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  1. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?catid=220&linkid=26758
  2. In fact 'full screen' is borderless windowed mode. I don't see any performance impact so use 'full' for immersion
  3. People have to learn how to be polite and chose words carefully, not accusing someone or company only because one failed with setting something. If manual is not enough which i truly doubt, then YT is full of info movies, where one can see how others do things.
  4. Do not throw false accusations on reputable company. Take ur time to find solution as problem is on ur side only.
  5. Hi, I have P3D4.5, using ActiveSky, REX Sky Force3D for clouds and texturing, additionally i use TomatoShade with latest RD1.8. As in the title, my sky is always milky and foggy, i understand that AS creates fogginess to set and limit visibility ( in my case visibility is set to 70nm ), but milk is all around and despite weather conditions. Is there any specific option in AS or TomatoShade which create or can eliminate milkiness ?
  6. Had settings for P3D4.5 - core 0,1,2 ( set by Process Lasso ) Core 0 had 100% load all the time. Changed affinity for core 1,2,3 and noticed quite even load and no 100%. Added core 0 to already set cores 1,2,3 and core 0 was loaded less than others.
  7. I cannot attach any pics cause i do not use any photo sharing app. Can send u my settings on ur private mail if u wish.
  8. My settings are well balanced and suits my flying - slow and low. In case P3D u have to experiment a lot to find that sweet spot, which depends on hardware, software and ur visual preferences - that is why there is no universal advise. Go with ur settings to lowest level, fly with ur most advanced addon and judge. If u feel that everything is smooth go with ur settings a notch higher and check. It is tedious way, but the only one.
  9. i always install P3D on different HDD. About lags - multiple possibilities, in general i would say that ur settings are too high and GPU cannot handle, thus lags. In my case for smooth sim it is crucial to limit framerates and enable vsync. Apart of that check FFTF and affinity mask. By the way - i have almost same spec as yours
  10. It will be beautiful from modelling/texturing point of view, that is for sure, but systems logic and complexity … i have serious doubts. Of course fingers crossed for their project as new FSL version seems to be vaporware.
  11. I believe density is not controlled by ORBX tree addon, but by P3D setting only - am i right ?
  12. Question from person who does not have HD or Terra Flora trees, but would like to have better trees - Is it worth to buy new ORBX addon ? Will i see significant visual improvement ?
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