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  1. Welcome to MSFS... So the way I have setup MSFS is not to install it on my C:\ drive, but rather on a partitioned 2TB SSD, with the Partitions being 500GB for the SIM and 1.5TB for sceneries, aircraft etc... In the 1.5TB partition I have created 03 folders "Addons01", "Addons 02", "Addons03"... I also have "Addons04" on a mechanical HDD this is where I store anything that may cause excessive READ/WRITE cycles... I don't like these types of applications on my SSD... Each "Addon" folder on the SSD contains things like Aircraft, Scenery, Utilities, Liveries, etc... Its up to you as to how you want to catalog the addons... The Addon folder on the HDD is for my AI traffic, such as FSLTL, AIG and MTL... Now all of these are managed by AddonsLinker, which basically creates "symbolic" links in the sim's /community folder present in the 500GB partition of the SSD... As for what addons you should have, I think enough has been said in previous posts... Hope you understand how I setup mine... just my 2 cents...
  2. What is the Version number showing on your Simulator?
  3. Hi All, Is there a way that LNM provides Decision Height... Just wondering, as it has everything else available... currently I use Navigraph charts for this... Regards, Faisal
  4. Exactly as said above... If the GSX Icon is Black, then GSX is open (although invisible)... Clicking again and turning the Icon white, fully closes the GSX application... That is why you may find yourself clicking the Icon twice to get GSX to open...
  5. Yes, the default view was way to close for me... this is what I did... Go into the install directory of the Fenix Aircraft (which should be named "fnx-aircraft-320")... find the camera.cfg in the "...simobjects\Airplanes\FNX320\"... IMPORTANT: make a copy of "camera.cfg"... once you have made a copy, open the original "camera.cfg" file in Notepad or similar editor... and look for [CAMERADEFINITION.0]... Look for the following text and use the following values ORIGINAL VALUES InitialZoom =0.35 InitialPbh = 1, 0, 0 NEW VALUES InitialZoom =0.5 InitialPbh = -6.2, 0, 0 This will give you a captain view similar to that on the FBW... Hope this hepls
  6. Ah ha... I was expecting the Knob to physically turn... Yes I get the orange light... so it works... thank you so much...
  7. So was reading the manual and it states "Brake manually below 80 knots, which will disengage the autobrakes."... has anyone been able to set this up... I am using the Thrustmaster rudder pedals, but they just wont disengage... Can any of my esteemed Flight Simmers provide me some insight...
  8. Me too, no updates in the content manager...
  9. I too get this meassage... I do not have or ever had the Google Mod...
  10. I wonder if the whole stuttering issue with AMD is causing some of these issues...
  11. Please note that I have the Store Version... "content.xml" (Make sure to back up the original, just in case): C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache .DAT Files (delete the content of the folder, NOT the folder): C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SceneryIndexes Rolling Cache is in MSFS: Options > General > Data, scroll to the bottom... Hope that helps
  12. After every update, I usually do the following: Reset my "content.xml" Clean out the SceneryIndex .DAT files Rebuild my rolling cache Just what I do, it seems to work for me...
  13. me too, no issues whatsoever... MSFS Addons Linker works well using it this way... MSFS2020 on one SSD, Addons on another SSD, Rolling Cache on another SSD...
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