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  1. Hi there, I have just come across an ad for the FPS E195 and have been looking for a detailed and realistic E-Jet; does anyone have any experience of it? There is another E-Jet in Xplane but I was put off by the fact that it couldn’t do holds and VNAV, I believe, wasn’t simulated - is the FPS any better? thanks folks
  2. Can’t find one Noel as I desperately search online. I am absolutely gutted chaps it took me hours to set all that stuff up. I should have screenshotted my settings - I never thought to do it.
  3. Hi folks - has there been an update to MSFS? Every single one of my controls settings is wiped out and my profiles are gone, all my display settings gone, all the other settings to get rid of MSFS annoying features have all been reset. What on earth is going on? It’ll probably take me hours to reset all that again. Is there any way of retrieving my settings? Any help appreciated, thanks all
  4. It’s very good performance wise, just bought it, but the jetways aren’t working for me; they’re not coming anywhere near the aircraft.
  5. Hi guys, When I summon the ground service window, it changes my VHF1 frequency. Is there a way to turn this off? It’s driving me absolutely mad, as I only fly on VATSIM. Cheers all
  6. The cost just doesn’t quite match with the supposed quality of the product, I might give it a miss thank you folks
  7. Hi folks, It appears there are two E-Jets for Xplane 12, Xcrafts and I think SSG; I am very keen on a very realistic, detailed Embraer, as close as possible to the manuals and real life, but I was put off by comments made about the XCrafts version, that it lacked quite a few basic functions and autoflight modes. Is that still the case?
  8. Oh I’m not saying it now has Caravaggio-esque beauty, but that’s a different discussion/argument/fist fight that I don’t want to get into. On my setup the visuals in XPL were horrifying and I knew there had to be something amiss - many thanks to @mSparks for that pointer. I’d never have got it otherwise, as it’s too obscure a point.
  9. Hi folks, I posted on here a few weeks ago saying that there had to be something wrong with my setup because the Xplane 12 image quality was so unbelievably poor, it looked like it was being run on a BBC computer from the late eighties. Things got a bit heated (not by me, I should add), as they so often do, and I rather lost touch with the thread. I read it back last night and full credit to @mSparks, who said it was most likely the screen. Well, it was the screen - I've been using a screen that is really a television, and one of the videos that mSparks put up in that thread showed that if you change the output name on the TV source menu, the quality vastly increases back to normal resolutions you'd expect from a TV monitor. I hadn't noticed a particular problem in MSFS or P3D, but the Xplane output was abysmal, and seeing A320SimPilot and Q8Pilot and the like, who have really rather lovely image quality, I knew, even after the post-rendering things that Youtube does, that they were getting a much better visual experience in the sim than I was. It is apparently a sort of vigilante mode that the TV goes into - it thinks you're watching a pirate video or such, apparently, and so downgrades the image quality. Once you tell it it's a PC you're connected to, it works fine. I thought I might just post on here, firstly to thank @mSparks very much indeed; I had been tearing my hair out over this. And secondly as a bit of a warning to anyone who is getting atrocious XPL12 visuals and can't understand why. Finally, I can get back into the Toliss A20N again and start enjoying it a bit more. Thanks folks
  10. So if someone like Q8Pilot is actually seeing what I’m seeing in the sim, and the massive improvement in image quality is actually imposed in post? This is all very disappointing. Thank you for your help anyway, folks.
  11. That helped a little bit, Jude, thank you - but still pretty poor. As filou says, maybe this is just the standard for XPL 12. If so, it's really disappointing. I'm not sure how to post the log.txt in these forums.
  12. https://pasteboard.co/zsLm80lH3H3E.png https://pasteboard.co/C0KR4id5lgXz.png https://pasteboard.co/a0bDGHALz8ZJ.png https://pasteboard.co/PIbBjsaTacS7.png Here are some screenshots. For some reason, the screenshots look quite a lot better than the actual image, which is much more jagged. When you say VRAM problems - what could they be? I'm afraid I don't know - where is that file? I'm familiar with the file structure in P3D and MSFS but not XPL
  13. Hi folks, I am at my wits’ end trying to get my XPL 12 to look even remotely acceptable in terms of image quality. Now I know that this is obviously a problem with my system or set-up, because when I see any youtuber or streamer using XPlane, theirs looks really lovely. Q8Pilot, for example, has his Xplane videos always looking smooth and beautiful, like a photograph. The question is, what am I doing wrong? No matter what combination of XPL menu graphics settings or settings in Nvidia Inspector makes the slightest difference - I am just constantly getting jagged, blurry images, and it just looks like FS98. All settings on high, all settings on low, it all looks awful. I have observed VRAM on the highest settings in XPL and there doesn’t seem to be any issue there. I have a very capable system (12900KS, NVidia 4090, 64GB RAM etc.) and the other sims I have (P3Dv5 and MSFS) look and perform perfectly fine. Does anyone know what is going on? Is it Windows 11 causing the issue? Q8Pilot, for example, seems to have a computer set-up that is pretty similar to mine. What could I be doing wrong? Any little insight I can glean would be very helpful. Laminar support just says adjust the settings or reinstall. Well I’ve done that, and no joy. Any ideas at all much appreciated.
  14. You can’t be serious - 75 USD for an E-Jet addon that can’t capture the glideslope or hold? And the displays aren’t independent? I was very nearly going to buy this I’m very glad I didn’t.
  15. It has everything to do with being sarcastic and I’m not going to rise to it. What I and others have said in regard to this matter is perfectly clear.
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