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  1. i would not say that there is a lot of sadness around here..
  2. Beardyman

    PFPX file for 747-8

    with new 747-8 feature u will not need PFPX for any calculations as u will be able to do those as real pilots do
  3. Beardyman

    Cessna 421 Golden Eagle on final

    There is only one developer who is able to simulate that - A2A
  4. Their new paint scheme is blunt and not eye catchy - my opinion
  5. Beardyman

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    Fully agree with Froogle, but his speculations about killing LM by Dovetail law actions were totally redundant, or even harmful. After watching his vlog someone at DT may catch that idea and actually follow. Better do not give stupid ideas and dirty inspirations.
  6. Beardyman

    DC8 by Aerosoft

    Any thoughts about that lady ?, It looks like this bird was barely noticed by our community. I am interested about DC8, but would like to see and read more :-)
  7. Beardyman

    IMAGINESIM ZSPD for P3DV4 is available

    With previous ZSPD update I had issue, so I wrote kind email to Imaginesim, asking for guidance and help. Got short answer written in such arrogant way that I knew ZSPD was my last purchase.
  8. Beardyman

    Recent Topics

    Yep, definitely layout changes on Avsim go in the wrong direction
  9. Beardyman

    PMDG 777 Cabin Textures -- Night?

    lighting colour u can change with option in FMC
  10. Beardyman

    The new Lufthansa livery...thoughts?

    Everything is economy based - less colours, simple scheme means less money out from Lufthansa account I hate that but it looks that is something we have to get used to. Other airlines also go similar direction, very soon we will see boring white planes with small airline logos only.
  11. Beardyman

    Cold Waters

  12. Beardyman


    It would be nice if finally Carenado will master this part :-)
  13. Beardyman


    Hope is done and ready for sale. That one might be my first Carenado :-)
  14. Pity is that PMDG spends so much time and effort about modelling and animations, but i do not see and don't care cause i sit in the cockpit. Very very rarely i see plane outside, mostly when parked, before flight - something like walk around. For me PMDG can do only cockpit with systems and i would be happy :-)
  15. Beardyman

    747 is expensive! lol

    Typical PMDG joke, years old...