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  1. Perhaps I’ve missed something somewhere but in the PA44 is there a way to set the com switches to be able to transmit on Com 2? I can see how to set the buttons to be able to monitor/listen to Com 2 frequency transmissions whilst also monitoring Com 1. Typically, I use Com 2 to listen to the ATIS and communicate with Ground - I can listen to the ATIS but can’t communicate with Ground. Thanks John
  2. Found the issue and solution.... I’m not wanting the advanced motion features so I set all the sliders to zero except for the rotational motion speed which I set to 1.5. Seems that by setting the master directional motion slider to zero, that results in no directional motion at all so my arrow keys to move left/right/forward/back wouldn’t achieve any motion. Ii thought the settings were the same for the C172 but now see that those settings did have some value in the sliders for those movements. So, I need to have some value for each of those sliders. John
  3. In Preferences/Control Assignments I have forward/back/left/right assigned to the keyboard arrow keys and this works fine in the A2A C 172. I imported the presets into the A2A PA28 and they all work except the arrow keys dont move the view left/right/forward/back. I tried importing the assigments into the C182 and they work fine, looks like just don’t work in the Cherokee. Haven’t trued any other aircraft. Tried restarting everything, including PC restart but same issue. Tried disabling the advanced features but same issue. Any ideas as to what I’m not doing right or how to fix? CP version 1.0.19 P3D v4.2 WIN 10 Thanks John
  4. Thanks, I’ve got the panning working now with the hat switch.
  5. I think I found what I needed to do.... It appears that CP didn't recognise my Saitek Pro Yoke until I had moved the control column - i.e. left/right/nose down/nose up. After having done that I could assign the pan to the hat switch. Next issue I'm trying to resolve is why the zoom level resets to 56% every now and then? I normally operate on 70% and (I think) have set that up with the various presets ??? John
  6. I've not found how to set up the hat switch on my Saitek Pro Flight yoke to pan like it did prior to installing Chase plane. In P3D v4, I've unselected the hat switch for panning. In CP Control Assignments next to pan left and pan right under axis, when I click on 'blank' in the window that comes up, it doesn't recognise when I move the hat switch on the yoke - it's not making the assignment. It will recognise one of the Saitek throttle quadrant levers and it recognises if I turn the yoke (roll) but it can't recognise the hat switch. The hat switch was working fine yesterday before I installed CP. If I close CP or not load it when I start P3D, and assign the hat switch as previous then it still no longer works to pan the view. Perhaps by chance the hat switch button has failed at the same time as I installed CP??? I've tried to find an answer but may have missed it in the documentation. Help would be appreciated because now I don't think I can use the sim. Thanks John
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