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  1. Yes, it propably is, and you would surely _want_ to build it from scratch too, to get it into your current "system of doing things". But, if you have built a high fidelity sim of an aircraft before, there must be loads of data you can reuse? All the "factual" data about the model, the different "nodes" where info is collected from and so on? If you twice build a sim based on the same aircraft, my bet is that the second time you do it, it'll be faster.
  2. The MD-11 is nine years old, the NGX is six years old. However bad the MD sold back in the day, compared to the three year younger NGX, it's a bit odd to use a low sales as an argument for saying "never ever again". Markets change, what was not performing well back then, might do well now. Software development gets streamlined to a certain degree, which would propably make it a bit easier making a V2 now than it was to build the original from scratch back in 2006-2008. Of course, making a MD-11 V2 is not a simple porting job, it's a huge investment with associated risks, like every new development project. The question is; would the existing MD-11 give an headstart when developing a V2? I'm pretty sure that QOTSII has a few bits and bobs from QUOTSI. How much or how little, only PMDG knows. Also, what if there are rights issues linked to the original MD-11 source and data? Perhaps there are agreements with the original MD-11 developer(s), who are not with PMDG anymore, that makes it impossible to build on anything useful from the old model and its associated data? We can only hope, one day... Or fly the Mad Dog in XP11 :)
  3. Thank you for this contribution Pete, surely a giant job! I'm using UT2 strictly for the models as I'm only flying online with vPilot 2. I have no active AI routes. Does anyone know if I can use these packet only for updating and adding models to my FSX's Simobject\UT2? Thanks,
  4. Agreed, I am depending on mobile and still miss Tapatalk on Avsim. Allthough, Avsim on mobile theme is better now than it was yesterday, so I guess there's still work in progress. Thanks to all who are involved in the work behind the scenes!
  5. Thank you for your contribution Captain Al, this is exactly what makes this hobby so great for those of us who didn't get to fly these magnificient machines in real life! Cheers,
  6. Wow, another package nears completion, great! Thanks Henrik!
  7. I own and manage a 8-person company; the Norwegian distributor for a world wide brand making computerized engraving- / milling and lasermarking machines.
  8. Thanks for your , as always, stunning work Henrik! I see your ships almost everywhere I go. Will get the latest pack shortly too ofcourse God sommer!
  9. I'd be careful to buy a kit that expensive when the vendor is only showing a 3D-rendering..., If you're unlucky, that may well be just what you gonna get
  10. RIP Tom, thanks for everything, my condolances to his family and close friends.
  11. Thanks for the writeup Gordon, appreciated. As I'm allergic to the FSX original controller mappings, I hope I can use FSUIPC, wouldn't think that could be a problem? Cheers,
  12. Thanks Manfred, I found the Hamburg routes from your post here, they will be installed and enjoyed Cheers,
  13. Brilliant Gordon, please post your thoughts when you've broken it in Cheers,
  14. Thanks Gordon, I just read the info from December, let's hope it's just teething problems, all startups suffer those I'm really looking forward to some customer reviews, my guess is that if and when the positive reviews arrive, they will have plenty orders to fill. The price is high, but to me it is worth it, if it works like advertized Cheers,
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