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  1. Same here, Windows 10, 64 bit.
  2. " You just open it once let it do its thing close it, forget about it. " Thanks for clarifying.
  3. Once you have v4.2 installed just open up Orbx Center after a min close all done. Are you saying that when you open the Orbx Center you need to minimize it to work or do you open it for a minute then close it for it to work. If the answer is open it for a minute then close it for it to work. Do you need to do that before every flight?
  4. I have to make a correction. In my opening post I started out by saying that I couldn't install the Eagle soft Citation X. It's the Flight Sim Labs A320 that I'm having difficulty with.
  5. First of all I tried posting in the Eagle-soft Forum and had nothing but trouble logging in so I figured maybe I can get a solution here. I can't install the Eagle-soft Citation X FSX into my FSX SE, is it compatible? I didn't see anything on their website that said FSX SE. I did see FSX and all the PREPARED Versions. If is is compatible then when I try to install I disable my Windows Defender. I install the Resources first, then Binaries. My FSX SE is in my ( F ) Drive, that's where i installed it. It's not in my hanger. I went into my files and saw the downloads in the Sim Objects > Aircraft and this is what it looks like; FS Labs A320iae, FS LabsA320cfm, and FS Labsa32x. It's in Sim Objects but not in the FSX SE Sim.
  6. I ran the Orbx Configuration Tool and it's still the same. I had the old Anchorage X then upgraded to this.
  7. I have no issues at the airport including Lake Hood, but the elevations at the surrounding airports is off. On final, I see grass when I land on the grass I continue down on the real runway. PANC is located at the top of the library, and I'm using it with ORBX Global, Vector, and Southern Alaska. This is in PREPARED v4.
  8. About half way through a flight, about a half hour, my pilots view starts to go in and out from around 50-60. After about thirty seconds of that the screen goes black on all inside cameras. My external cameras work. While viewing from the outside, none of my controls work. This problem is in FSX SE only, not my PREPARED v4.
  9. Is that a default aircraft? I purchased the Discus and really like it.
  10. I have Little NavMap installed in FSX SE, no problems. I also installed it in PREPARED v4, but I'm not seeing the flight plan. I can see my aircraft, but it's not pointing in the direction of the destination airport.
  11. I'm a member of the Virtual International Flying Club ( VIFC ). They always have programs where there's a list of airports to be flown to. Just finished one for Italy, now starting one to fly in parts of South America. All flights are recorded, miles flown, duration, etc. The neat part is that you're rewarded with a digital patch of recognition when completed. I also go to Google Earth depending on my mood.
  12. There's a lengthy post on the Avsim PREPARED Forum about the SkyForce Add-on that will go into detail and you can understand why you shouldn't purchase it as a weather engine.
  13. You can't create your own in SkyForce? You would think they would come out with one good one
  14. Can someone please tell me what the difference is between these two weather engines? I know Sky Force has clouds included, but why have two?