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  1. I had the popping textures and the blurries issue with V5 but they went away in V5 hotfix and a fresh re install of Orbx LC and California. I do use texture bandwidth multiplier at 60 instead of thirty to help with the popping as I don't notice it that much anymore.
  2. Its in the download type box. The studio driver has yet to crash my sim where the 445.87 game drivers or others cause the DGXI error on my system.. It also makes everything sharper and tighter. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/studio-driver/
  3. Well I think I have found a fix for my DGXI errors. I have now done about 6 flights for a total of 7hr flight time without the error. Before I was getting them on just about every flight. This is what I have done. First I ran windows update and installed update 1909 and then downloaded the Nvidia Studio driver 442.92 and did a clean install. I'm still testing but it looks promising. Keep you settings at 2048 and no more than 4xSSAA this is what I use. Josh
  4. Go to there web site and enter it from there. For some reason if you made a bookmark they don't work anymore.
  5. You don't need a weather man To know which way the wind blows. Bob Dylan
  6. I get this error but also can fly for hrs and not get it. I have tried all different scenarios and settings and still cant find what causes it. Settings in most cases wont fix it. I think it is some bad code in P3D that needs to be looked at and 3rd party sceneries like ORBX with issues even with there V5 compatible sceneries . I will just have to live with the crashes for now as v4.5 don't cut it for me anymore. I still have V4.5 installed just in case it gets really bad.
  7. I just started geting that one. I did a repair on the Microsoft Visual C ++runtime to see if that fixes it.
  8. Turns the lights on earlier and turns them off later.
  9. Read this post a lot of good info in there. I actually use 16000.000000 that means it will hold the texture for 16 miles. This tweak is used to eliminate seeing black airport textures when looking back at it. This does use up Vram. Josh
  10. I found a good HDR starting point is 55 / 30 / 95 Then I use NVIDIA control panel to adjust color
  11. I use this tweak to prevent Black textures when looking back at a airports. And the other to turn on lights 20 minutes earlier and off later. [GRAPHICS] MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=32000.000000 DAY_THRESHOLD=48000 NIGHT_THRESHOLD=8000 
  12. This is what I use and only cost 100$ They got them at Best Buy HyperX - Cloud II Pro Wired Gaming Headset - Red
  13. I just turned hdr off for now to we get a shaders program.
  14. SpadNext has a update for V5 on there forum. https://www.spadnext.com/download/SPAD.neXt.LVAR-Bridge.Setup.zip
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