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  1. The most important picture ( FSL web page announcement ) is the last one ... 🙂
  2. Really, u are ready to dump a piece of solid software only because of that ? They have worked on that for months and u want refund cause ur finger cannot master button that is 10mm to the left or right ? Where do we go ...
  3. I have read so many positive opinions about ENVTEX that finally i have bought that, and what a nasty surprise - after installing of all textures provided, sun is now a big flat omelette - no bloom, no any visual effect 😔 I have no backup, any good advice how to get back to original, or have some good replacement for that ugly thing from ENVTEX ? P3D5.1, no EA
  4. I have found source of my problems - after recent BIOS update some CPU and Memory parameters were set up not as desired, especially memory was not under XMP profile - instead 3200 was 2400. When i set all parameters as high as i need them to be everything is fine, sim is smooth and crisp as much as can be. Thank u all for suggestions and will to help, appreciate
  5. CPU avg. load is around 15% ( cores from 0 to 4 ) have 5 cores, no HT Using Process Lasso for cores assigning Memory ( 16GB ) - 36% memory load. Sorry cannot post pictures, but load is mainly on core 0 - roughly about 40%, other cores are lightly loaded - maybe 10% My system: Intel i5-9600K @ 4.0GHz 16GB of RAM 1660 / 6Gb of RAM Resolution 2560x1440 ( native )
  6. actual LOD_Radius=5.5, but even with lowest setting had blurry ground
  7. For the very beginning i am sorry to open such topic again, but truly i have searched answer and solution for last couple of days and i am done. My ground textures looks like taken from FS9. I think i have tried everything - FFTF from 0.1 until 0.6, P3D all settings changed from my default to minimum, NVIDIA settings as widely recommended. Whatever i did i see zero effect - blurry as hell ! My test flights are done with default slow prop plane. Yes, i have ORBX regions I have GeForce1660 6GB Frames are locked on 30, sim is butter smooth. Help please 🙏
  8. Fantastic shot Alan - still waiting for DC6 P3D5 version
  9. Out of curiosity - what frame locking has to crispiness ?
  10. To fly A321 u have to spend 200 USD ... come on
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