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  1. Really, really awesome tool 🙂 Its a shame only so few people know about it. Its giving nearly the same features as FS2Crews RAAS but for free 🙂 Thank you so much! Best regards Andi
  2. Hi, anyone here using his Cockpitforyou Throttle with the new PMDG 737 under MSFS? It does only work under Prepar3d for me. Thank you! Best regards Andi
  3. Hi,does the ACARS Print function in the OOOI section work with a real printer in the 737 NGXu?For me the Print LSKEY is greyed out.Thank you!Best regards Andreas
  4. I found this thread regarding point 2. Some other user had exactly the same problem. FO is not asking me.... FO: Do you need to start engines before pushback"? Instead I instantly get the reply FO: Could you please confirm need to start engines before pushback
  5. Hi, unfortunately I have huge problems with the checklist for the 737 NGXu. Example given... _____________________________________________________________________________ PREFLIGHT [ ] Oxygen -- Tested [ ] Navigation transfer and display switches -- NORMAL [ ] display switches -- AUTO [ ] Window heat -- ON [ ] Pressurization mode selector -- AUTO [ ] Flight instruments -- checked [ ] Parking brake -- on [ ] Engine start levers -- CUTOFF It is nearly impossible to just answer "Normal" for "Navigation transfer and display switches". Nothing happens, The FO does not react until I say "skip". Do I need to train my voice because he does not understand the word "normal"? I did the normal voice training and hes understanding me fine in the plane when giving commands. The same for [ ] Pressurization mode selector -- AUTO. He does not understand the word "Auto" from me. Do I have to go through the voice training even more or am I doing somehting wrong? Another question. Actually I would like to change the checklist a bit. Can I e.g. just write [ ] GPS -- SET NAV How will that work? Does MCE actually know that it needs to check the GPS roiary knob then? Where can I see the supported commands that MCE can really control/check for the checklist? Thanks! Best regards Andi
  6. Thanks for your reply again. 1) Its working perfectly fine this way. I'm happy 🙂 2) I tried it again in no icing conditions and had the same problem 😞 It would be very helpful if you could point my in the right direction here. I have the feeling that GSX and MCE commands are somehow crossing each other ? At KBOS the pushback started without GSX opening and with no pushback tug in front 😞 Plane was rolling back on its own?? In EDDL I got several pop ups and the strange replies.described above. Is my script below correct at all for use with GSX? How would a correct working script look like and which further commands do I need to give after I triggered it? I suppose the quick edit pushback from GSX is not supported, or? Just push left and push right command, correct? [OPTIONS] Suspend=0 Verbose=0 RequireConfirmation=0 [REPLIES] [COMPLETED] [SCRIPT] Pause=10 mechanic from cockpit Ground are you ready for pushback ground start pushback 3) Is clear. I will try that. 4) Is working 🙂 Another question. I found this script fo runway entry. How is it supposed to work? [OPTIONS] Suspend=0 Verbose=1 RequireConfirmation=1 [REPLIES] Reply1=say runway [COMPLETED] Completed1=runway entry [SCRIPT] pause=1 Notify=runway confirmed pause=1 sound=readyto.wav Do I need to say something like "runway 23L confirmed"? Thank you so much! Your help is greatly appreciated! Andi
  7. Hi, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions in detail! Regarding point 1) Yes I know that it is completely unrealistic that way. However having a complete hardware setup with all switches/buttons in real, it is better for me to have them all synced with the software. So if I would use the FO to perform all tasks, the hardware will not show the same switch positions in the end. Just having the FO just comment important flight actions like "Engine starter cutout and start valve closed" or "Flaps set 5" would be awesome for my setup. Dont get me wrong your program is already fantastic. I love the many options it gives to us 🙂 I'm currently fiddling around with some stuff and was hoping to get some help here. 1) Is there an option to have the FO only listen when pushing a joystick button or key? Muting him over the UI is not that easy and I do not want him to listen all the time. That would be more than awesome. 