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  1. I could never get used to using the Middle Mouse button for panning however for several years I have been using a gaming mouse with programmable side buttons and I use one of those with my right thumb for panning. I use it as an on/off switch but it can also be used as a momentary hold down switch. I also assign other mouse buttons for main camera views eg Pilot view. Just my 2 cents for interest.
  2. Update on my earlier post. After the update I checked my system and the 'Do Nothing' option was already checked so I unchecked it then re checked the option but that did not work. I then unchecked the Do Nothing option, rebooted my computer then rechecked the Do Nothing option and this time it worked. It seems that a reboot is required in my instance. Thanks everyone.
  3. I have exactly the same problem with the FSL A321 in P3Dv5.1. When I switched of my computer last night it did an update which I suspect may be the cause of the problem. I'll see if the above advice works on my system.
  4. Used to have this problem until I uninstalled Riva Tuner as someone suggested. Whoever it was I am forever grateful.
  5. I wouldn't bother unless you are using MSFS as in P3D4 its an absolute basket case and no sign of support from the manufacturer....expensive junk it seems. Which are you referring to Thrustmaster Airbus or Bravo TQ? I placed an advanced order for the Bravo TQ in August for delivery in Sept which has been deleyed several time. The last I heard it is now due on 20th January but I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. Thanks F737NG that worked for me also.
  7. I found that the Riva Tuner was the cause of my DXGI errors. Removed it completely and so far not had any more of the errors.
  8. You are not alone in wondering how Microsoft could make the cameras so confusing. I will watch this thread with great interest.
  9. There are plenty of Youtube videos of both sets of scenery. I watched them for quite some time before I eventually went for Orbx TE GB.
  10. At the bottom of the screen there is a Manage Profiles option, Delete profile is there. It took me sometime to find this as well.
  11. Yes I keep getting that message and assumed that it was something to do with MSFS2020. I am getting more disillusioned with this game every day.
  12. Thanks for your comments. The keypad works fine in FSX, XPlane and P3D with the profiles I have programmed. With MSFS2020 nothing I have programmed works. As my yoke and Saitek throttle buttons are all used I wanted to use the G13 for various views as I don in the other sims but it seems that M$ has other ideas. Thanks anyway
  13. Can anyone tell me if the razer orbweaver keypad works with MSFS2020. My similar device, a Logitech G13 is recognised by the sim but does read any inputs from the keypad.
  14. I've got the same problem with a Logitech G13 keypad. MSFS2020 shows the G13 in the Controls section but does not register any key presses, it works perfectly though in P3D.
  15. Brain fade, I took a phone call between the two postings.
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