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  1. lownslo

    Top end hardware - poor results

    Curious where that happened in the thread? Agreed that open discussions are important, but claims should be substantiated... at the very least folks should post supporting info along with their claims. Then more of us can learn more. Greg
  2. lownslo

    Top end hardware - poor results

    That's too funny! "Boots on the ground data"... for a simulation! And from flight simmers! 😀 Actually, he posted some specific claims about HT... just would like to see some proof of those claims.
  3. lownslo

    Top end hardware - poor results

    Proof please. Scientific proof.
  4. lownslo

    New PC desk

    Flight sims always want horsepower! Which means a higher CPU frequency... the higher the better, and it must be overclocked (always go with a "K" CPU if buying Intel). The 7700K also offers HyperThreading, which can be beneficial if used properly. It also offers 50% more cache. Put more money into a top notch CPU and go with the 1070 (a great GPU). Just my 2 penny's worth, Greg
  5. lownslo

    Looking For The Best Visual Add-ons

    What are your system specs? What type of aircraft do you fly? From ORBX don't forget their openLC products (landclass) and VECTOR (roads, railways, rivers and streams, and more). Their Regions offer great value... all in one (mesh, landclass, roads, rivers). Wishing for the best visuals requires a top notch mesh product. Check out Toposim, especially his UltraMesh (only downside is he doesn't have enough of it yet!). At minimum go with a 10M mesh. HTH, Greg
  6. lownslo

    Favorite Addons ?

    +1!! I'll add FltPlan Go. The iPad app is brilliant, and the Windows app that allows the iPad to be used as a moving map display is so simple and bullet proof that it makes one wonder why all "connected" apps can't be this good! Greg
  7. lownslo

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Do any of the "experts" here think think this could be a hardware/software issue? or better yet, a P3Dv4 issue since it seems to crop up since P3Dv4,1? In a word... DUH??? Greg
  8. lownslo

    i7 8700 6 cores @ 4.3 VS 1 core @ 4.6

    +1. This pretty sums it up. The problem is getting forks to pay attention. We shall see.... Thanks, Greg
  9. Well... this will help a bit: https://techreport.com/news/33903/get-a-ryzen-5-2600-for-160-with-this-newegg-deal But you'd better move fast! And even then, it still will not beat the Intel CPU you posted. Greg P.S. A much as I love AMD... I.N.T.E.L. that is all any of us (flight simulators) need to know ( a sad reality). Greg
  10. lownslo

    GPU Issue, supposedly

    Wow, Brett!!! Great observations and great questions! Good on ya! Regards, Greg
  11. lownslo

    FSUIPC 5.122

    Near the bottom of this page: http://www.fsclub-friesland.nl/fsclub-download/ Regards, Greg
  12. I've been using nVidia Inspector (one of the reasons is to set the framerate limiter) with my 1080 for more than 10 months and various driver changes and have never received the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED error. Me thinks there is much more to this error than just nVidia Inspector.... which was updated as recently as a few weeks ago. Regards, Greg
  13. Who in the thread said Win 10 didn't make the cut as an acceptable operating system for P3Dv4? Nor did anyone claim Win 7 to be "the best choice", as you wrote above. The OP's post was certainly well meaning but his position that "older" OS's can be the cause of or compound problems in P3Dv4.3 is unsubstantiated. As the OP noted, it is simply his opinion that Win 10 is the best choice. The reality is that P3Dv4 will run just fine on Win 7 SP1 or above... what has yet to be noted is the importance of properly tuning the OS for best performance. Your point above, " ...There is really no argument to be won or lost here... " can certainly be applied to the tired old "this version of Windows is better than that version" debate. Regards, Greg
  14. Problem is the original post has errors. Additionally, the OP's claim that using an up-to-date OS (Win 10) could help alleviate possible problems has little weight when LM themselves include Win7 SP1 within the scope of acceptable operating systems for use with P3Dv4. Regards, Greg