2) How would I realize the following with the NGXu using GSX? I would like to say my own text to the ground pushback personal with the final trigger words "..and we will start with engine number 2" Then I just want the normal GSX pushback truck to arrive without any other actions or replies from MCE. And on finishing of the procedure I want to say somehting to the walker like "....see you on the left side you may disconnect now" and just have him disconnect and reply somehting cool 🙂 So maybe two separate Voxscripts for each task. I tried it with... [OPTIONS] Suspend=0 Verbose=0 RequireConfirmation=0 [REPLIES] [COMPLETED] [SCRIPT] Pause=10 mechanic from cockpit Ground are you ready for pushback ground start pushback However when GSX is starting the push the FO says "Cant hear you" and "we need to start engines before pushback"?! Can I switch that off? 3) Is there also a command to call the jetway? 4) Any chance to switch the panel lights from the NGXu to full intensity with just one command? Putting them on with "instrument lights on" only puts them on with very low intensity. Thank you very much! Best regards Andi
  8. Hi, I just started using MCE with the 737NGXu and P3Dv5.3 and already read through many manuals and watched some youtube windows. Understanding all of them I have some points left which I cannot get to work, but where I'm sure they should work! 1) I would like to do all actions in the cockpit on my own. However I want the copilot to say what I'm doing. E.g. I switch the Autobrake to RTO and I want to have the co pilot say "Autobrake set to RTO". I have "Call-Outs and monitoring" ticked and I have gone successfully through the checklists together with the FO until engine start. But whatever I do in the cockpit the copilot is saying nothing on my actions. No comment regarding "engine starter cutout" or something similar. 2) I'm using newest GSX Level 2 and would like to tell the ramp coordinater to call e.g. the catering truck. Saying "crew coordination we want the catering service" does not give a reaction. Engines are stopped and GSX is working. According to the manual something should happen with these trigger words: crew coordination crew coordinator ramp coordinator despatch coordinator Simon Roberto Marko despatch but no reaction with them. 3) Pushback is not possible. I say "Ground are you ready for pushback or ground pushback left?. The sentences are understood fine according to the text feedback line on top of the screen, but I do not get a response either with GSX not activated from the GSX menu or with GSX already activated and oushback truck connected to the plane. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! Best regards Andi
  9. Can I perform the engine start procedure on my own and only have the FO for the verbal feedback like "engine starter cut out" call, etc?
  10. True. But 90% of my cockpit interactions are with hardware. So if e.g. the FO is switching something on the OVERHEAD it will not flip the switch on my real OVERHEAD but only in the software which gets kind of confusing.
  11. Great, thank you. I will have a look at all manuals soon. One question regarding the engine starter cutout callout. I assume I can only get such a FO note when the callout and monitoring feature is ticked on in the setup, correct?
  12. Hi, I have downloaded MCE yesterday for use with the NGXu under Prepar3d v5.3 and was wondering if the following is possible. First of all I do not want the FO to flip any switches, press buttons or do any other cockpit interactions since I want to do all that stuff on my hardware by myself. So im mainly looking for other things in MCE. Which of the following is possible and what would be the best way to do it? - Call Flight Attendants to start GSX Boarding process including playing own(?) boarding music. - Communicate with Ground Crew to initiate pushback via GSX. How do I tell him to use the GSX pushback e.g. with Nose to the left? - Have the CoPilot doing callouts during engine start like "eng starter cutout" and "25% N2". Can I have this feature even with monitoring and callouts function disabled in the menu or does that gave to be on? Thanks! Best regards Andi
  13. Thanks for the tip. It looks good for the price. Does it have a vesa mounting on the back? Is this really 45kg heavy?
  14. Hi, I'm looking for a ready built overhead cockpit for my 737 cockpit. My choice would have been something comparable to the VRINSIGHT 737 overhead but I noticed that this one is only compatible with the old PMDG 737 and not the 737 NGXu under Prepar3d. Does anyone know a NGXu compatible overhead? I understand that most overheads are for Pro Sim etc. Thank you for any tip! Best regards Andi
  15. Hi,I noticed that the flight director bars on the 737 are coupled to the speed knob on the mcp while the flight director bars of the A320 are not coupled to the speed knob of the FCU.To make it clearer what I mean. If I change the speed to higher speeds in the 737 the FD bars are going down (nose poiting down to gain speed). In the A320 the same action is not moving the horizontal FD bar.Hopefully my question is understandable.Thank you!Best regards Andi
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