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  1. Have you run the troubleshooter in the flightbeam manager? You would be better off going to their forums and posting there, they are always quick with answering.
  2. PMDG 747-8, also another minor problem is aft jetway cant reach door 2L Edit: just tried it with FSL A320 and that has the same problem, will try another gate and see what happens. Edit Just tried at gate 29 and 28 and they worked fine. Looks like it's isolated to gate 30.
  3. Tried warp to the spot like you suggested, it moves me a couple of inches further towards the gate but it does not fix the issue, I still get asked for which parking spot after. I have registered on the nzff like you asked just waiting for them to activate my account.
  4. It looks like it’s picking up your ini file as the safedocks are there (I assume the placement for those come from ini file) also SODE recognises the gate. It’s just there is no option in gsx for any gate operations. All I get are the options you get when you land, asking you to pick a gate then if you want follow me or to be warped there, even though I load the sim at the gate.
  5. I have the latest installer according to your forum, I downloaded it Monday morning UK time. Any other ideas for fixing it?
  6. Anyone having trouble with gsx at gate 30? gsx acts like the aircraft is not there when I load in, gsx keeps asking me for a location where i want to park.
  7. I have no issues with this airport except it being performance heavy.
  8. Why would LM stop selling their other versions just because another competitor appears? They didn’t stop developing when dovetail announced theirs, and LM have released multiple versions with X-Plane around. The more competition the better in my opinion.
  9. Surely your missing a couple of zero's?
  10. Is there not a options program for this scenery so I can select what features I want enabled? Was thinking about getting this but that is sort of a deal breaker.
  11. I take it that was a no to an update then.
  12. Had the same problem tonight, it was only when I got closer to EGKK from GCTS that the frames started dropping and then averaged at 10-15 fps, that was with fsl a320, strange thing is when I flew NZWN-NZQN yesterday with the same aircraft and settings frames were pretty good between 25-30.
  13. I was just wondering if you could give us an update on what your working on soon? Last update on your site was July last year. Thanks Steve
  14. I would of said the opposite, I know since the 747 was released I have barely flown anything else, I have not even bothered to install the 737.
  15. Not particularly, I understand that you can only set so many tasks at once for your devs and as the 747 is their newest product it's going to have a higher priority considering the age of the T7 (Can't remember when it was released, its got to be at least a couple of years ago.) I have to admit I will be happy to get an update whenever. PMDG in my opinion is one of the better devs when it comes to releasing updates compared to the likes of aerosoft's airbus and QW 787. Obviously everyone is going to have a different opinion on whats an acceptable wait time for updates though. Not really substantial update, couple of CTD fixes and FMS, AFDS improvements.
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