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  1. Same thing I thought that's why I figured it was due to some driver manipulation. I also reinstalled my sound driver and noticed it had a .NET error. Reinstall cured that. Anyway, I get mine sorted out.
  2. P3D v4, XP11, DCS & Falcon are now a stuttering mess. Was running NV385.69 prior to update and all was buttery smooth. After update while turning or changing views it looks like the screen vibrates from stutters. I did install the new NV driver using DDU a few minutes ago doing a clean install and tested P3D. It was better but still jumpy somewhat. I had 1709 installed prior to this MS update, and unlike most others, all was fine. It wasn't until this update did i hit my snag. Going to run through all sims tomorrow to se if they have smoothed out any. We shall see.
  3. It made all my sims worse..
  4. I don't think I have upgraded to the 388 driver yet but will check after work. I don't have any GPU monitoring app running. All of these were buttery smooth, except for a hiccup here and there with weather apps running in the civi's. Now it almost vibrates when I change my view. I may need to check to assure Windblows didn't make some driver changes of it's own. I noticed it had several updates in the listing. We'll get her back online, even if it requires the o'l format C: command..
  5. I have to say, it turned all of my sims into a stuttering nightmare. I didn't seem to have any of the issues from the original iteration of 1709 but this update has killed my system for some unknown reason. P3D, XP11, DCS & Falcon BMS all now have issues which seem to be from panning the views with TIR. Guess it's time to start dancing again.
  6. One other possible reason for disappearing aircraft may be if you are using the FSUIPC AI Limiter within its config file. I had to reset mine to off after installing UTL.
  7. This is true, and I have yet to have a landing in this bird that I didn't have some amount of Pucker Factor involved.. But I do have it working rather well, keep the tail high as long as possible. When it hits the ground she swings for the fences if you have any decent velocity still going on. ;-)
  8. If you want a real treat, get the A2A T6-Texan. I have all of their GA's and keep finding myself taking this bird out for relaxing daily commutes.. Very Nice!!!
  9. Thank you Odourboy, may try this option first and see how it works out for me.
  10. Excellent Erich, will check that one out first... Thank you.
  11. got it Erich, thank you for the info. I will check into these apps..
  12. How does one move their eye point forward or back using TrackIR? I have tried this using the key commands but as long as TIR is running it reverts to the original position.
  13. Sorry Mundie, don't have the GTN models so not familiar with those dimensions. As for Excel, you could set up a free online account with Microsoft and use their online version. https://products.office.com/en-us/office-online/documents-spreadsheets-presentations-office-online
  14. Not saying it's an error in your instructions, it just took me forever to figure out what that term meant. After that, it was Bing Bang Boom.. :-) Good stuff.
  15. Folks, I have just inserted both GNS 530's & 430's in my XPlane aircraft all of which worked just as described in the instructions. I did however, make a utility to aid in calculating the Left,Top,Width & Height points for easy insertion. It worked flawlessly. I followed all of the instructions from RXP's PDF pages 15 & 16 to the T. Plugged in my results and wham every aircraft worked perfectly. The biggest issue I had was the instruction "height of Panel_Preview.png" which is actually the height of the total texture sheet. I will be more than happy to provide my excel cheat sheet to anyone, follow this dropbox link for download, https://www.dropbox.com/s/sync1qlc6e9asht/RealityXP_GNS Positioner.xlsx?dl=0 Anyway, it does work.. Pivot