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  1. Hello guys, I replied to Pat's post asking the same question on our forums, and I'll add the info here too for the befit of anyone who is interested. Yes, if you've installed P3Dv5 but you don't have P3Dv4 on your system, the existing installer won't be able to detect a compatible version of the sim. Although the P-40 itself will—broadly-speaking—work in v5, there are a few issues which we'll need to address before we release a new P3Dv5 installer. In the meantime, if you're really keen to try the P3Dv4 version in v5, a simple Windows registry edit can be used to redirect the installer. To do this, add a registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4" containing a string with name "SetupPath" and value "C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5" (or whatever your P3Dv5 installation path is). If you're using this default installation path you can use this registry script to make the edit instead. You can also edit the script in Notepad via its right click context menu if you wish to customise it for your own P3Dv5 install path, rather than editing the registry direct. In this case, it's the section highlighted in blue which you'll need to modify. To run the script, just double click it. Thanks, Nick
  2. Hello Guys, Since we made the Accu-Sim P-40 available as a free gift to the flight sim community a few days ago (see this topic), the traffic on our website has seen a huge surge. Although we expected a lot of demand and we've since brought in an additional file hosting service, we're still seeing intermittent SSL handshake issues on the site that we didn't anticipate. All joking about handshakes being an obvious source of trouble at this time of social distancing aside, the COVID-19 pandemic is actually frustrating attempts to fully resolve the issue. This is because the onsite support provided by our web hosting company (i.e techs able to access and reset servers) is under pressure too at this time. However, if you refresh your browser a few times as mentioned above, you should be able to load the site and it seems to be pretty fast at present once it loads. Similarly, it may take a few attempts to get the online updaters for our P3Dv4 products to connect. Apologies to anyone who is finding access tricky, but we hope you understand. 🙂 Thanks, Nick
  3. Hi All, We've brought in some external file hosting capacity on our website, so hopefully the timeouts and SSL handshake failures that many of you have been experiencing over the past two days should be less likely. Not surprisingly, traffic on the site over this period has dramatically exceeded anything we've seen before, but you should all be able to download the P-40 now. Thanks for bearing with us. 🙂 All the best,Nick
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys, and apologies to anyone who is struggling to load our site at the moment to download their free copy of the P-40. We'd hoped our web hosting company would be up to the extra demand, but looks like the surge was way bigger than expected. Anyway, please don't panic if you can get get into our store at present: the P-40 will be free for a while to come. 🙂 Best wishes, and hope you all stay healthy and cheerful! Nick
  5. Great stuff Stan. Thanks and look forward to seeing you there. Nick
  6. Okay, just manually activated you in that case Stan, so you should be able to post if you have any other issues or just fancy dropping by. The first post needs manual approval, but once that's done, you can post at will. Thanks, Nick
  7. Thanks Stan. There's an new member called 'stash' who isn't activated. Is this you? Nick
  8. Hi Stan, Good to hear you've resolved the issue with the autopilot. Yes, the directional gyro will need to be aligned for it to work correctly. In some NAV modes, it's also necessary to set the heading bug to the desired course. I don't see a pending post from you on our forums, but you should get an automated confirmation email when you register which is a common measure to try and keep the spambots at bay. If you haven't received it, please check your junk mail folder. If it's not there, drop me a line here and I should be able to sort things from our end. Thanks, Nick
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. The PBR implementation in P3Dv4 does indeed have its limitations, although I suppose there's always the chance it will be tweaked with future updates from Lockheed Martin. However, it's not possible to control the colour appearance of reflected light that's rendered on PBR surfaces via changes to the materials, just how metallic the surface is. We'll keep an eye on feedback, but for now, if you wish to revert any or all of the original C172 liveries back to their old, non-PBR, models and textures this is easy to do as the original files are still present in the installation. Just open the aircraft.cfg file and find the "model=pbr" entries in the "[fltsim.0]", "[fltsim.1]" and "[fltsim.2]" sections, and change them to just "model=". Note that you can't do this for the new N346CP livery "[fltsim.3]" as it doesn't include the legacy textures. Best regards, Nick
  10. Thanks Tim - there are a few additional screenshots of the free PBR update in this post on our forums. Harry - I think I answered you on our forum, but for the benefit of anyone else who's wondering the same thing, all the great existing repaints for the 172 are still supported because we've kept the old non-PBR models and textures in place. However, the update replaces the aircraft.cfg so any installed repaints won't show once you've installed it. Upon updating, your existing aircraft.cfg file is backed-up in the same folder as "aircraft.cfg.bak" so you can copy and paste any repaint entries from this file into the new copy of the aircraft.cfg. Just bear in mind that you may have to adjust numbers for the "[fltsim.x]" entries as we added one extra livery. Best regards, Nick
  11. Hi Andreas, It sounds like you're using pretty-much the correct technique for our 172R. It's a fuel injected model, so is started with the mixture lever in the idle/cutoff position to prevent over priming. In fact, I'd say that over priming is the most common reason why customers sometimes have difficulty starting. Sometimes what is judged to be 3-5 seconds of priming with the fuel pump on and mixture pushed in, turns out to be at least 10 seconds once a video of unsuccessful starting attempts is shown! However, once the engine starts, you need to push the mixture lever in pretty smartly to prevent the engine from dying. There quite a bit to do in short time, so with mouse controls only, it can be a bit tricky until you become used to it. It's not just sim pilots who struggle with this though, and Cessna produced this video specifically to help operators of fuel injected 172s and 182s avoid over priming. If you have a watch and then apply the principals shown in the sim, you should be good. Finally, although we try to keep an eye on forums elsewhere, if you have any questions specific to A2A products, you're welcome to post on our forums too. Kind regards, Nick
