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  1. Just specific updates and POI's for the roll out of W11. If you check your Windows Update, in the CP, you'll notice it is still in the approved to upgrade stage.. No worries mates..
  2. I also have a 4K monitor but I find better smoothness setting it to 2560X1440 and upscale to 110 Render. leaving at 4K and downscaling I have stutters.
  3. 10900K 4.9GHz 64Gb Ram 4K Monitor @ 2560 X1440 @ 110% Render Avg 50C Water Cooled
  4. Try Rudder Trim.. I find that I am constantly adjusting this during flight to keep straight and level and a centered meatball.
  5. Mine seemed to stick at that screen. The little activity icon was stuck not spinning, and yes it is always slow on startup.
  6. Mine was wanting me to sign back into Xbox or Microsoft in the background. The screen just sat there with the updating window and the activity icon stuck not spinning. The change to windowed mode brought the focus to the sign-in window and allowed the clicking of the Sing-In Button.
  7. When you get to the Sign In screen, Hit Alt-Enter, I just did a re-install because of this stupid BS. Found that on Google, IT WORKS, DA Microsoft doesn't know how to let you use another Window when in full screen mode. I hope this helps everyone else.
  8. IMHO, I get the feeling their moving "back in time" because their modern gauges are toy simulations.. Don't have to worry about that with steam gauges..
  9. Actually happened to me an hour or so ago. That drives me bananas. Then you have to fight the aircraft back to a proper AP situation, and don't try to re-acquire the approach again either. You'll be chasing your tail all over the friendly skies.. 🤣
  10. No worries Rodger, just for your info, mine is set as OFF and none of my settings seem to change, BUT, my visuals at altitude are completely blurred. ☹️
  11. Check to assure it (GE) isn't set to automatically adjust settings or it will set everything lower. This is a tick mark in the game settings section.
  12. Al, haven't tried it yet, but I noticed time acceleration buttons in one of the Control items. Sorry don't remember which one but they are there,
  13. Wonder if it has anything to do with D3D 12? Wasn't that what they were working on for the Xbox's?
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