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  1. This looks incredible. Sending a PM now. Thanks, Thierry
  2. Actually, regarding FPS, I have noticed a substantial drop at KAUS between v4 and v5. Anyone else has the same issue? This is with the same plane, weather, and graphic settings. I go from 30 FPS in v4 to 15 or less in v5.
  3. Bert, Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry I missed it initially. Just sent you a PM. Very much looking forward to it and curious to learn about the implementation. Thanks,
  4. I got this installed and love having the GTN 750 integrated in the MFD. Now, I built my home cockpit around the SR22 and have 2 15" touch screens, one for the PFD and one for the MFD. Unless I am missing something it seems that this modification does not allow for the MFD to be used as a pop up window (and thus I can't move that window to my touch screen). I don't see any additional window when selecting the MFD or using Shift+2. I am somewhat familiar with panel.cfg files but couldn't find a way to make this work. Does anyone know how to have the modified MFD available as a pop up window? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Note that I don't mind the MFD display in the virtual cockpit being blank in that configuration as my main monitor only displays the view above the glare shield (PFD and MFD being displayed on the 2 touch screens). Thanks!
  5. I use the GTN750 on a touch screen and have no issues. The only thing I can think of is to make sure you configure your touch screen to move the mouse and (left) click when you touch the screen (not just move the mouse). I did not have to change any configuration for the GTN itself.
  6. I am so glad I found this thread. I had the exact same issue: updated my computer to a new motherboard (ASUS Z390), CPU (i7-9700K) and GPU (RTX 2070)... and got only 5 (five!) fps in the Carenado Cirrus SR22. Default aircraft gave me 150 to 180 fps, and high-end aircraft (737, 787, Q400) around 40 to 80 fps. This is with Windows 10 Home edition. This was happening in both P3D v3.4 and v 4.4. It was the only plane to exhibit this issue (it is the only Carenado plane I had re-installed so far). After uninstalling the RealTek audio driver (and keeping the nVidia HD audio driver) my frames are back to 80-some fps! This is with pretty high settings (roughly one click short of all sliders to the right). So, thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread!
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