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  1. FSX-MS

    The A2A forum is probably the best place to find info on operating their Comanche. Hopefully this topic will help a bit. In short, you won't go far wrong with the multi-weight (20W-50) option. Cheers, Nick
  2. Also, bear in mind that it's easy to freely browse the forums here and evaluate the standard of support being offered and even ask questions, before you take the decision on whether to purchase or not. With some other add-ons, it's necessary to purchase the product before you are able to view (let alone post on) the dedicated tech support forum. Nick
  3. Yes - thanks for another very useful update. I do appreciate the configurable power on/off functionality. And not to forget... New: Added wind vector to map page. Regards, Nick P.S. Because I already had the v2.3.5 RC installed, the "check updates" feature showed my installation as already up-to-date. However, this was easily resolved by re-downloading the e-commerce installer.
  4. That's good new indeed Jean-Luc! Thanks for the prompt addition of this feature and for the notification. Interesting also to read your explanation above as to why the power on/off switch functionality isn't currently implemented. I'd also be happy to see this in a future update if possible. And whilst we're talking of future updates, one other quick question (I believe others have mentioned the same thing). Any chance you'll add some subtle click sounds associated with button presses and knob rotation in a future update? Thanks, Nick
  5. Scott, If it's any help, I could send you a preconfigured panel.cfg file for any of the A2A GA planes you plan to use the GNS 530 V2 with - just let me know which one(s). Cheers, Nick
  6. Ted, Provided that the virtual cockpit has the 3-D geometry in place to support an existing GNS unit (or units), it shouldn't be a problem to integrate the equivalent RXP GNS V2. That's exactly what I've done with A2A and RealAir's products. It just requires some minor edits to the panel.cfg file which can be done manually or with the help of the RXP installation tool. Nick
  7. Scott, I guess it's difficult for most of us to make direct comparisons between the two principal GNS products on the market because the likelihood is that we'll buy either one or the other. In my case it was the RXP GNS 530 and I've been more than happy with the product itself and the support from Jean-Luc. As an RXP customer from a while back, I'm well aware of the hiatus in terms of development and support for existing products, but I welcome the return of RXP: competition drives innovation and all that! My decision to go for the RXP offering was driven mostly by the richer set of features. However, I'll admit that the pricing made me think carefully. Although the RXP products are very good value compared to F1's original pricing structure, F1 did drop their prices dramatically as you noted. I also suspect this was a direct result of the reemergence of RXP as an active developer for FSX/P3D. Whilst I didn't expect RXP to match the new pricing level set by F1, I hoped for something like a half price 430 for 530 customers, and vice-versa. It's worth pointing out that although both products use the Garmin trainer, the RXP GNS units use an updated version 3.3 which is compatible with newer database files from the GTN trainer. There are also a number of other features which seem useful to me: the keyboard shortcuts as mentioned above, the excellent in-sim GUI for changing settings and of course the TAWS-B/TCAD and crossfill functions. Another factor which drew me to the RXP was the fact that the pop-up display doesn't disable the unit's screen in the VC. New features are being added continually and one that I really like is the fact that the NAV volume control can be used to adjust the volume of morse idents. (I believe it works by adjusting the global 'cockpit sounds' level.) There are a few things I don't like with the RXP implementation though. The COMM volume switch on the bezel works too, but its power-off position isn't implemented at present, though I'm hopeful it will be with a future update. The wind vector is also missing, though J-L has indicated that this may be fixed in the next update too. I also dislike the startup screen somewhat, specifically the fact that it shows a "registered to [my name]" message or words to that effect, which is a bit of an immersion killer in my opinion. Anyway, my vote is for RXP! Nick
  8. Thanks for the update Jean-Luc - is there any chance you could post the changelog? (Apologies if I've missed this elsewhere.) One thing which still seems to be missing in my (530) installation is the wind vector. I seem to recall this was discussed before; is it something you're hoping to add with a future version? Regards, Nick
  9. You're welcome Jay. One other thing to bear in mind is that to use the full functionality of the KAP 140 autopilot simulation in the A2A Cessnas, you'll need to make sure "connect GPS to VOR indicator" is ticked in the RXP configuration panel. You'll also want to make sure you have the the latest RXP update installed. Regards, Nick
  10. Hello, Just to give a bit of context for the benefit of anyone who reads this thread, the text you quoted relates to swapping around predefined panel.cfg files that A2A Simulations provide with their products to enable add-on GPS integration. Ordinarily this process would be done by the "A2A Aircraft Configurator", but at the time of writing, this utility doesn't support the new P3D-compatible RXP GNS. To clarify, you can just delete the existing "panel.cfg", and then rename your edited copy of "panel_RXP_530.cfg" to just "panel.cfg", thereby replacing it. If you wish to restore the default panel.cfg for any reason, simply run the A2A Aircraft Configurator and select "DEFAULT". Thanks, Nick
  11. Thanks for the update Jean-Luc, I can confirm that the "connect GPS to VOR indicator" bug is indeed resolved, so with this option ticked it's now possible for the A2A KAP 140 simulation to follow LPV (etc.) guidance whilst using NAV2 to tune an independent frequency. The adjustable COM and NAV ident volumes are also a very welcome feature. The latter works by adjusting the "cockpit" volume slider if I understand correctly? Also, the new facility to adjust the HSI lateral deviation scale helps me to understand the lateral tracking issue we're seeing in the S-TEC 30 equipped A2A Comanche and Cherokee. However, I'll post any relevant remarks in the original thread discussing this issue. Thanks again, Nick
  12. Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks for the update - I look forward to trying this one out. With respect to the CDI and GSI animation in the A2A aircraft, both seem to be working as expected. It was just the autopilot tracking which was the issue. In fact, on a (probably) unrelated note, I did test the A2A Comanche with the GNS 530 installed and observed the same behaviour described in this thread. Once I have your build installed, I'll retest with both the A2A autopilot simulations and let you know if there seem to be any outstanding issues. Cheers, Nick
  13. Okay, no worries; I'll keep an eye on the forum here for any updates. If I think of anything which may be helpful in tracing the issue in the meantime, I'll let you know. Nick
  14. Actually I just got round to performing the same test in P3DV4 using the default Maule M7. The result is exactly the same as described above for FSX-SE. (Even down to the bit about the HSI NAV flag showing in GPS mode in spite of there being valid direct-to course guidance.) However, it sounds like you've not been able to reproduce the same behaviour with your installation(s) Jean-Luc? If not, I can't think of any software I have installed that may be relevant. Other than the A2A aircraft add-ons, EZdok and Orbx scenery, all I have installed in P3DV4 is FSUIPC and I made sure to disable this completely (by moving the FSUIPC5.dll itself) for the latest round of tests. Thanks, Nick
  15. If I click the link in iTunes, it just takes me back to the "iTunes Preview" browser page with the "this app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices" message. I guess it knows I'm trying to download it on a PC or Mac which won't run the software. Perhaps the app store download restrictions have changed recently? Nick