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  1. Thanks for the tip. It looks good for the price. Does it have a vesa mounting on the back? Is this really 45kg heavy?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a ready built overhead cockpit for my 737 cockpit. My choice would have been something comparable to the VRINSIGHT 737 overhead but I noticed that this one is only compatible with the old PMDG 737 and not the 737 NGXu under Prepar3d. Does anyone know a NGXu compatible overhead? I understand that most overheads are for Pro Sim etc. Thank you for any tip! Best regards Andi
  3. Hi,I noticed that the flight director bars on the 737 are coupled to the speed knob on the mcp while the flight director bars of the A320 are not coupled to the speed knob of the FCU.To make it clearer what I mean. If I change the speed to higher speeds in the 737 the FD bars are going down (nose poiting down to gain speed). In the A320 the same action is not moving the horizontal FD bar.Hopefully my question is understandable.Thank you!Best regards Andi
  4. Thanks for your reply!! From my personal feeling I set the stabilizer trim correctly. The plane was flying absolutely level with the horizon when I tried to engage AP after trimming. I know what you mean about the assymmetrical thrust situation on the PMDG. I opened a thread regarding this without a satisfying result a few months ago.
  5. Hi, I was flying on VATSIM today with the PMDG 737-800 from EGLL to EDDL. To make things a little bit more fun I simulated a severe engine damage that forced me to divert to EHAM. Everything went as expected during descent until suddenly my autopilot disengaged for no reason on the right downwind to runway 27 at EHAM. A/T was off all the time and I was carefully controlling the speed manually with my left over engine. I was in heading mode and I used LVL Change to descent from 5000 to 2000feet when the autopilot disconnected from alone. There were no heavy winds at this point and I did not change the speed excessively. I set the airplane back on course regarding heading and altitude and I also trimmed it as good as possible before I tried to reactivate the autopilot. No matter what I did the AP always disconnected immediately shortly after activation. Since I was flying in the dark at night I had to rely on the F/D bars during my approach to find the runway. Hopefully I have given you enough informations to guess the reason what prevented me to activate the AP again. Any ideas? Thank you very much! Best regards Andi
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has an explanation for this observation that I made in my sim on my flight from EBBR to EGLL. I have used the PMDG 737 NGXu for this short trip. The final CRZ FL was set to 180. The Target Speed on the CLB page was automatically set in ECON mode to 303kn. During climb I changed the target Speed on the CLB page from 303kn to 330kn via the scratchpad while in economy mode. The new speed was successfully set. However at the same time my flight level was automatically set to FL 250 ! And I was not able to change this higher FL back to 180 during the rest of the flight. CRZ mode was never activated and I came directly into descent mode Any ideas what went wrong here? Thank you! Best regards Andi
  7. Hi, when my information is correct the NGXu is not able to simulate autothrust behaviour when there is a significant difference in thrust between both engines. For example when one engine suddenly becomes inoperative. Instead A/T is instantly disconnecting. It would be nice to have A/T still working in such an event. I think this is a big disadvantage for us simmers because autothrottle use after single engine failure with automated max continous thrust setting on the remaining engine is quite common with the newer 737 models. Or am I missing something here? Thanks! Best regards Andi
  8. Hi, I'm not able to enter any waypoint in thr RTA field for some reason. The RTA menu is brought up either via the CRZ or PROG page. I had it working in the past but now it doesnt work. So I guess Im missing anything here to make it work? Any idea why waypoints on the route are not accepted as RTA points? I get the "invalid entry" error for all waypoints I try to enter. Something similar is happening when using the WPT Altitude field on the DES page. Here only certain waypoints are accepted for V/S ft/min reckoning. Any idea why I cannot use all waypoints on my route for this function? Thank you! Best regards Andi
  9. Great..Thanks for the detailed and clear information!
  10. So its definitely the approach (in this case cologne bonn approach) of the nearby airport, which needs to be initially contacted at that height (>2500ft) and position and not the tower on 124,98, correct?
  11. Sorry..I should have mentioned that. I would like to enter the sector above 2500 feet so that I need to contact the ATC for the charlie airspace.
  12. Hi, I have a question regarding airspaces and ATC (especially in Germany) when doing a VFR flight. Lets assume I'm flying from uncontrolled Echo airspace into controlled Charlie Airspace near an airport. Which frequency do I need to contact first when flying into the Charlie Airspace (red arrow)? The frequency of the tower of the airport who is defintely controlling the red Delta area of the airport or the frequency of the approach/departure of the airport? Thank you! Best regards Andi
  13. Ok..I did some further tests and found out that the gear is causing the problem. I do however not know if its a software bug, misconfiguration of the hardware or a normal behaviour of the 737.Gear Up = always 230kn limitationGear Down = 265 kn limitationGear in Locked "middle" Position = Desired speedIs it normal that the plane is limited when the gear is in the full up position?Thanks!
  14. Hi, I noticed this message during my flight today and I was wondering what it meant? It prevented me from climbing, cruising and descending faster than 230 kn although the TGT speed was set higher for CLB, CRZ and DES. I suppose its an easy answer but I could not find anything on the internet. Thank you very much! Best regards Andi
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