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Found 11 results

  1. I've had a bit of free time this week due to certain world events you're all familiar with... Uploading these to the Avsim library some time tomorrow, hopefully! N77NJ - operated by National Jet out of FLL I started playing with the metallic layer that @Wickedbacon92 developed. N354CL - With Clay Lacy Aviation...maybe one of the most famous Learjet operators out there. The gold stripe and N-numbers are metallic on this one as well. If this scheme looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen Jeff Trozzo's repaint paint of the same aircraft from a few years ago. But he never updated it for the new model, so I made my own version (all original work). N360AY N104PH - my favorite of this bunch.
  2. A few repaints for MIke's (Flight Replicas) DC-4 package the 1st and last are fiction however the remaining are non fiction repaints All paints can be found in the links in my sig below
  3. Hi all, I have some N-numbered repaints for the B350i available. I made these over the course of the last year. Please PM me for a download link. I have not uploaded them to the AVSIM library because no support will be provided.
  4. A couple of different liveries available at http://aussiex.org/forum/
  5. Hello everyone, We are in need of someone who can dedicate a little bit of spare time to painting a few aicraft for our upcoming VA. If you can help, or know of someone who can, please contact me on here, or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eclipseva Thanks, and we appreciate any support in advance! Virtual Eclipse Management
  6. A heavily modified Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended AFCAD combined with Ultimate Traffic 2 with custom schedules and repaints creates the most up-to-date AI traffic experience.
  7. Hello I just installed the Fsx Constellation professional, and am having a great time with the aircraft, I do however have one question. Are there any Repaints for the constellation? Especially Trans Canada air lines L-1049 Super constellation, This is really the airline and aircraft that I wish to repaint(since I like flying my flights from Canada), but I have searched a decent amount and haven't found anything on it either. I also installed the F-lite Dc-10 and was wondering if there was a repaint for Canadian Airlines in 1995 version for a Dc-10-30. Is it technically possible to transfer repaints, so say that the aircraft is made, but the same aircraft with a different repaint which belongs to another developer. Thank you and if anyone has made them or knows if it possible to get these repaints on these airlines please just write a response.
  8. Hello Friends,to the first i`m happy about everyone who have still interrest on MS Flight,same like me! I play the Game since the beginn 2012 and payed for all my Planes and Pack`s! I`m worry about that they finished Production on it,but ###### happens. Big special thanks to stonelance for the Toolkit and everyone who build anything for our Game,Thank you all! Now i have created some own Repaints and now available for all! Go to this Link to come on my Cloud,there you can find a Collection with some Repaints and special Files. My own Repaints are there too in a separat Folder( two different one with Pictures and one with Addons ready for install,you need the Toolkit for install) The Files are all save,legal and for free,other Players, Friends tested it! Ok now,have Fun,see you in the Game,best regards,BergSpreu69 https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ADBuQjz6Kz14Ev4&id=78EA2496DE940382!193&cid=78EA2496DE940382
  9. Finally got them Uploaded to Share, Two Civil Air Transport Nostalgic Repaints ! http://www.fsfiles.o...tsv2/image/GNUK She's a "Civil Air Transport", Curtis C46 "Commando", Curtis Electric Props. The Livery is of the 1960's Era, and Depicts CAT's "Round Island Flight, out of Taipei's, Sungshan Airport. I actually Bent Wrenches on this Baby! She's Big, Ugly, and Beautiful!! The Texture's are for Libardo Guzman, Greg Pepper, and Tom Gibson's GA C46 MIL, 4blade, with Curtis Electric Props. Look for "cat_c46_sungshan.zip", in the Avsim Library. http://www.fsfiles.o...tsv2/image/GNUr http://www.fsfiles.o...tsv2/image/GNUh Repaint, Civil Air Transport, DC6A,Mandarin Flight, 1960's Era, DC6A, for Tom Gibson's FSX/FS2004 DC6A Combi Spinner. She's a "Civil Air Transport", DC6A Combi Passenger, Large Spinners. The Livery is of the 1960's Era, and Depicts CAT's "Mandarin Flight", out of Taipei's, Sungshan Airport. I actually Bent Wrenches on this Little Lady! She is Gorgeous !! Imagine My First Time out of the Maint.Shack Door , Walking out on the Parking Ramp, and Seeing this Lovely Lady for the First Time, It was "Love at First Sight". Look for "cat_dc6ab__2a.zip", in the Avsim Library Try'em on and let Me know what You Think ?? Johnman B)
  10. Some RAAF P-40 Paints for the Med/Nth Africa AO Next batch will be the jungle schemes
  11. I was wondering if anyone did or willing to do repaints of the Aerosoft Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carriers like Gary Taylor did for Javier's Nimitz to represent: USS Constellation (CV-64) USS Enterprise (CVN-65) USS America (CV-66) USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)
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