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  1. How do I solve the first problem?
  2. I deleted the cfg.file and it still shut down. The only thing I see is the black opening screen.
  3. The opening window starts up, then a pop up says that it must shut down. Do I need to re-install, and if so would I need to un-install everything else first? Thank you in advance.
  4. I have many locations that are red tagged, how to fix.
  5. I had the sim running with an A2A Cherokee on the runway, checking the controls only to find out the ailerons were not working. I had unplugged them in favor of the Christmas Tree Lights. I plugged them in then lost the sim with a pop up that read; Problem with shortcut. The drive on the network connection that the shortcut ' Steam Client BootStrapper Ink ' refers to is unavailable. I can't image plugging the ailerons would cause this, but now the Sim won't start.
  6. The Prepared screen comes up. When I click on any part of it like choosing an aircraft etc. I get a pop up message that basically says; Windows needs to shut down. When that message is clicked on, the Sim disappears.
  7. I downloaded Orbx Central, checked the Scenery Configurator and most of the default scenery has a red triangle next to them. Now, when FSX SE is started, it loads the scenery up to 38% then stops. I start PREPAR3D v.5 and there's a message that says " there's a problem and needs to shut down." Since ORBX Central has been installed neither sims are working.
  8. After installing the Orbx Central, most of the default scenery has the red triangle next to them.
  9. I asked about the location of the root folder because I'm having trouble installing some aircraft like the Eaglesoft Citation X for an example.
  10. That didn't show anything pertinent.
  11. How can one find the root folder of Prepared and FSX SE?
  12. I belong to the Coastal International Club. They have many programs with several flights in each program. When each program is done we're presented with an award. Some programs require short runways, in that case I'll choose a DHC-6, a2a Comanche or Cherokee. International airports I'll fly the PMDG 747, 737, 777 or Quality Wings 787. In between I'll fly the Coronado Phenom or Grand Caravan. FSX SE and PREPARED v4 PRO.
  13. I went to the sim add on and UT Live was there. I clicked the box, re-started and there it was working. I can't thank you and the others enough. All along it was something as simple as that.
  14. I installed it in the default C Drive. PREPARED is on the D Drive. It's not in a P3D add-on, it's in the PREPARED PRO folder.
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