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  1. I was having problems too but got a Windows update about four days ago and it look's like everything is fixed.
  2. Over the years we have seen that not all computers are exactly alike and not everyone suffers from a particular problem, but if there's a problem my computer always has it. lol
  3. I'm not going to block the Windows updates because it can't get worse only better. Besides, If Microsoft does come up with a fix, I want to be available.
  4. I just completed a flight in the PMDG 737 from ENTO to EKCH. The EKCH is Copenhagen ( payware ). I was able to complete the flight with no interruptions. During the flight, I used the Active Sky in the drop-down menu with no problems. At the end of the flight I went to the ' instant replay ' and the ' settings ' and both times got the ' “an unsupported operation was attempted ' message. I didn't get the ' The error creating child window message '.There are no problems that I can see in PREPARED v4.
  5. Are you sure you're dealing with the real Sim Market?
  6. I just installed the King Air in PREPARED v4. I would like for the engines to be working from the start.
  7. I tried your recommendation Jim and no luck. I'm afraid the only cure will have to come from Microsoft and a patch for their update. The title ' Creator Update ' was very appropriate, it ' Created ' a huge problem for many of us.
  8. That Windows update is causing a problem with FSX SE and PREPARED v4. I know because I'm one of them.
  9. FSX-SE

    I'm having the same problem and it's driving me nuts!!!
  10. I'm also having issues with the Creator update in FSX SE. I sure hope Microsoft can fix this issue since I have a ton of PMDG and A2A Aircraft at stake. I tried uninstalling the update but it won't allow me. Like everything else in this sim, every computer system is different. Just be very thankful if it's not hurting you.
  11. " When you open up FSX-SE, click on the menu, what is loaded? The default flight? " One thing that is new with the menu and that is it opens in the Russian Country. I recently did a flight in Russia. I have to go down and click on " any ', every time I do a flight, then it works. Yes, I am getting the ' Error Creating Child Window '. This problem is also in my PREPARED v.4 Sim. I believe this is all related to the new Windows ' Creator ' Update, that I can't un-install.
  12. When I'm on FSX SE and if I go to anything on the menu there's a pop up that reads; An unsupported operation was attempted. The sim freezes, then FSX SE shuts down.
  13. Everything seems to be working except my plane is not showing up on the map.
  14. My map screen is black, and at the bottom, while the sim is running it says ' connecting ', that's as far as it gets.