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  1. OK found them in My Documents\Prepar3d V4 Files\ folder. I had that many flight plans, .pln files in there I couldn't see the .cfg file.
  2. In P3d on the Options - Display screen there is and option to save your display settings. Is the profile saved in a file somewhere and if so where is the file stored?
  3. Where? I have also been searching for that.
  4. Are the shortcut keys for the GSX Menu and the AS Weather Report conflicting? I always have to change one of them.
  5. Very interested in this feature. I understand that the headset appears twice as playback items in Windows. Can you assign the ATC in P3D to one and all other sounds to the other to get the same results?
  6. Used Norton for 15+ years and never had a problem after excluding Folders/Programs from both scans and sonar detection. I have tried others on a couple of occasions but switched back to Norton. It won't be for everybody but it's OK for me.
  7. Thanks for all your replies. I do have EU England/Scotland/Wales installed so if I do get TE GB seems like Lorby's Addon Scenery Manager will prove useful. Cheers#Phil
  8. Is it possible to install this scenery and then turn it on and off as required. I am thinking of using it for GA/VR flying but switching off when using tube liners. Thanks Phil
  9. Actually I said I had gone to Properties-Compatibility tab to Run as Administrator not the Shortcut tab. Checking the option under the Shortcut tab appears to be working, so thank you. I still don't understand why the option to run as admin in the Compatibility tab is greyed out.
  10. Over the last week my P3Dv4.5 will not automatically run as Administrator even though the box in the properties/Compatibility options is checked. When I run P3D I get a warning from Active Sky, if it has already been started, or FSLabs that P3D must be run as Administrator and I should close it and restart. When I look at the P3D properties options the under the Compatibility tab the Run as administrator box is checked but the line is also greyed out. Anyone have any ideas please?
  11. After 15 mins use the screens went black. Tried them on Asus Maximus Hero X then Hero VIII motherboards with the same results. Since tried an Oculus Rift S and that worked fine, although I did prefer the Reverb for comfort.
  12. Yes I thought that but the reason I ask is that I have just tried 2 HP Reverb's on my machine which only has USB 2 and USB 3.1 ports and neither of them worked. Both were the v2 models and both had the black screen issues so, having read about problems with some Rift S units requiring USB 3.0 not 3.1 I was wondering if it was the same with the Reverb. Thanks
  13. Can anyone tell me if the HP Reverb works OK with USB 3.1 ports on a motherboard. The reason I ask is that on the Oculus Rift S forms there are numerous posts saying that the Rift S doues not work with USB 3.1 and you should use an addon PCIe USB 3.0 card. So I wondered if that was the case with the Reverb.
  14. Thanks HiFlyer that's very encouraging. I thought of saving a Prepar3d.cfg file specifically for VR with lower graphic settings to increase frame rates.
  15. Hi all I am thinking of trying VR and watching many hours of Youtube video it seems I have now to decide on which way to go but before I pull the trigger could you help me with the following questions. 1 I am thinking of going for the Oculus Rift S (or maybe the HP Reverb) but with my IPD of 67.4 would the Rift S be the better option as I believe it has a larger Sweet spot but is my IPD likely to be a problem even though it is within the specified range or should I really be looking at the Cosmos? 2 I wear glasses (varifoculs) which I understand is not a problem with the Rift S but does the Reverb also allow for the user to wear glasses without too much discomfort? 3 I would want to use VR for some flights and other times my 4k monitor, is switching over as simple as saving the P3D.CFG, Controls.CFG and possibly the exe.xml/dll.xml files for each option and switching between the 2 sets before launching P3D or is it more involved than that? 4 Can the Chaseplane program be used in VR? I know no one can give me a definitive answer but any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks
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