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  1. I can get to the home page on the website but any click after that gets the error message. BTW I am in the USA. Franklin Duncan Edit Now I cannot access the website at all. At least I know it is not just me.
  2. Is this website down? I have been unable to reach it for about a week. Specifically the forums. Franklin Duncan
  3. I have begun learning to fly the PMDG DC-6 and would like to offer it as a "Classic". I am enjoying this so much more than I thought. Franklin Duncan
  4. Checked out your website.  It is the first I have heard of Sim Horizon.  Will add it to my scenery "lets see what is new" monthly search.

    Franklin Duncan


  5. Commercial Member 468 3,875 posts Location:Quebec, Canada Report post Posted 3 minutes ago Try deleting the content of the %temp%/85b75c4b-d98d-4de1-ae1d-78fa6833206d folder Let me know if that fixes it. I copied this from another topic and the reply to Keven was the above "fixed it". Franklin Duncan
  6. Keven - gotta change your signature - it still references OldProp. Just kidding. Franklin Duncan
  7. FDEdev - pm sent requesting the .cfg file referenced in this message string. Let me know if you need my email address if it cannot be sent via PM. Franklin Duncan
  8. Urmel Can you briefly describe how Little Navmap detects the duplicate AFCADs? Thanks, Franklin Duncan
  9. Keep up the good work. Love your product.
  10. Thanks Bryan, I did have a few mixture settings assigned via p3d. Deleted all of them. did a quick test = the dreaded "Are you sure?" was not heard. THANKS.
  11. Thanks Bryan, I will take a look at that and report back.
  12. Looking at limitations per NVidia" Sharpening will not work with HDR displays GPU scaling engages when games are played only in full-screen mode, and not in windowed or borderless windowed mode. I use HDR displays and windowed mode so it appears this would not work for me.
  13. I know an intermittent problem is the hardest to solve, but I was hoping Bryan had this one figured out.
  14. Performing the preflight checklist using SOP1 and voice control. PMDG 737-800 with the modern fuel cutoff levers. Last question - "Engine Start Levers" - I answer Cutoff - and I get the annoying "Are you sure?" If I proceed with FS2Crew handling the engine start - I am unable to start engine 1 and the timing on starting engine 2 is screwed up. Oh - I use the "2 then 1" sequence. Is this going to be corrected? I remember it from the original NGX on the 737-800 but not the other version -600 -700 or -900.
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