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  1. Thanks Ernie that makes sense. I think I can just plug the headset directly into the PC and power the rear speakers via the external X7. I was trying to do both through the x7.
  2. Hi all I am just returning to flight sim and having finalised monitor and controller type issues I am now onto sound. I have some rear mounted wall speakers that I power via a Soundlaster X7 external card which works great. I also have my headset plugged in. At the moment I can get sound via either the headset or the rear speakers. What I would really like to do is have the aircraft noise through the rear speakers and the ATC comms/vpilot through the headset. I'm a bit of a tech noob so haven't worked out how to do this. Would greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks
  3. Buzz71

    All Panning Crawling

    That's it! It was the bridge file. Thanks Keven so relieved!
  4. Buzz71

    All Panning Crawling

    Ahhh ok I am using Trend Micro. Anything specific I need to look for?
  5. Hi Keven I switched to the Acer 38 inch monitor and so far havent had a recurrence!
  6. Buzz71

    All Panning Crawling

    Done this twice. No change 😞
  7. It's awesome ... I can see so much more and the peripheral view is superb. BUT: its almost unsuable. I can't get panning to work at all on ChasePlane ....
  8. Hi all I've done some searches but have not been able to find a solution. I've just upgraded to an Acer 38 Ultrawide. Everything is great except panning. Neither HAT nor mouse panning works other than a super delayed super slow juddery pan. HAT is worse than mouse but both unusable. I've checked for conflicts, cleared the cache, not sure what else to try. Normal preset changes work fine. FPS is steady around 60. Help please!
  9. So I went in tonight and the retailer didn’t have many but they did have the Acer in both 34 and 38 inch models. I’m sold on the 38 - the extra height was noticeable and looked great. So it’s really a decision between that or the LG. Assuming my 1070 with run both of them. Unfortunately they are FreeSync not Gsync monitors.
  10. Thanks Ray. I think I will go into a retailer to actually judge the size and see which would be optimal. I'm still concerned about the 1070 card so figured the 1440p might be as high as I could go.
  11. Looks like my local retailer stocks the 38 Acer for about 1700 AUD. I'm NVIDIA 1070 though so dont I need to go for gsync rather than free sync?
  12. Other option looking good is Asus PG348Q. 1070 run this ok?
  13. There is also this article Recommends the LG 34UC80-B but i don’t think that is available here in Australia