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  1. Everything is economy based - less colours, simple scheme means less money out from Lufthansa account I hate that but it looks that is something we have to get used to. Other airlines also go similar direction, very soon we will see boring white planes with small airline logos only.
  2. Cold Waters

  3. F50

    It would be nice if finally Carenado will master this part :-)
  4. F50

    Hope is done and ready for sale. That one might be my first Carenado :-)
  5. Pity is that PMDG spends so much time and effort about modelling and animations, but i do not see and don't care cause i sit in the cockpit. Very very rarely i see plane outside, mostly when parked, before flight - something like walk around. For me PMDG can do only cockpit with systems and i would be happy :-)
  6. Typical PMDG joke, years old...
  7. Better question is when they will fix numerous of issues this plane still has ?
  8. Jean, in my opinion PFPX do not calculate fuel correctly, leaving not sufficient reserve, and i have such situation every time i use PFPX and 747. My simple solution without getting deep into numbers is to add extra 5 to 7T of fuel for short flight and 10 to 15T for long haul. That will keep me always on safe side.
  9. I feel like for long time Mr.RR did not feed us with one of his stylish post
  10. She still rocks..., for me best ever plane made by A2A Stormy way to Norway.
  11. I miss Project Tupolev...
  12. I also feel tempted but i've lost confidence toward CS long time ago, so it is really difficult for me to pull the trigger ...
  13. FSX-SE

    Contrary to DJ i will say that TOPCAT is extremely useful - if u fly PMDG ...
  14. Rule of the thumb is that u disconnect A/P, then also u should do the same with A/T and vice versa. Watching real movies on YT, i see that pilots do exactly like that.
  15. The problem is that CS is not high end developer so it will be hard for them to push their new plane with such price tag. The good news is that maybe finally CS came to conclusion that high end market is bigger and more profitable. I wish that CS will change and join FSL,PMDG,A2A club.