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  1. Videocardz has (an earlier) and different perspective on all this... they aren't calling the CPU the i7 9700K but rather a "CoffeeLake S", just as the slide shows. The CPU speed shown is far too low for a HEDT... AMD would be laughing all the way to the bank if Intel labeled/numbered this product as a HEDT. https://videocardz.com/75458/intel-coffee-lake-s-processor-with-8-cores-spotted-for-the-first-time What is good for us (all consumers) is the coming "core-an war"... clearly Intel is going after AMD's design choice to add cores, many cores, at much more sane prices than Intel's in the past. I look forward to seeing more high core/thread count Intel HEDT CPU's at more competitive prices! Greg
  2. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    +1 This has been my experience as well. Also, aside from leaving room for other tasks, running vsync/tb on w/unlimited allows additional headroom for P3Dv4 tasks too! Greg
  3. Software to load flight plan into default gps?

    Little NavMap will save a flight as a PLN. Save a flight for XP as well. It will export in a number of other formats, too (for example, it can export a flight into GFP format or FPL for the Reality GTN and GNS products). Greg
  4. Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    Wait, so to be clear... the sim developer who wants us to use the addon.xml method has configured their sim to look in the gauges folder first, and then the aircraft's panel folder? Isn't that a bit counter-intuitive to what they are hoping to achieve with their addon.xml method? I always try to use the addon.xml method... even when it proves to be challenging (which is the case when adding RealAir products to P3D... no fault of RealAir's). Some folks have given up on (or downright refuse to use) the addon.xml method, and I'm beginning to understand why. Greg
  5. Thanks, Will, for taking the time to create the splendid screenies. Great job showing the borders of the scenery area and how it blends with the ORBX addons. Greg
  6. Good luck with that. I gave up and spent my money elsewhere. Wasn't able to find any kind of map showing the thousands of miles of coverage either. For me, there were too many unknowns for the price. Greg
  7. A critical variable regarding HT is any add-ons used with the simulator. Ideally, we'd like to keep add-ons away from processors used by the simulator (which is where an Affinity Mask come in). +1 Like others I can't speak to XP, but P3Dv4+ can certainly make use of Hyper Threading. The more processors for loading terrain the happier P3Dv4 is. Greg
  8. Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    Did you try dropping Doug's 64bit dll into the Panel folder? Greg
  9. Nice series! Cool how you showcased the Cascades (and a great shot of Mt. Rainier), then moved out into the Polouse country... all with your usual high quality images. Thanks for sharing, Greg
  10. Yes the GTX 1080 will fit and work just fine in your motherboard. HTH and have fun! Greg
  11. Learn something new every day! Thanks Kevin for following up on the resolution to your problem. Greg
  12. Avsim member SAAB340 did the definitive testing of memory importance a couple years ago. His testing was with a i7 6700K and DDR4, but the role and importance of memory is critical to a well balanced system. Having said that, the upgrade from the 2133 you currently have in your Haswell system may not be worth the expense... only you can make that decision. Good luck and HTH, Greg
  13. AVSIM.ru, AVSIMRUS.com and AVSIM.su

    Thanks for the clarification and heads-up, Jim. Greg
  14. Friday Harbor to Cle Elum

    Looks like a great day for the $100 hamburger... nice captures as usual! Thanks for sharing. Greg
  15. How does this scenery interface with ORBX Global textures and ORBX NorCal Region? Thanks, Greg