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  1. Didn't think of going to the market place, don't often go there. Thanks
  2. How do I get the WU14 update, I don't see it in my update list.
  3. I have a problem talking to the default ATC which has happened over the last 3 flights on the last 3 days. It does not appear to be aircraft specific has it has happened with both the Fenix A320 and the PMDG 737-800. When I start my flight at the gate I have 2 way communications with the ATC as normal and can hear both Pilot and ATC commands. However at sometime during the flight I loose the sound from the pilot to the ATC although my response to ATC instructions are visible in the ATC text window and are acknowledge by ATC. Communications with AI traffic and ATC are not affected as I hear 2 way communications with the AI traffic. I have not made any changes to my Flight Sim settings or hardware changes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the replies. There is some good information in the links above and the linkin the 2nd post was just what I was looking for as it has fixed my problem. Many thanks Phil
  5. I watched a YouTube video which showed how the Thrustmaster Airbus Capt Pack was pre-configured for the FBW A320 in MSFS Control settings and it all worked correctly. However I have just installed the FBW A320 and although the control settings show that my Captains Pack is all set up correctly the Engine No 2 does not work in the FBW cockpit. When I put Engine No1 start switch to ON the switch in the FBW cockpit also goes to the On position, but with Engine No2 when the switch is put to the ON position nothing happens in the FBW cockpit. In the MSFS 2020 Control settings the switches are both set to the same parameters, one for Eng 1 and one for Eng 2 and both show they are operating correctly. I have deleted the Eng 2 settings and reinserted them but this has not solved the issue. Is there something in the FBW settings or a CFG file that I can check. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I know this is for P3d v3 but has anybody tried it or know if it works in P3Dv5. This is a bit of a long shot but I just thought I would ask
  7. coastaldriver - Thanks for sharing your Vol Cloud settings etc. Really enjoying EA & Vol Clouds and appreciate your work.
  8. Navdata's recent survey may provide a more interesting result on sim usage.
  9. I could never get used to using the Middle Mouse button for panning however for several years I have been using a gaming mouse with programmable side buttons and I use one of those with my right thumb for panning. I use it as an on/off switch but it can also be used as a momentary hold down switch. I also assign other mouse buttons for main camera views eg Pilot view. Just my 2 cents for interest.
  10. Update on my earlier post. After the update I checked my system and the 'Do Nothing' option was already checked so I unchecked it then re checked the option but that did not work. I then unchecked the Do Nothing option, rebooted my computer then rechecked the Do Nothing option and this time it worked. It seems that a reboot is required in my instance. Thanks everyone.
  11. I have exactly the same problem with the FSL A321 in P3Dv5.1. When I switched of my computer last night it did an update which I suspect may be the cause of the problem. I'll see if the above advice works on my system.
  12. Used to have this problem until I uninstalled Riva Tuner as someone suggested. Whoever it was I am forever grateful.
  13. I wouldn't bother unless you are using MSFS as in P3D4 its an absolute basket case and no sign of support from the manufacturer....expensive junk it seems. Which are you referring to Thrustmaster Airbus or Bravo TQ? I placed an advanced order for the Bravo TQ in August for delivery in Sept which has been deleyed several time. The last I heard it is now due on 20th January but I'll believe it when I see it.
  14. Thanks F737NG that worked for me also.
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