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  1. Is there a manual for the Cirrus Jet and if so, where could I find it? Thanks,
  2. I just installed a lot of updates from the Marketplace and now FS crashes to the desktop as soon as it loads.
  3. Is there a Meigs Field add-on available for this sim? Thanks,
  4. I have a Saitek yoke and am trying to set buttons on the yoke to control the rudder and ailerons trims. Can someone please show how to do this? Thanks, Howard
  5. Recently the keyboard and mouse do not respond when pressed. Many times it takes several presses or taps to get the keyboard &/or mouse to react to inputs. This only happens in MSFS and not in any other programs. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks,
  6. I am now getting this message and I do not have a game disk or DVD? How can I start the program? Thanks,
  7. My Saitek trim wheel works just fine in X-Plane12 and used to work in MSFS. But since the last few updates it does not work at all in MSFS. Any suggestions on how to solve this would really be appreciated. All my other Saitek devices are working except this one. Thanks,Howard
  8. When I set a flight plan or direct to in the 750 the auto pilot does not respond in the GPS1000 or the Saitek panel. Also the magenta line does not show up on the 1000.
  9. When setting a flight plan using the GTN 750 it does not work together/connecting with the G1000 and/or the Auto Pilot.
  10. Thank you so much. I don't know how the roll settings got changed but i went to 0.00 and that worked.
  11. The HUD shows up when you tap, Shift W, That should give you the forward view with the HUD.
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