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    Are they still for sale?
  2. Tickets booked roll on June
  3. Hi Simbol was your FlyTampa, Aerosoft sceneries installed the XML way or the old fashioned scenery.cfg way? cheers Joe
  4. I have houses on the approach floating!!!!
  5. It’s polite to start your own topic to get an answer.... The topic is related to Dublin.. this what grinds my gears reading through a topic and then someone asks a totally different question not related to the orginal topic... and it’s goes off course hopefully we will get a Dublin soon
  6. Sorry, you shouldn’t really hi jack someone’s post ?
  7. Apparently Aerosoft/ Limesim are NOT updating Dublin.......every time somebody puts a post on the forum about the upgrade it’s locked straight away ? when they have over 200 airports which is under consideration to be updated, it’s going to take a looong time to through it when you see their compatibility list hasn’t changed since it’s conception only another 2-3 Airports to do! No more have been added?. You would imagine if other airports are being converted you would advertise quickly on list especially when they are charging for the update ( which I don’t mind at all ?)....MK Studios Are putting on their development list, good on them..See their Facebook page under visitors posts ?
  8. I agree Andrew, it all adds to the ambiance of the flight. looking forward to release
  9. I know Dave, disappointing to get hopes up
  10. Just curious back in June at the FlightSimCon we were told that the Level D 757 was in Beta and 85% finished but 2 months later not even a screenshot or video that Air Daily X promised!....... I wonder if we get an update soon
  11. Guys, its time to have a offline mode, this is very annoying
  12. Any more news on this, it would be great to see
  13. Great improvement :smile: :smile: :smile:
  14. Hi Guys My Goflight GF Pro yoke is spiking very badly, I can't even rotate :( I wondered if anyone know knows if there is a place in the UK or Ireland that would repair it for me Many thanks Joe