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  1. I am done with AH for years. Their planes were always somehow 'half baked'
  2. Ok, now i got that - when i choose plane with GTN750XI it does not work, plane with GTN750 works. Don't really know what difference is between 750XI and 750, I see that bezel is different... How to set 750XI to work?
  3. Hi, my GTN panels ( freeware version from PMS50 ) stays black and not active. Same GTN works well for Milviz C310R. Just purchased 414 yesterday, so have no previous experience.
  4. But i do flying in area of temp. 15C only
  5. I have 'realistic' setting, but it feels way off realistic 🙂
  6. I like to fly low and slow, but honestly those turbulences over forests seem to be overly done. Even with clear sky my plane is shaking violently as long as i am over the trees. Do you think this effect is well done and true to life ?, any possibility to tune it ?
  7. I have really hard time with FSHUD - flight plan syntax is horrible experience to go through.
  8. Using P3D for years and first time i see such thing ... 😆
  9. All those FAA like agencies, licensing, certification, maintenance - pure waste of money 😁
  10. I think 'replica' is not a correct word for their products, but visually looks good as always
  11. Hi, there is nothing to rate here, but for my taste 2TB drive is not much these days.
  12. Was not aware of that - really not a feature we were asking for...
  13. I found ORBX regions as quite 'generic' - creating own regions with FSET or ORTHO XP will give far superior results.
  14. Thinking about to buy, but i see that compatibility info says P3D up to ver.5.3. I use 5.4 - will it work properly? Any other alternatives to Sim starter with similar functionality ?
  15. Have you installed already all addons and supporting apps, is your P3D fully set up? Have you tried some long haul flight with other planes than 747?
  16. You do mix many different subjects - hardware, software, and visuals... You have to set things step by step. If P3D is unstable and crashes easily then i would suggest to postpone playing with PMDG and figure out why sim is easy to crash - that is a basic for successful and long haul flights.
  17. Have you tried YouTube videos about PMDG747? - great way to start up and familiarization
  18. Yes, we are talking about Reshade, and yes i have UIHardware option set to 'True'. Reshade works normally for already loong time, i had no idea even about suggestion to change from 'True' to 'False'. Could you explain what that change cause? My sim - P3D 5.4
  19. I do not have such entry and Reshade works perfectly, is it really needed?
  20. Apparently something is very wrong on your side - never had described issues
  21. Reshade is not same as RDshade - Reshade is free
  22. Ray, i use Reshade, and one of the option i use is 'Tint' - i set it with sun color ( HEX #FCE570 ), so instead blueish i have very slightly yellowish tint as in sunny day. Have different tint setting for different conditions ( dusk, dawn, night ). Maybe that would help?
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