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  1. Had this problem. Found the culprit in I believe the exe.xml file. There was an erroneous entry. Might have been the dll.xml file.
  2. Randall

    FS Academy On Instrument?

    I did buy this but have had very little time with it. Good documentation. Went through a tutorial or two--very well done and pretty thorough. Took one flight check and failed it--pretty picky but it is attempting to train you well. Again, I have had very little time with it--probably less than an hour so my opinion is very tentative but initially it seems to deliver what it promises. Hope this helps. Randall
  3. Randall

    New monitor - resolution for FSX?

    I was hesitant to get the ultra wide but finally did and love it. Got an LG ultrawide 34 inch (wouldn't get anything smaller), 2560X1080. I use Ezdok and have no trouble with the somewhat limited height. Very immersive. With DSR it's amazing! Randall
  4. Glad to have helped. Not sure about flagging your post as answered. Randall
  5. Are you using a powered USB port? Might need one if your cyclic is drawing too much power and you are using a number of USB connections.
  6. Also, delete default flight and set up a new one. You'll get it worked out one way or another.
  7. Randall

    TwinOtter Ext vs BN-2, FPS-wise

    Have both. Both are great fun to fly. The Twin Otter, however, is way above the Islander in graphics and system modeling. Both have great frame rates. I imagine the Twin Otter would be slightly harder on frames than the Islander. Hate for you to miss the Twin Otter. Do what you can to get it and fly it.
  8. I've been away from the boards for quite a number of weeks. After coming back and reading about Tom, I really appreciate this thread. By the way, no one has mentioned FS98's beautiful purple sky. Boy I miss that. Yeah, I know there was a "fix" but that just made it so unrealistic.
  9. Randall

    Flight planning apps

    Android. Thanks.
  10. Randall

    Flight planning apps

    Appreciate the suggestions and will look at these programs. However, I was indeed asking abut mobile apps. Want something to go on a Kindle or other tablet. Sorry I wasn't more specific. Randall
  11. Any recommendations for a good flight planning app or apps. Looked at Sporty's and others but wondered if anyone was using them for FSX and recommendations. Also, why does the search field disappear at the top of the forum page? Thanks. Randall
  12. Overclocking programs can be a bit too aggressive. Watch voltages and temps closely.
  13. The Twin Otter really is a great plane. A lot of fun to fly with good accuracy of the systems. You need to follow startup procedures and monitor engines. You won't be disappointed. Randall
  14. +1 Though if you have a very good CPU, a GTX 770 work well. I concur with others, better deals are out there.