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  1. lownslo

    Red and Chrome

    Nice shots... reminded me that I need to reinstall TNP in 4.3. I just made my first flight with 11 Alpha... I agree that it seems a great paint scheme for an older bird. Perfect for the Bonanza. Marius done awesome again! Greg
  2. Must amend my original report... just tried a flight this morning after installing and testing the 411.63 drivers late yesterday. I now have a noticeable frame skip in P3dv4... perhaps related to Nvidia's recent issues with power monitoring?? Seems as if something is poling my system. Don't know but I'm headed back to the 397.31's. They work just fine for me. Good luck with the 411.63's Greg
  3. Working great here. No real performance boost but the AA looks better in P3Dv4.3 (I use 4xSSAA). Greg
  4. lownslo

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    I just did some testing, John. Rather close to standard conditions... 6000' (I'm not chicken... I'm cautious 😋) 29.93/56F and light wind. First tried with the airplane rather light... pilot and 10-12 gallons per side. First went to 15"/2500 and the airplane was very docile. Stall was soft, and the only way a wing dropped is if I aileroned in to. Then tried 12"/2300 and things started happening! The right wing would always drop, and the aircraft spun. Recovery was rather easy... neutral pitch and aileron, counter rudder. Increasing power did nothing for me. I then loaded the tanks and put 4 adults in the airplane. Naturally, stall speed was higher (about 5-8 knots as I recollect). Again 15"/2500 was not bad at all... the airplane only dropped a wing if I added ailerons. 12"/2300 resulted in the same flight dynamics as when I was loaded lightly, only the airplane snapped to the right quicker and took longer to recover. Again, recovery was the same... basically centering the stick and opposite rudder. Lightly loaded I could recover in as little 500'; the best I could do heavily loaded was just short of 1000', but of the 5 spins I did heavy most took closer to 1500' to recover... and of course my recovery speed was higher. I fly with the IO-550 but the engine had little to do with the airplane spinning or recovery. At the higher power setting it seemed to hang on the prop much better (not surprising)... I would be surprised if it performed differently with the smaller engine Hope this helps... I do find it curious how we all seem to be spinning to the right. It's almost as if we all got the same airplane. 😲 Greg
  5. lownslo

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Scott posted this in their forums in reply to this matter: As for the pull to the left on rotation, try letting the airplane build to 80kts, then VERY slowly pull back on the yoke. This should take at least 5 seconds before the aircraft is airborne and it should start out as a flat lift off. You won't have any left hand pull if you do the above. The left hand pull is from pulling back to strongly on the yoke at too slow speeds, from the angle of attack and pfactor. It feels more exaggerated in a simulator because we don't have the very heavy elevator feel of the real v-tail, so you have to make believe your stick or yoke is heavy on rotation. Because if you just, as a matter of fact, just pull back, it's simulating a rather harsh and abrupt rotation in the real airplane. I just tried this method, with 0 pitch trim and the same variables as mentioned in my post above, and it works as he noted. Only thing I'd be concerned about is the 5 seconds after "slowly pulling the yoke back and the aircraft getting airborne"... the airplane can cover a fair amount of ground in that time at Vr. For me it was closer to 3 seconds... and that seemed like an eternity. 😲 But it was indeed stable... tracked straight and true for me after becoming airborne in still air. No doubt much of that stability was due to the airplane easily passing 80 kts and quickly nudging 90 by the time it came off the ground. Greg
  6. lownslo

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Just installed the latest update (Scott pushed a second out today a short time ago) and tested at my home airport at sea level @ 71F with no wind per AS for P3Dv4. Felt just fine to me. With two souls in the front seats, no victims in the back and 30 gals of fuel total, I cranked in +4 on the pitch trim and the airplane lifted off just before 80 KIAS. I then shut down AS and set a quartering crosswind of 12 kts and tried again... this time it got a bit squirrelly right after breaking ground but a touch of opposite aileron and rudder got things ship shape. I don't doubt the folks saying they're having problems... but I'm not certain I'd point a finger at the flight model. After 18 hours on the airplane (not much, really) I've come to really enjoy how it flies. Including that famous Dutch roll dance! 😀 Greg
  7. lownslo

    Duluth in Fall... usually very lovely

    Nice shots! Marius certainly makes some great paints. About those flaps... did you check the breaker? My bird has tripped 3 in 2 days! Those guys at A2A can be diabolical! 😀 Greg
  8. lownslo

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    I just love the sounds! 🙂 Scott really outdid himself this time. Greg
  9. lownslo

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Are there any? Didn't see anything about hotspots in the POH. I always map the 2D panel SHF commands to my flight controller. Downloaded and installed the Bonanza but won't have time to fly it until later today. I was able to take a few minutes to sit in it at an airport and brought up weather that included rain... what a cool experience in a flight simulator! And A2A has done the rain-on-the-windscreen thing so brilliantly. Also, the sound of the beacon motor is a special touch! Gonna be fun exploring all this airplane has to offer! Greg
  10. Pilot's Manual is now available: https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=65240 Greg
  11. lownslo

    i9 9900k Pricing

    Different source, different price: https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/intel-core-9x00-processor-prices-listed-at-singapore-distributor.html
  12. Hmmmm... they also tested a Deb while collecting the data for the V-tail. 🍻 Greg
  13. Per Nick-A2A, "The Flight1 and RealityXP GNS/GTN units will all be supported." Greg
  14. Link to Scott's thread with the video: https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=65217 Looks beautiful!!! Greg