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  1. XP11

    Judging by given photos only - It does not look impressive, only a bit better than default scenery - just my opinion here.
  2. Prior purchase i have a question if PTA support older P3D version, as on main page ( ) i see info that PTA is "designed for P3Dv4"
  3. FSX-MS

    But the price tag suggest that it is study level
  4. FSX-MS

    I worry that i will wait for ages to get my 146 P3D3&4 version... Now dev will be busy with 787P3D ver., bug fixing and so on
  5. FSX-MS

    Yep, and the question is about "someday" :-)
  6. In 747 FMC, in payload page enter ZFW value which is calculated by PFPX
  7. I am trying to use CIVA INS, but no success, KLN does not work for me same as I21. Have no navigation system for this bird.
  8. On real cockpit movie i saw them positioned "down"... John - do u use KLN ?
  9. I was deceived by 'green lights'. If switches are moved down then heating does not work even green lights suggest opposite situation. Only when switches are 'up' then heating work.
  10. This time Tu154 is working for me, but the problem with pitot heat remains. I see that issue is well known, but i cannot find solution. Anyone knows remedy for freezing pitot heat ?
  11. I have tried with B version - everything was working fine, but it was an issue with fuel/tank logic, and engines were off after 10 minutes. If u say that it is working for you, then i will try again. I have spent hundreds of hours in this bird when using FSX - simply love it. Edit - i cannot find tu154B2 on Avsim
  13. It's a pity that this great bird does not work in P3D ... ;-(
  14. Is there any possibility to download update without operation center ? For me it is not possible to do that via OP ...