don’t understand what’s going on. Interestingly, when I went to clear the Nvidia shader files, I have no NV_Cache folder, only DX and GL cache folders. When you say “second instance”, do you mean uninstall/reinstall? I may have to DDU the driver again and reinstall that too.
  3. Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots The above are screenshots and one of my settings - no matter what I change, it still looks this bad. I hope the screenshots worked on here. For some reason, the screenshots look much better than the actual sim.
  4. Yes I think you’re right Paul, MSFS is visually tip-top, but I see videos of streamers etc. using Xplane 12 and the quality is hundreds of times better than what I can achieve, which makes me think it’s possible but just not on an elderly graphics card like mine. No matter what I do, the visual quality in XP12 is absolutely dreadful at the moment.
  5. Hi folks I have just purchased Xplane 12 as I wanted to use the FlyJSim Q400 but the textures, no matter what I do with the graphics settings, or Nvidia Inspector settings, are unbelievably jagged and blurry, like being in some 1990s console game. Is this simply because the 1080Ti can’t cope? I have an otherwise high end system but I bought a 3090 GPU (I think it was, anyway), it was faulty, and I had to go back to the 1080Ti again. As MSFS runs perfectly fine and, visually, rather beautifully with it, I presumed I could do the same in Xplane 12 but have I just been too hasty? Thanks folks
  6. As I said, I’m not saying I dislike the gust model - that poll, and 737NG Driver’s video, miss the point. I would like to see proper CB/thunderstorm depiction in the sim too, which hasn’t happened yet. But when it does, I don’t want to be flying through CBs on every single approach I do with live weather, because it doesn’t work like that in real life. Same with the gusts. Great model, but completely unrealistically applied in live weather.
  7. Yes but the point he and those pilots are making is that it is more interesting to fly in the new gust model and the conditions it creates. I make no comment on that. What I want from live weather is REALISTIC WEATHER, not weather that is artificially made more “interesting”. I am not an airline pilot, am just a GA pilot (for now), and I’m sure the gust model is good - but it is ridiculous to have these gusts in calm wind conditions for every approach in live weather because I can assure you it does not work like that in real life. In short, if there are gusts in real life, I’ll take the challenge in the sim, but if there aren’t, I don’t want them. And at the moment this model is completely unrealistic.
  8. I’m actually specifically talking about the Fenix A320 in the sim - I haven’t flown GA aircraft in the sim for a good while. Short final, every approach, the G/S mini goes mad and the speed bug jumps up and down with huge deviations. I’m not saying it’s not realistic or feasible to have gusts or windshear on approach ever, of course it is, but it is not realistic to have it like this on every single approach in light or calm winds. Given that it happens on short final, I think it’s trying to simulate, in an extremely hamfisted way, mechanical turbulence off buildings etc. Again, this can happen. I fly GA aircraft in the real world and do experience this but in light winds, the effect is little to none, and it is of course very much dependent upon wind direction and the nature of the obstacles. And big airliners are much more stable than GA aircraft they should not have their flight path disturbed this badly by tiny deviations. Come to think of it, this may be a Fenix problem as I don’t think I’ve used the PMDG 737 in SU10 yet. If you look at Blackbox711’s stream to Shannon yesterday you’ll see what I’m talking about. EDIT you can see it happening on Blackbox’s 737 stream too, yesterday. It’s just silly.
  9. Spot on? It’s so far from spot on I don’t know where to start. If I switched to manual weather, would all the temps/pressures/cloud layers stay the same as the live weather? Never done it before,
  10. I’ve flown numerous times since the update, flew tonight EGLL-EGAC, did EGAC-EGLL yesterday and exactly the same thing. But i’ve noticed it on short final at every airport I’ve flown to since the update. If it’s just me, maybe there’s some kind of settings problem.
  11. Since SU10, I’ve had ridiculous gusts on short final on every single approach, even when the winds are light and no gusts reported. They have, I’m glad to see, rectified the stupid gusts/windshear problems in the cruise, but has anyone else noticed this? 10 updates to the simulator and weather is still not simulated properly 🙄 why isn’t there an option to turn the gusts off?
  12. Sorry folks it’s the Gigabyte Z690 AORUS ELITE AX ATX motherboard, i9-12900ks processor, 32GB Gigabyte DDR5 memory - don’t know if you need any other details
  13. After the latest update, Windows Boot Manager has disappeared from the boot options in the BIOS, and when I try and restart it just comes up with ‘UEFI Interactive Shell v2.2’ screen and a mapping table. I have had this issue before but have no idea, and had no idea at the time, what I did to rectify it. Can anyone help at all? Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  14. Yes, all aircraft. It has particularly annoyed me because I didn’t have the problem in the last build like everybody else did and only have it now.
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