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  1. Amazing artwork! Congrats and thanks for sharing. Greg
  2. No doubt you'll get the hang of flying with the yoke. Do keep us informed how that racing with a joystick works out! Greg
  3. Set an AM for Prepar3d only in the Prepar3d.cfg file (by adding the [JOBSCHEDULER] section as Bert noted a few posts earlier). Then you can use Process Lasso to set AM's for other applications that run alongside the sim (i.e. a weather add-on). The goal is to keep other apps on the system from using the cores you assign to the sim (especially the first core you assign the sim to use). HTH, Greg
  4. David, on page 5 of this thread SteveW wrote: With emphasis on that final sentence. Regards, Greg
  5. And will be less expensive than the Volta cards, to boot. Greg
  6. Actually they can, if there is no Page File. Some folks think because they have plenty of memory they can run without a PF... not so. You're right, though, about letting Windows manage it. Regards, Greg
  7. Do you have a Page File configured for your system? Greg
  8. Maybe, maybe not. What works for one won't work for all. You also might try AM=4084 with your 8700K + HT on. Run your 3rd party apps that work with the sim (i.e AS) on LP 0 and 1, prevent the sim from using LP 3 (second possessor of the second core) to prevent/minimize thread crashing with the first core the sim runs on (LP 2). Good luck, Greg
  9. That's it then, good thing I'm married. I wouldn't do well at all in the current dating scene... no social media "persona". Greg
  10. p3dv4

    Nice capture! Greg
  11. FSX

    Nice series... great how you display the varied geography and terrain. Greg
  12. Sounds like maybe you're not in a big hurry to update the MB and CPU??? If so perhaps you should wait on the Ti card (and instead go with the 1080)... unless you get that 40" 4K screen in the near future. Then the Ti will be the right path. It's all about timing (ain't most things?). Greg
  13. I received that notice last month as well. There's no way I'll ever let an OS decide that a driver update should occur... that should be up to the computer owner (as a Win 7 user it's easy for me to say that ). Greg
  14. FSX

    Nice shots of a nice flight. The choice of Reno as a turnpoint is interesting... whole lotta solitude between there and Longview Ranch. Thanks for the flight, Greg