  12. Hello Steve, The internal sound files for the Accu-Sim B-17 are stored in a separate directory to the main "sounds" folder that you mention. By default, this is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\A2A\B17\Sounds". If you're having some difficulties with the product, I'd recommend that you drop us a line on our forums where we can help get you sorted out. If you can let us know as much info about your OS and installation as possible, it should make it quicker to troubleshoot the issue. Thanks, Nick
  13. Okay, thanks Eric - I've responded to your recent reply. Nick
  14. Hi Eric, We've tried to help, but you didn't respond in this thread on our forum that you opened at the weekend (I'm guessing you're the same Eric, anyway. 😊). I'm pretty sure the web server issues at our host have been resolved, but please let me know if you're having any difficulty logging on to our forum. Thanks, Nick
  15. Hi all, Yes, since yesterday afternoon, things seem to be running normally so–touch wood–the hosting company has fully resolved the issue this time. I know we've said that before, but unfortunately the communication and support from the company in question has left rather a lot to be desired. It's a nice idea, but these pesky web hosting companies have extensive 'limitation of liability' clauses in their user agreements Ron. To be honest, if they didn't, I suspect they wouldn't be able to run an affordable service for small businesses at all, what with the army of lawyers they'd need to employ. Anyway, sorry again to anyone who has been unable to access the A2A website over the past 10 days or so. Once we're happy the site is stable and generally seems to be behaving itself, the update on current projects will follow, along with the sale as mentioned above! 😉 All the best, Nick
  16. Yes, it's strange indeed! At the moment I can only access our site if I use a VPN whereas other team members and customers in other parts of Europe don't seem to have any access issues at all. Meanwhile customers in the US seem to be having more difficulty with access although the web hosting company itself is US-based. It all seems to be tied in with IP address and geographical location, but in rather a dynamic way. Anyway, we're continuing to push the web host for a solution. Thanks, Nick
  17. Hello everyone, Well - unfortunately, it looks like we're not out of the woods yet! 😒 Despite using one of the world's largest hosting companies, and their support engineers giving this issue top priority, our downtime issues persist. Lewis has just posted this update on our Facebook page and elsewhere. Again, thanks for bearing with us while we get this sorted out and sorry if you're having trouble accessing products or support. Best regards, Nick
  18. Hello everyone, The latest indication we're getting is that the A2A site and forums should be widely available again. We're waiting for official confirmation from the web hosting company that they've finally fixed the issue, but if any of you are still unable to access the site after the next couple of hours, please let us know here. Thanks once again for your patience and understanding during what has been a trying 4-5 days of unplanned downtime. The A2A community is really important to us, so apologies to anyone who has been unable to access the forums or receive support for their products over the past few days. Best regards, Nick
  19. Hi everyone, The latest info we have from the hosting company is that they've finished transferring the affected businesses including A2A onto a different server. This means the issue is hopefully close to resolution and that our customers around the world will soon be able to access the site and forums again. In the last half-hour or so, I've been able to successfully load the site for the first time in almost two days (I'm based in the UK). However, depending on geographical location, ISP and other variables, your experience may vary. Anyway, apologies once again ladies and gents. We hope to be back with you soon! Kind regards, Nick
  20. Hello all, The message Les has posted above from our Facebook page is pretty much the latest info we have at this time. The hosting company has assured us that they're doing everything possible to resolve the situation so hopefully we should have some more encouraging news soon. Sorry we can't provide more concrete info on when thing will be back to normal, but please continue to hang on in there. We do appreciate that this must be as frustrating for our customers and community as it is for us. Thanks again, Nick
  21. Hi All, Another quick update. The server is back online so the website and store should be accessible to most of you. However, it's possible that some visitors to the site may still experience loading issues depending on geographical location etc. It's also possible that some further periods of downtime may result from the hosting company technicians rebooting the server and changing settings. Again, sorry for lack of access to the A2A site this weekend and thanks for your patience. Kind regards,Nick
  22. Unfortunately our hosting company have had to take the web server offline while they continue to troubleshoot an issue with SSL response. I'm afraid this means the A2A web store and forum downtime has gone on a bit longer than expected. Sorry for any problems this causes in accessing product downloads or technical support. We hope things will be back to normal very soon. Thanks, Nick
  23. Yes, touch wood we're back in business and the hosting company are continuing to monitor the situation. Please don't be alarmed if the site is taken offline again for a while well it's being worked on. Thanks everyone for your patience. As some of you may know, we moved to a new web host recently so a few small teething issues may still crop up. We'll do our best to keep you posted if there are any further outages. Kind regards, Nick
  24. No need for concern guys. The 'account suspended' message may appear for a while while our hosting company troubleshoots some file access issues. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, but apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime. Thanks, Nick
  25. Hi Stephen, If you install the Q400 to a new folder in "Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons" (e.g. "Majestic Software") and add an add-on.xml file with the following content, it should work. <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>Majestic Q400</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Majestic Software Bombardier Q400 for Prepar3D v4</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Effects</Category> <Path>Effects</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>SimObjects</Category> <Path>SimObjects\Airplanes</Path> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> To make the xml file, simply create a new text document, paste in the above text using Notepad, etc. and rename it to "add-on.xml". This file should sit in the new Majestic folder, along with the "effects" and "SimObjects" directories and uninstaller that the installer placed there. Then, when you launch P3D, it should auto-detect the Majestic Q400. Nick
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