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  1. Pivot

    Having trouble with the DA62 accelerating on T/O

    The same thing happened to me and I made three runs at it finally shut her down for the night. Next day thought let's try again but this time I checked the fuel, low & behold I had a full compliment of fuel in all tanks. Reduced these to 50% each and whalla, was back cruising again. Check that next time. Since then I have set the fuel to let me fill it when I need it as opposed to P3D.
  2. Excellent, just used 2.06 and uno joy to GPS tracking.. Thank you Bert.
  3. Pivot

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    I don't have the Milviz version but do have the twin comanche for XP-11 and I believe the 1/2 is 1/2" at least it is for XP..
  4. Pivot

    Bell 407 load error

    Anytime JT and happy flying. That bird is a real treat in XP.
  5. Pivot

    Bell 407 load error

    Check out the X-Plane forum for Dreamfoil's Bell 407. Says it is known but does not cause any issues, there may be a fix in there too. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/148576-error-loading-the-aircraft-package-vr-config/ Pivot
  6. Pivot

    ATC Disabled no electric

    10/4 Rod; 1 - Yes 2 - Yes 3 - Yes You should be good to go after that. Good luck. Also, I always start with the default F22 Scenario then move to another airport/aircraft.
  7. Pivot

    ATC Disabled no electric

    Happened to me the other day too. Had to delete the P3D config file and reload sim. All was fine again after that, other than having to reset general parameters.
  8. Pivot

    RXP GNS530 No Longer Master Device

    Have you ticked the settings in RXP for controlling the VOR gauges? I had to enable all of those before mine followed the courses. Good luck.
  9. Pivot


    Try inverting the axis.
  10. I would suggest just searching the download section for airports ICAO's you are interested in. Most of the freeware are good if not better than anything you'd get for P3D/FSX. Also, check the Gateway for airports that are or may be included within XP11 anyway..
  11. Pivot

    DCS Hornet Pre Purchase Available

    Is it me, or is paying someone $60 for something your don't get for possibly a few months rather odd. It's like paying for a car that we may bring you once we get it in. They have been flying this bird for months now, hence all of the videos. Why is it, that it can't be released as it is now and they update it LIKE THEY'VE DONE WITH EVERYTHING ELSE this whole period of DCS. I have been letting this sim sit for over a year now awaiting this aircraft. I don't usually post, much less rant, but this is ridiculous. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years now, waiting for something that may be the Holy Grail to the Flight Combat Sim of the century. I am beginning to think this is nothing more than than Star Citizen for the Flight Sim group. I have been with this group since the SU-27 Flanker era. It's been a long time now. I really want to keep going but I am having my doubts. Sorry folks, just needed to get this off my chest.
  12. About the only thing you can do at this point is use the Windows Scale feature but i'm not sure that would work on a TV. I used to use the 125% but I soon found out using Windows Borderless that it actually is changing the screen size so I went back to full QHD and upped my cheater glasses..
  13. Pivot

    Rex present Skyforce.

    I seem to remember an older program, I think Pro Pilot, using the old 3DFX GPU which had this type of clouds. You actually flew through them and they would even make your wings disappear. I may be wrong and am not a programmer, but I don't think anything has ever been generated since that era that do that. All of the new model clouds just kind of jump out of the way like a matador to a bull rush. I think D3D was the death of that type realism. JMO
  14. Same thing I thought that's why I figured it was due to some driver manipulation. I also reinstalled my sound driver and noticed it had a .NET error. Reinstall cured that. Anyway, I get mine sorted out.