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  1. Definitely ur post title do not correspond with the problem - u shouldn't use such strong words unless u have really strong evidence to support ur claim.
  2. i had MSFS for roughly 6 months and got rid of that, came back to P3D. With ORBX improvements, Pilot's mesh and a bit of tweaking with Reshade my P3D looks very good. In fact it is so good that my low level cross country flights with A2A Bonanza are pure joy - joy that i hadn't using MSFS...
  3. Without working Chaseplane i will not jump into 5.4
  4. Feel the itch to buy Global mesh from Pilot's and wondering if there will be no collisions with ORBX Global and/or regions already installed?
  5. try to disable 'enable detailed ea clouds' in active sky
  6. Not a single incentive in changelog, so i stay with 5.3. That is a beauty of P3D - u are not forced to update things...
  7. Why everyone care about financial side of this project? FSL decided to do this iconic plane and kudos to them for their courage and dedication. Have plan to buy her, unless price will be 200 Euro...
  8. why u call those 'fancy' ? - actually those are quite good
  9. Stan - go to NVIDIA settings > change resolution >output dynamic range > set to limited. Dynamic range set to full. In my case that brightens whole sim in EA mode.
  10. New Singapore and new Concorde will be a perfect couple 🙂
  11. Have no answer to ur problem, but maybe u should consider Chase Plane addon - i use it for years and had no issues, and frankly cannot imagine not using it
  12. Beardyman

    CELERA 500 L

    Great project !
  13. Have a soft spot for old Condor paint 🙂
  14. CS was never known for those, 'some' systems are done, but not very deep and accurate. Also it is worth mentioning that CS birds are significantly heavier for the system than for example PMDG. I like 767, wish that beloved L1011 would be improved. but that hope slowly fades away.
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