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  1. Yes Ahhmad, this is the price for highest fidelity :-)
  2. Beardyman

    CS 757

    UGCX - Finally !!! :-)
  3. Beardyman

    Preview: Yangzhou Taizhou Airport, China

    Hongqiao please :-)
  4. Beardyman

    Clean colors in the simulator

    it's a pity that LM don't care and we have to buy additional software to have such great results
  5. Beardyman

    AeroPeru Lockeed Tristar

    Yep, that is why i have it, even she is CS...
  6. Beardyman

    AeroPeru Lockeed Tristar

    Honestly I do not think that CS put efforts to simulate engine performance with different air/weather condition. I have L1011 and have serious doubts about her performance, anyhow glad u enjoy her.
  7. Beardyman


    Is there any chance that one day LM will improve default ATC ??
  8. Beardyman

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    Two questions to happy owners 1. Found out that mixture leaning is odd. Even with mixture as low as 0.2 engine works fine. Second issue is that when use lean mixture milage per gallon is lower than with rich mixture, and should be opposite. 2. when use autopilot with HDG option only, I have no pitch control - I think that is also odd
  9. Beardyman

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    Does anybody knows how to change aircraft.cfg to set tail wheel from rudder linked to free rotation as it is in original plane ?
  10. Beardyman

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    Carenado sounds are ok for me, but i agree that they failed to reproduce heavy feeling. If u have at least one A2A plane it is hard to accept given 'immersion' ...
  11. Beardyman

    The best B-17 available?

    A2A - old version but still rocks and works in P3D
  12. Beardyman

    Star Citizen Charges $27,000 to Unlock ships

    These guys are definitely lost in space :-)
  13. Beardyman

    744 rain effect

    I am almost sure that PMDG said they will upgrade older models with new features, I think it is just a matter of time.
  14. Beardyman

    JustFlight Announce Boeing 747-100 Development

    It might be my first purchase ... :-)
  15. Beardyman

    Objective of UGCX

    Impressive communication skills Bryan - Bingo !