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  1. Hi All Quick question on the Fenix A320 - Can you change the cabin layout on the mass and balance screen? As an example i can only ever have 36 in business and 126 in economy but want to have a full economy layout where more pax will fit in Is this possible? Thanks Matt
  2. Hi All Currently using PacX on MSFS which is ok but there isn’t much development for it and hasn’t moved on much since I had it for p3d… any other suggestions out there that you all recommend? Thanks Matt
  3. Hi All Just had my first CTD flying back to rome to egll on the Fenix A320... Something about a graphic issue... anyway while i try and figure that out i miss the P3D days of FSUIPC autosave backing up a flight... is ther a way to do this which remembers positon/FMC status etc? Thanks Matt
  4. Hi All Juat beginning the mass install of MSFS as I type… what is everyone’s view on the live weather? Is it accurate or are there any add ons that are better the default setup? Thanks Matt
  5. Hi All I am a long term P3D user making the switch into MSFS…. Setup seems much easier but I wondered if there are any guides/recommendations for setting up a new install and what if any add ons are recommended? For reference in P3D I used Active sky plus cloud art Little Nav Map EFB V2 GSX level 2 Thanks in advance Matt
  6. Hi everyone, So I have tried the Gatwick default scenery and paid scenery on marketplace and notice the stand numbers remain incorrect on the core sim driving little nav map and efb to show incorrect stand numbers I know this is an issue with the base sim but is there any workaround to fix this? Thanks Matt
  7. Hi Everyone It was a bit of a pain setting up the Thrustmaster controls and views in MSFS to my preference and i am shortly upgrading PC. Is there an easy way to save these settings to move across? If so where are they? Thanks Matt
  8. Hi all Im currently having some issues with the beta version of active sky for p3d v5 and wondered what alternatives there are? Ideally I am looking for real world weather that is automatically Put into the sim on a regular basis? Thanks Matt
  9. It’s the latest hot fix to p3d v5 at the moment - not sure the version number and not by the sim at the moment. I’ve removed all additional static aircraft and still the same thing 😞 it may not be eidw - just strange both have happened there but I have flown to 3 other airports so far with no issue - could be a co incidence m
  10. Hi all Not sure how many of you have experienced MKstudios Dublin in p3d v5? I have recently reinstalled my pc so took the plunge - the sim does seem pretty stable apart from when I change views at Dublin I seem to be getting the occasional random crash to desktop Any ideas? M
  11. Hi All I am really struggling to configure the multi switch panel in spad next for the ifly 737 - every time I use taxi/landling lights in triggers other events - any ideas? Thanks Matt
  12. Hi All I currently use P3D and Active Sky + Little Nav Map for flying and planning/weather I find the map on active sky difficult to read for conditions on route - is there anything out there that almost decodes everything and gives you an easy to read flight report? Thanks Matt
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