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  1. Hi all Im currently having some issues with the beta version of active sky for p3d v5 and wondered what alternatives there are? Ideally I am looking for real world weather that is automatically Put into the sim on a regular basis? Thanks Matt
  2. It’s the latest hot fix to p3d v5 at the moment - not sure the version number and not by the sim at the moment. I’ve removed all additional static aircraft and still the same thing 😞 it may not be eidw - just strange both have happened there but I have flown to 3 other airports so far with no issue - could be a co incidence m
  3. Hi all Not sure how many of you have experienced MKstudios Dublin in p3d v5? I have recently reinstalled my pc so took the plunge - the sim does seem pretty stable apart from when I change views at Dublin I seem to be getting the occasional random crash to desktop Any ideas? M
  4. Hi All I am really struggling to configure the multi switch panel in spad next for the ifly 737 - every time I use taxi/landling lights in triggers other events - any ideas? Thanks Matt
  5. Hi All I currently use P3D and Active Sky + Little Nav Map for flying and planning/weather I find the map on active sky difficult to read for conditions on route - is there anything out there that almost decodes everything and gives you an easy to read flight report? Thanks Matt
  6. Thanks guys - it's really strange although what you mention above makes sense The sim is behaving very well - strong FPS with everything rarely dropping below 30fps - any other settings changes you recommend that might fix this? M
  7. Hi Guys I have a pretty well specification on my PC 9900K overclocked, 2080 gti card and 32gb of DDR4 ram but i keep getting autogen not load until long after i have landed as per the link below with the picture Any ideas what to try? Thanks Matt
  8. Hi All Does anyone know why this is no longer on sale? Looking for a pay ware/decent freeware add on for Pisa in p3dv4 if anyone has any ideas? m
  9. Evening all On the Ifly 737-800 in the config tool can you amend the passenger load to make it a full economy layout with more seats? I cant work out how to change the default from two classes? Thanks Matt
  10. Hi All I currently have Orbx Ireland installed and payware EIDW/EGAC/EGAA however i could really do with some scenery for these airports 1.Kerry 2.Shannon 3.Knock 4.Cork Any suggestions out there? Thanks Matt
  11. Hi All Wondering if you can help - i have recently reinstalled ifly 737 and at cruise in strong headwinds the speed still feels WAY to low. I am guessing i must be doing something wrong - any suggestions? Screenshot link of issue below..... Interestingly if i disable fmc it will let me fly up to normal mac 0.78 which equates to 447 knots?? Clearly the airspeed is what is causing the issue https://postimg.cc/7Cz3sKP6 Cheers Matt
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