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  1. Regarding Win 7. It works absolutely fine for me!
  2. Hi, I was flying on Vatsim this evening and the controller told me to level off at FL 110 at my next Waypoint GIVME which was approximately 30 nm away. At that moment I was flying at cruise level at FL 210. My plan was to use VNAV descent for that job. So I changed the altitude of GIVME in the FMC to FL 110 and pushed the "Des Now" Button on the DES page of the FMC. The plane started to descend with a V/S of exactly 1000 fpm. The controller asked me if this will work. Since I was 10000 feet above GIVME and the distance was approx. 30nm I thought the FMC will do everything correctly. I think the formula is 21000-11000 = 10000 feet 10000/300 = approx. 30nm However the V/S of 1000 feet/min turned out to be to low. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? Thanks! Best regards Andi
  3. Hello, hopefully I have posted this is in the correct forum. If not please feel free to move this thread elsewhere. I was wondering whether an old 737 MCP model from cpflight (please see attached picture), which is already equipped with an USB connector will work with P3D v4.5 and the new NGXu from PMDG? I'm not talking about the 2 models displayed on the website ->MCP737PRO3 & MCP737EL Does anyone have any experience with these MCPs? Thank you very much! Best regards Andi
  4. Lets assume I have both engines running on ground. Then the yellow and green pump are active. Nevertheless as soon as I switch the NWS switch to off the yellow pump is responsible for braking. Whats the reason/explanation behind this? If parking brake is set on on the ground the green system is not powered over the PTU when only Engine 2 is running. Only when parking brake is off the green system is powered over the PTU. If I start engine 1 the PTU deactivates itself as soon as 500PSI difference between green and yellow is undershot.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum section for my question, but I couldnt find a better one. Please feel free to move this post to another section if necessary. Thanks! Can anyone please tell me from a technical point of view why the yellow hydraulic pump is used when the Nose Wheel Steering and Anti Skid switch is in off position? Why is the hydraulic system switching from the green pump to the yellow pump in this case when using the brakes? Thank you! Best regards Andi
  6. Dear all...thanks for your reply. Martins link was exactly what I was looking for!!! 🙂
  7. Hi Dave, thanks for taking the time to write your answer. Indeed I did a google search and also a search on playstore. After approximately 1 hour I was not able to find satisfiable content. Most of the apps were useless or very expensive. Im willing to spend something but not as much as a real pilot paying for training content. I was just hoping for some good tips from the community. Maybe someone has a good recommendation. Im looking for something similar to this By the way...when performing a google search for a specific topic, google is very often listing the contents of forum topics as a hit. Therefore I believe it will only support/add to the quality of a forum if each question is decently answered with usable information. Thats my opinion at least.
  8. Hi, I fear this might be the wrong sub forum, but I couldnt find a better one. Please feel free to move this topic to another place if necessary. I'm looking for a good Android learning app or learning website that is listing the abnormal procedures of the A320. I think there is still a lot to learn on the FSLABS A320 and I'm trying to dig a bit deeper into the systems. Thank you for any recommendation. Best regards Andreas
  9. I'm hoping the same thing. Really love the shaking of my old Microsoft Sidewinder. And I would love to see support for my buttkicker gamer.
  10. I got my invitation too 2 days ago 🙂 Just upgraded to 32GB Ram.
  11. I have sent him a message yesterday and got a reply within a few hours. You have to wait until you get the info "message sent". Took 5-10sec for me to receive that message. Good luck with your Problem. Maybe it makes sense to uninstall everything including VfX Central. Also delete the registry entries and then try it again.
  12. Hi Keven, happy new year! For me it is still not working at this moment.Thanks for fixing it as soon as possible. Best regards Andreas
  13. Hi, same problem for me with version 1.0.44 under Win7 and P3D v4.5 However being connected to the internet doesnt solve it. Chase plane says authenticating, then checking for updates and then does not load. In the sim the camera views are not controllable. Hopefully Kevin can fix this soon! Thanks! Best regards Andreas
  14. Im not in the alpha yet unfortunately but the Microsoft forums user page reveals all tech alpha users at the moment. Not sure if Microsoft actually knows this??? I will therefore not post a link here. Maybe they want to fix this? Not sure if its done intentionally?
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