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  1. That is interestnig so, just to be clear, if we have to descend: offset from the track by 15 miles either way, minimise rate of descent and then descend below FL280. Is that about right?
  2. Hi folks, I am wondering if anyone could shed some light on what the exact procedure is for descending out of and leaving the north atlantic tracks if you have a fault or emergency, or even a depressurisation, mid-atlantic? I'm just flying across the Atlantic and obviously it's a lot quieter on VATSIM than real life, but if I were to suffer a malfunction that would require me to descend and leave the tracks for diversion purposes (e.g. turn back to CYYT), what exactly am I to do without colliding into other traffic below or in the tracks alongside me? What is the real life procedure? Also, for the 747, are there any specific settings to make in the FMS? Cheers all
  3. rondon9898

    Cosmetic and immersive suggestion

    I’m ashamed to say that all the simming I’ve done and I’ve never sctually noticed this effect, so I shall look out for it. Very interesting.
  4. rondon9898

    Cosmetic and immersive suggestion

    Dan can I ask what the deficiencies are in the current reproduction of bank and turn in the sim? Just purely out of interest
  5. rondon9898

    B77W pilot looking for an additional aircraft to purchase

    Richard I think the level of detail and realism you’ll get from either the 777 or the 748 will surpass the KA - might just be me being cynical, but I suspect it’ll be the case. I just took the 744 for a spin LHR-JFK today after a long break from the sim and forgot just how lovely the aircraft is - sounds, visuals, dynamics, everything. I heartily reccomend and believe you won’t be disappointed with the 748 either. What I love about PMDG is that you know you’re getting as close to the real thing as possible, and that’s most satisfying.
  6. rondon9898

    Outdated Airac

    Also, Jacobus, I would heartily recommend subscribing to a nav data provider of some kind because it really enhances the sim experience - after a long sabbatical from simming, I’ve found, for example, that a lot of the SIDs have changed out of Heathrow - northbound departures have been using the WOBUN departure for decades now, but no longer, it would seem. What they’re doing in the real world just won’t be reflected in the FMS if your AIRAC isn’t up to date. These services are expensive, though, so I canunderstand if you don’t.
  7. rondon9898

    Prepar3d V4.3 has been released

    Ezdok isn’t working - it’s inhibiting nosewheel steering as it did when 4.2 came out. Should be a fix shortly though I understand.
  8. rondon9898

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    David, Your message completely vindicates the epithet ‘moaner’, I’m afraid. You do not have the automatic right to be delighted by everything PMDG makes and criticising them for making a product that may not fit into your simming picture is moaning. If you’d bought the product and it was defective, you’d be entitled to moan, definitely. I will never buy a DC6 for the sim as it’s not an aircraft I would ever use. But I did not come on here going “ waaah, PMDG, what the hell are you making a DC6 for?”. It’s like going to a supermarket and going “NOOO! You’re selling celery?! I HATE CELERY!” Just put the celery down and go and find something you do like ( the 748 in your case). Anyway, originally had no intention of engaging in this. Does anyone know if this is subscription based or one-off price?
  9. rondon9898

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Boo to the moaners, I think this sounds like a jolly good idea. Just to clarify because I can’t find the info in the forum and the video (with the greatest of respect) is a tad too long for me to sift through and the sound’s not great - is this a one-off purchase or a subscription based service?
  10. rondon9898

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Is there a link to the actual footage? Does this mean I can communicate with controllers on VATSIM with CPDLC without that cumbersome hoppie application? Is there a takeoff performance/weight and balance feature? So many q’s and I’m quite excited - really need to hear it from the horse’s mouth.
  11. What don’t you like about the JS41 FMS christopher? Just out of interest.
  12. rondon9898

    Flight Sim Show at RAF Cosford

    Excellent Cosford is not a million miles from me I shall be there in October to see what’s what. thanks richard
  13. Ahhh fellas your answers are very much appreciated but I don’t know what to do for the best - I’ve no intention of running more than 1 GTX 1080ti (would have to sell one of my organs to buy another one) - could i get away with a 750w? (planning tomoverclock the 8700k too, if that makes any difference - also 2 ssd’s and an HDD). I understand marques your point about penny pinchng - i regretted that with the last computer i built. i might pre-order the new rm850x, but a 750w would be cheaper
  14. Hi folks, It seems there's a real shortage of Corsair PSUs at the moment as I was originally going to go with the RM850x, but it doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere at all. I'm building a Aorus z370 MOBO/GTX1080ti/i7-8700K overclock setup, and just wanted to know if I could get away with the cheaper CX850M, which is in stock, or whether it's really necessary to go for the RM850i (also in stock). I cannot, despite research, for the life of me see the difference, except something to do with the RM being modular - is that really important? Cheers folks
  15. Ah good call James mine is about 5 years old too. Probably best to get a new one then. Thank you for that