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  1. I own both and only use RXP now. Better performance, more configuration flexibility, and of course better support... from RXP and the community. Greg
  2. I think you're referring to the framerate I use? Some folks can change their monitor's refresh rate to 30 and then lock that framerate in by enabling Vsync. Those of us who can't must use other means to target 30 FPS, and the NCP/NVI Framerate Limiter is a good choice. Note though that it is a Limiter, not a Lock. So it can fluctuate... and doing so above 30 FPS (1/2 our refresh rate) can cause occasional small stutters ("hitches" I call them ). Using this website you can observe your monitor's performance using their motion tests. My monitor's refresh rate constantly fluctuates between 59 and 60 😠. And the Framerate Limiter in NCP/NVI holds my framerate to +- 1. If I limit framerate at 28, the highest framerate I'll see is 29... double that keeps me under the low of 59Hz my monitor does. Which helps eliminate almost those "hitches" I sometimes saw after I started using the Nvidia Framerate Limiter. HTH, Greg
  3. Unlimited/Vsync Off in sim and NCP/NVI framerate (I use both) set to 28 for my 60Hz screen. Greg
  4. Thanks Achilles. I was pressed for time yesterday and had to bug out, but unbeknownst to me my wife (who is clearly bored after many weeks of lock-down ) followed thru using your info above plus that posted by Edward (skysurfer) to make the order. Her solution was simple... she deleted the address that had been associated with my account for some time (so there were no addresses associated with my account) and then simply filled out the address section on the order page (your delivery method rather than invoice method). The problems stemmed from the stored address associated with my account being seen as the invoice method of purchase. My only problem now is that she knows how much money is in my PayPal account and wants to be rewarded for her brilliance. For those folks fixated on using the Frames Scenario to configure FFTF Dynamic, members like Rogen, Gerard and of course Achilles have offered good explanations of how this app works and what it is designed to do. To better understand the concept, perhaps using the AGL Scenario to configure the app is the better choice... Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to change my PayPal password. Greg
  5. Thanks Edward, nice to know I'm not the only one. I tried your recomendations and still no joy. I've deleted and then re-added my address for both a Billing and Delivery Address. It insists that I have a company name and VAT number... I'm not buying this product for my company, and I'm from the U.S. I appreciate your time and effort but I'll be updating to P3Dv5 without this app. Simply not worth the grief! Greg
  6. I give up!! 2 hours and three different computers with 2 different browsers... and I can't buy this app. Throws up a warning that states I must have a delivery address... I have one listed in my profile and it's the same I've used to buy the app in the past. Wow!! Who runs a business that makes it so hard for a willing customer to make a purchase? Unbelievable! Greg
  7. Firstly, you should leave EIST and Intel C States enabled. They are not interferring with your overclock attempts. More info about those settings here (see "Arthmost's" posts). If your CPU requires a Vcore of 1.36v to 1.37v at 4.9Ghz then that may very well be the best you can do. My 6 core requires 1.379v at 5.3 Ghz... has been that way for 20 months and nary a hiccup. You don't mention what your VCCIO and VCCSA voltages are. You could try testing them at 1.2v to see if that increase makes a difference. Finally, I never use an AVX offset... overclock to run at a specific speed (the best you can safely achieve) and don't worry about an "offest" making on-the-fly adjustments. Keep it simple, keep it safe! Good luck, Greg
  8. No one knows when Windows 10 Game Mode is working or not! Not even Microsoft knows (they won't release a list of games it works with). At best, it can be called a placebo. Best solution is to manually optomize the hardware and OS to offer the best possible performance. Cheers, Greg
  9. I bought from FSPS some years ago... always quick updates once the app has been sorted and tested for P3D updates. The app never causes any problems... it just works. And works very well! 👍 HTH, Greg
  10. I installed this for P3Dv4.5HF2 using the addon xml method (outside the sim), and it seems to work quite well. PBR is there, and the aircraft all looks and works well (nothing wonky or missing parts). Flys very nice... and be ready for some "memorable" pitch action when dropping the flaps. Thanks Flight Replicas for a great Super Cub! Greg
  11. Which is one of the reasons I'm waiting to move to v5. Too many of my favorite Orbx airports still being incompatible is another. FFTF Dynamic being released recently almost made be buy v5 yesterday (I won't fly without it or Active Sky), but 4.5HF2 is offering me a lot of enjoyment still. I'll wait for 5.1. Greg
  12. Agree with the better definition... these trees look great when viewing them on a ridge line. My only nit is that the conifers are a bit dark. Being an owner of HD trees, the price of TFv2 made this a no-brainer buy! Greg
  13. Same here... if it's ever released. 🤞 Greg
  14. The M2SSD: 256GB Intel H10 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD is a bit small for a flight simulation install and not all that fast (two controllers, QLC NAND)... TBH for a few dollars more you could do much better. And the Intel Wireless 3168 WiFi card is rather weak. If you have a reasonably fast connection (100Mbps+) w/ AC WiFi capabilites and adding WIFI to the motherboard is important you should think about a faster card (at least 800Mbps for the 5 Ghz band) or upgrading to a Z390 board that comes with AC WiFi. Good luck and have fun! Greg
  15. Lucky you! You are the guy with the magical Task Manager!
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