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  1. Very happy with FSDG's decision, hopefully it will als cause NMG to put some effort into their scenery as at the moment would not touch their products if it was freeware.
  2. stevefocus


    13, your being kind, I would of said no older than 10.
  3. stevefocus


    eh what?
  4. Thanks for the reply, must of missed that clip somehow, looks great.
  5. I wonder if the 747 has been cancelled, FSFX has not updated the blog with regards to their road map since October last year which is unusual for them, they normally update us more often.
  6. Looks good but whats going on with that eyebrow lol.
  7. Thanks Bryan, don't know what RSR is on about then.
  8. Bryan can you read the post RSR wrote today regarding FS2CREW and give your thoughts on it? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the quick response to this issue Robert.
  10. stevefocus

    PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    Did a client and content upgrade and I deleted the shader folder and the CFG file. Like the others only problem with 747 the 777 and NGX run fine.
  11. stevefocus

    UTBridge Info

    Have tried emailing the dev a couple of months ago and got no response as is normal for him. Love the fact that on his website it says it will be available in a couple of months and that deadline passed back in September. Shame a more reliable dev can't buy him out and take over.
  12. stevefocus

    Flightbeam's KPDX

    It was announced in June last year, Bill Womack is the developer.
  13. Any update available?
  14. stevefocus

    How to get ANY support ?

    Good luck getting support from tegwyn the developer, sent him a few emails this year never bothered to reply.