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  1. I do not have 737, but experienced reverser issues with 747 QOTS. I think Boeing recommendation applies to all models but i might be wrong here.
  2. I think Aaron that u have wrong priorities - u should chase smoothness and fluidity rather than fps. The best advice is to switch fps counter OFF, and just follow ur sense, which settings give u the most fluid simming. I found fps counter as distracting and annoying.
  3. Time ago i've experienced reverser problem, happened when i let A/T engaged until touch down, as long as A/T and A/P are disengaged during appr and landing never have any issue with reverse ( in fact it is official Boeing recommendation - either u do full automatic, or full hand landing, hybrid mode is not advised )
  4. I don't know about JF, but remember that CSL1011 is quite lite, even name is "professional"
  5. Dreams come true ..., if PMDG will also announce reborn of MD11 i am done ( email sent )
  6. Great little tool, nice to have it back in P3D
  7. Gerard, where to put that formula ?
  8. train sim adv on avsim... - guys must have really hard time with sales
  9. Just did
  10. I know Kevin, for me ticket is the last option so i've tried here first.
  11. Kyle, can u help here ?
  12. 146 does not work in P3D 3.4, QW made transition only to P3D 2. I am still waiting to grab again my little jumbo ...
  13. Some guys are never happy... we have brand new cool feature which will bring immersion into new level, but for some it is already "redundant" and "fps killer", even thing has not been published yet...
  14. As said, i experience crash report every time i close P3D after my flight. It happens only with 747. I have latest version of P3D v3.4 and latest 747.
  15. I was thinking about this one But made a mistake, i thought it was started by Kyle - or maybe it was wishful thinking from my side ... ( look at my avatar ) Anyhow - sorry for confusion.