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  1. lownslo

    asking for news of HL James

    Thanks for the update, Charlie. Hope HL is feeling better and back enjoying simming soon! Greg
  2. lownslo

    Memory questions...

    Paging FunknNasty, paging FunnNasty about memory tests... Greg
  3. lownslo

    Memory questions...

    Another important variable in this is your budget. Greg Edit: Just noticed you have a very cool co-pilot! 🥂
  4. lownslo

    Memory questions...

    See Bob's post in this thread: Greg
  5. This is a test using FSX from 3 years ago but nevertheless shows the importance of memory speed in building a balanced system for simming: And in this recent thread, note Avsim member "FunknNasty" posting screenshots of his 8600K running at 5.2GHz... his AIDA64 Memory performance is most impressive! The end result is that his well tuned hardware and OS work in balance to yield great performance... specifically a minimum of stuttering and textures that don't wait to load until he flies by. You're planning on a Z390 build, and I can assure you that it could perform well... just be sure to define a balanced system before you start the build. Go for the fastest CPU + fastest GPU + fastest memory + fastest motherboard your budget allows. Put it all together with a well tuned OS and sim, and you'll really enjoy the experience. Good luck and HTH, Greg
  6. lownslo

    Request: Cessna P210/Turbine P210

    Indeed, Thomas has given us a masterpiece! I agree with you about a 210 that burns Jet Fuel... would be nice (been a while since I flew the Carenado 210 in FS9/FSX). And that they could save their time not bothering with the Proline and G1000 stuff. The addon avionics work just fine. Keep it simple, keep it pretty! Here's to hoping! Greg
  7. lownslo

    Request: Cessna P210/Turbine P210

    Have you looked at Thomas Roehl's Cessna 206 Turbine modified aircraft? Freeware and very nice, available at the Sim-Outhouse. HTH, Greg
  8. Ahh, yes... and the Flight Unlimited Series (gotta say III was my fav) as well as Falcon 4.0, USAF, Apache etc. Those were the days! Indeed we are! Who'da thunk we'd be flight simming the way we are now?! And we still get to tinker, too! 😉 Greg
  9. Doug!... then you really should get into Flight Simming! FWIW, I have a few 4 and 8 port Linksys Unmanaged Gigabit Switches around here that have worked without a glitch for years. Solid as a rock! Greg
  10. lownslo

    Side addons affinity not working

    Could you paste the command line of each app here? Thanks, Greg
  11. lownslo

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    Konrad, for one who claims "English and me don't love each other", you do quite well! 🍻 Greg
  12. lownslo

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    Too funny! Good luck with that...
  13. lownslo

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    Yes and yes. 😀 I especially want to keep the addons away from 0 and 1, but also cores 2,3,4 (in this AM, the terrain loaders). And I do use the cmd line to set most of my affinities and priorities (when needed). For the GTN's I use the F1GTNConfig app to set affinity. HTH, Greg
  14. lownslo

    Affinity Mask -> NEVER leave out Core 0!

    An Affinity Mask has nothing to do with Hyperthreading. An AM is simply a tool to keep different processes from running on shared cores/Logical Processors. It is up to the end user to determine if an AM is needed or offers an advantage. And since each of our systems and sim configs are different, it's only obvious that what works for one will not necessarily work for others. As an example, I'm currently testing a no-HT system config that uses an AM to keep all of my sim addons on the last core while the sim runs on the first five. Sim is smooth (as it was running no AM), but the real advantage (for me and my system) is that my GTN's are smoother and more responsive running on a core separate from the sim. Of course, YMMV, Greg