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  1. second photo is stunning - like a postcard of real thing
  2. Steve, ur Poseidon painting makes me itchy to buy 737, but i said to myself - will not buy that plane for the third time...
  3. Fair point - yet still wish to have their Spit 🙂
  4. I wish A2A start their MSFS journey with Spitfire..., just me probably
  5. Good news, I used to love DA Fokker - long long time ago
  6. Without a good reason they would not spend so many months re-doing that one.
  7. If u have been spoiled by A2A then u will be a bit disappointed by MSFS offer. I would say that Spit from Flyingiron is decent, P38 have some issues. There is also Milviz with Corsair, but that one in my opinion is completely broken in terms of flight dynamics and gauges readings. Waiting for Hellcat from Flyingiron...
  8. I use CPU with balanced setting and on my mediocre system ( i5 and 1660 ) it works as charm.
  9. Yep, Asia is the place they can fly freely...
  10. follow this guy and check (2) Microsoft Flight Simulator | AIG Traffic Install | Updated - YouTube
  11. I do have a feeling that brake fans are a bit too effective as they cool brakes extremely fast - maybe it is my wrong feeling only...
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