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  1. That might be the driver issue that Nvidia has to fix. Hopefully for the next driver release but that waits to be seen.
  2. Interesting discussion. I’m a new convert to VR. I also was not interested in actually getting one, though I was curious. It wasn’t until I tried it at the recent Flightsim Expo that I was convinced that I wanted it as part of my Flightsim experience. Subsequently, I built a new computer to replace my ancient one and bought a Reverb G2. I do not regret it. However, it has not replaced my monitor and my many hardware controls. VR is amazing for immersion, but wearing the headset for even a short time gets rather warm and sweaty. Wintertime might work out better. While I can briefly look out of the VR using the headset front camera to see my controls to get my bearings on the switches and buttons (using “flashlight” mode), it breaks immersion. Trying to manipulate radios using mouse or controller in VR is an act of frustration. I didn’t want to do that even with a monitor which is why I have a radio and other instrument controller (M panel by VR Insight (ironically named company)). So, for short flights (pattern practice, for example), VR is incredible. I’m glad I can have the experience when I want and will probably use it more than I do now as time goes on. But, until they make the headsets a lot smaller and we have hand motion detection, VR gets limited use. My new computer and the current state of Xplane 12 makes my 34” Ultrawide, 3440x1440 resolution monitor and all my buttons and switches quite immersive for me, at least most of the time.
  3. Real weather still has issues with clouds. It’s in the release notes. Fixed in next beta.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to come back and let us know the solution. @mSparks deserves credit.
  5. I have the Nimbus Islander and think they did a great job with it. Nice to have it in XP12. They nailed the sound and rattle/vibration of the aircraft. Really like Thranda aircraft but right now will stay with the Nimbus plane (maybe not forever though).
  6. I've yet to see a deer. Been using Xplane since beginning of Xplane 11.
  7. Great pic. Has also been thinking this—really enjoying the changing seasons. And “atmospheric” is exactly what we want in a flightsim.
  8. Orbx Central is now compatible with Xplane 12. However, they have not updated their sceneries yet.
  9. They have a number of features not yet in the current build: falling snow, water turbidity, and a number of art assets (e.g., buses). I would think these would be added for final release.
  10. A ballpark quess would be between 3 and 6 months of beta testing.
  11. It’s probable best not to assume someone else filed the bug report. Besides, the more reports they get the higher the priority.
  12. I’ve also been curious about when ActiveSky will come out with an Xplane 12 version. On one hand, the weather in Xplane 12 is very well done (with improvements coming, no doubt), but ActiveSky could bring it to a whole new level. I remember in FSX when they added particles, or some kind of tech, to see the clouds go by over the wings.
  13. Ben wrote that the AA issue is in the lighting model. Some work is still needed there.
  14. I don’t think it keeps track of historical weather but I would be glad to be proven wrong.
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