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  1. lownslo

    CPU compared to the GPU

    Beau Hollis of LM outlined the P3D GPU heavy features: - Shadows - Dynamic Reflections - SSAA - Dynamic Lighting - 3D Water (water set to ultra) - New 3D rain/snow effects (set weather to storm theme to test) In terms of GPU memory, checking the high resolution terrain textures box will up the terrain tile resolution from 256 to 512. This uses 4x the texture memory for terrain. With a cfg tweak, you can get the resolution up to 1024. We don't support this via the UI because so few video cards have enough memory to function on that setting. Note that in addition to using more GPU memory, this will put more stress on the threaded CPU jobs used to generate those textures. So, it will impact loading times and paging performance which can lead to blurry textures, models popping in, etc. HTH, Greg
  2. A sign of the times ☹️ : https://www.techspot.com/news/77463-intel-scaling-back-cpu-shipments-could-hit-motherboard.html Edited to add: https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/intel-cuts-off-diy-desktop-processor-supply-chain-deliveries-for-q4-2018.html Greg
  3. Some useful info here... have you tried a 6-32 SAE machine screw in those holes? 3.4mm is the nominal finished thread diameter as a #6 SAE screw. As I recollect there are 2 sizes of brass stand-offs; one is a standard 3mm thread and the other is 6-32. I just checked a few of the latter using a thread gage, and they are definitely 6-32, which may also be identified as #6 UNC.
  4. That's the bit that did it for you? Here's the bit that did it for me: "You can't mount a cooler to the die without some kind of thermal compound. " True that you cannot know what I had to do to make that goofy corner of my CPU die go away, but suffice to say that when I was done I could have easily relidded without the Conductonaut. The thought occurred to me but I already had the TIM, and most importantly we agree that it's best not to do a dry relid... that the best solution is using a good quality TIM like Conductonaut. 🥂
  5. Obviously, there's some confusion between us. 😃 And we're really not far apart on our points. Cheers, Greg
  6. I agree not worth it... kind of like those folks who delidded and then mounted the CPU cooler to the bare die. In the end I cleaned up the proud corner of the die and relidded with Conductonaut. Greg
  7. I'd be curious how that works out. My current 8086K had a high corner on the die! I've delidded quite a few CPU's over the years but that's a first for me. Had to grind the top of the die flat... tricky work! I put Coductonaut between the die and IHS (the latter was very flat on the inside surface) but I had thought about not using any TIM between the die and IHS when it was time for reassembly. Greg
  8. Indeed! Temps look very good now! Greg
  9. To add... all Maximus XI motherboards are rated for 250 Watts, the highest of all manufacturers. The 9900K might be able to hit a motherboard with something close to that much demand (maybe Rob will tell us when he begins testing his new rig 😮 ), but the point is no matter why ASUS chose the design it did for the Maximus XI boards they can nevertheless take the hit. If they couldn't ASUS would be looking for a new business to venture into... while fighting a huge class action suit just here in America (notwithstanding what the EU would do to them). Greg
  10. Those temps are fine under Prime 95... that program assaults any CPU/cooling system. What are you using for a cooling solution? You can also test with Cinebench, Realbench, Aida64, or even the sim if it is your most taxing program, to get a better idea of your real world use temps. Curious how you have one core running hotter than the others... I've delidded several 8700K's and not seen the core temps that far apart, but then I don't use Prime 95 that much. If you test with other programs please post back with your results. Nice job! Greg
  11. My two cents (or words 🙂 ) Intel/nVidia This is a handy power calculator for determining the PSU you'll need (Bob's recommendation of 150% of power requirement will mean the PSU will last longer with (generally) less trouble during its lifetime): https://seasonic.com/wattage-calculator Good luck, Greg
  12. lownslo

    8bit looking textures at night

    Yes, in the nVidia Control Panel. Then along the left side click on "Change Resolution". In the main window scroll down to "3. Apply the Following Settings", then make sure "Output Color Format" is set to "RGB". Then you can change "Output Dynamic Range" to "Full". Greg
  13. lownslo

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    This is so true today! Sorry Scott, but I could hit the "LIKE" button only one time. Greg
  14. Your post made me think of another option... Fry's too will match any Internet price, returns are easy, and many of the folks in their stores are knowledgeable. They have good on line ordering as well. I've never visited a Microcenter... don't know if my heart could handle it, or if my wife would be keen on me taking a credit card in there. 😮 Greg
  15. You should consider adding an NVMe drive. Greg