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  1. I wasn't sure whether to use a 55" or 65", so my dealer suggested I try a 55" first, and if I didn't like it I could bring it back and try a 65". I was ecstatic with the 55" Samsung. It turned out to give me a close approximation to a 1:1 ratio on the instrument panel. When used with TrackIR there is no sense of restriction. I have the feeling of sitting in a full sized cockpit. I don't think I could be more happy with my setup. Quite trilled actually. cheers, Tom
  2. Say, Ed, while you were there did you happen to hop over to St Bart’s for that challenging approach to RWY 10. I did, and it took me three tries. The first time I clipped a tree or something, resulting in a crash. The second time I ran off the runway into the water, again resulting in a crash. The third time I remembered to flip down the reverse lock latch and greased it. 🤪
  3. I did not know that. Thank you very much!
  4. Hello, All, I started a new thread on the 360 because I was afraid this bit of news my be missed. For those craving more documentation for this bird there is what appears to be a complete Pilot's Operating Handbook on a Canadian historical aviation preservation site. You can download a PDF after registering, but the catch is you have to donate $35 annually to maintain membership. To some this may appear a bit steep, but consider that there is documentation for a lot of aircraft, civilian and military. Also if you were to go out buy such a manual, assuming you could find one, you'd provably pay several hundred for it, and further, the money for the Canadian site goes for a good cause. Before you run away, let me tell you that you can still get the information in the manual for free!, You can study the whole document online in the form of an HTML file. When you go to the site, click on the aircraft tab at the top of the page. You will then see a listing by country, and then by manufacturer., In this case UK and then Short. Select your plane, and you'll be taken to the page containing access to the manual. You'll see an option to download the PDF. Right next to that you'll see the words "See full screen." Click on those words, and you'll be presented with the whole POH to view online. Notice at the top there are two tabs, Document and Pages. Pages gives you a view of thumbnails of each page. This is very handy to scan through quickly until you find something of interest. The Manual tab lets you view the selected page. You can save this HTML to your computer by right clicking on any page and then selecting "Savs as..." This will cause the whole HTML document to be instantly transferred to your computer as a link. The document itself is not really there. The only advantage to doing this that I can see is that you don't have to creat a bookmark, and you can get to it quickly, if, for instance, you placed it in a folder with your other 360 documents. Out of curiosity I tried to print a page and I got nothing. You can, however, do an image capture and print that. OK, now here is the site: avialogs.com Notice I did not provide an actual link. I'm still not sure whether this is permissible under AVSIM rules. Hope you aviators find this useful. Regards, Tom
  5. Yeah, I noticed. Maybe the original designers figured the built-in headwind was enough to get the beast slowed down.
  6. Ed, did you find that parking brake control yet? If not, it’s the red t-handle on the left side panel. Good luck! Tom
  7. Miracles can sometimes happen. 🙂
  8. Ed, thanks for the encouragement. I had one eye done 2 weeks ago. My vision is already better. Tom
  9. Ed, Thanks a bunch for the help. Actually you could say I'm close to blind. I'm having cataract surgery tomorrow. 😬 Cheers, Tom
  10. Speaking of documents, where is Carenado hiding them. They are usually to be found in the aircraft folder, but I don't see them, or am I just blind? Regards, Tom
  11. Your wish is fulfilled. ORBX is having a 50% off sale right now on all products for a very limited time.
  12. Nils, There is another airport nearby; it's a Gateway airport but pretty nice nevertheless. Try Rigby (U56). Cheers, Tom
  13. I have to say that apparently I don't have the problem solved yet. When I started up XP this evening with the F33, I was required to reactivate again. In addition I also needed to reactivate my X-aviation license. Just for kicks I shut down and restarted XP and started a flight with a default aircraft, and there was no requirement to activate anything. I then switched to the F33 without issue. I'll have to keep experimenting and see if this solves the problem. BTW, I'm really loving this F33 for XP-11 : ) Tom
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