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  1. The air speed indicator is not working after the update.
  2. This is GREAT news. it is sorely missing from this sim. I would love to be a beta tester.
  3. Thanks, I did both and still the same results.
  4. The latest update must have installed while my I was away from the PC, but since it did install I cannot enter the Marketplace. The option is greyed out. I went to the Microsoft store and it shows that the product is updated and installed.
  5. I have the original Oculus Rift, which I purchased a few years ago for X-Plane 11 and was wondering if it would work okay with FS2020. Are there any suggested settings to use? Thanks a lot,
  6. I just installed vs. 2.6.6. Do I have to install the offline Global elevation data and make changes to the Scenery Library before using the product?
  7. It just started taking a Very long time to load and the frame rates dropped from 40+ down to3. I don't know what changed?
  8. I am really liking this program, especially the interface. I would like a little more flexibility in the moving map, like being able to resize the map. I would it to be the replacement for the VFR map in the simulator. Any additional information that can be added would also be nice. BTW, nice job on Brigit's tutorial. One with deeper information would also be helpful. Thanks for listening. I have been flight simming since 1984 with FSII on a PC Jr. and still love it. Howard
  9. I just bought the program and I really like it. The interface is very user friendly.
  10. Is there a designated forum for discussing the Skypark & Skypad add on?
  11. Same thing here. I didn't see any download but the version is now
  12. Why is the view from outside the aircraft a lot sharper and clearer than the view from the inside thru the windscreen?
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