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  1. I love Chase Plane and I can state that Keven will work with you through a problem. Great customer service. I too have always felt this was a complete and not a beta product. Been reading the manual - there are so many things I have not even tried that are available. Look forward to learning how to use it even better. Franklin Duncan
  2. blazer05

    P3D not showing Active Sky

    Note - thanks vgbaron but the issue is resolved. My mistake. Blazer05
  3. I have reinstalled AS twice with no luck. AS shows it is connected to the simulator, but P3D no longer shows AS as an option on the startup screen. This has not been a problem for me previously. I think the error may be P3D not having the correct path to AS - but I have been unable to find anything about how to change this. Is AS treated as an add-on for P3D? SOLVED - I pointed AS4 to the wrong simulator.
  4. Thanks Matthew - I learned something today. Franklin Duncan
  5. Ckyliu had a very good answer for you - I second his recommendations. I love both the JS41 and the Q400. I also enjoy the HS 748. Fun to learn and a bit of a challenge to master. Franklin Duncan
  6. blazer05

    RAAS settings

    Thanks Bryan - I found the settings as you said. Franklin Duncan
  7. blazer05

    RAAS settings

    "What you're hearing is a RAAS announcement. Go into the RAAS settings and you'll see checkboxes for this warning and also a place to input TA/TL." My question is where do I find the RAAS settings? Franklin Duncan
  8. I love this add-on and the support when I have had issues was top-notch. Franklin Duncan
  9. In the descent and you desire to input a speed in the MCP - so you put in 180 as an example - to have the big ol' girl accept this - you push in the big white button or you "pull" it. I admit it is a dumb question - and I should RTM - read the manual. But I am not in front of my flight sim PC. Thanks and feel free to point out my simplemindedness. Franklin Duncan (lover of all things PMDG - dying to get the JS41 for P3Dv4.2)
  10. Thanks Vic - deleting the scenery.cfg file and letting it regenerate upon launching P3d worked. Franklin Duncan
  11. Trying to reinstall P3D v4 using LM's instructions. The uninstall was performed according to LM's instructions, also. After reinstall and activation - I get the following: "Prepar3D CANNOT run without a valid SCENERY.CFG, Please uninstall and reinstall Prepar3D. Click ABORT to Exit Prepar3D" So I uninstalled and reinstalled and got the same message. How do I get a valid scenery.cfg file? I looked and I have one and it has data in the file (looking at file using Notepad). Franklin Duncan
  12. blazer05


    A small request - please do not forget about the JS4100. One of my favorite planes to fly in FSX - but since my move to P3D - I really miss it. Franklin Duncan
  13. blazer05

    PMDG aircraft and Chase Plane

    Keven - where the hat switch was not working - you were right - two of the sliders in the Camera Advanced were set to zero. Thanks for your help and persistence in helping me locate and correct the issue. Franklin Duncan
  14. blazer05

    PMDG aircraft and Chase Plane

    Will check this and thanks Keven - you have excellent support for your products. Franklin Duncan
  15. I mentioned this about a month or so ago (not sure of the time frame) but it was around the time I made the move to P3d v4. This only relates to the PMDG 737NGX. My CP views for the PMDG 777 and the PMDG 747 are smooth - easy to adjust - and make me glad I went with CP in the first place. Now to the frustration. I have about 9-10 views set up for the PMDG 737 and with 2-3 of them my hat switch does not work. With the other views - the hat switch works. I have no complaints about support as when I first reported this issue (I thought all the views did not have a working hat switch) I got lots of suggestions and quick replies to my posts. I bring this back up as it is so weird that only a few views do not have a working hat switch - oh yeah - it is a Saitek yoke. How do you solve an issue that only involved a few views. But in case anyone has a suggestion or if I have not provided enough information, I would like to hear it. Franklin Duncan