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  1. I've just applied Adam's latest version to PTA and I really like it. It's exactly how I wanted my external views to look, the scenery is just beautiful now. Thanks Adam.
  2. Is anyone having problems with UTX Tropics on P3D and the LatinVFR Tobago scenery elevations (and hopefully fixed)? I installed the LVFR Tobago scenery, but the ramp and parts of the runway are about 40 feet above the airport scenery, which covers a lot of area; airport and surrounding town and residences. Could anyone offer some solutions or ideas to try and fix this? The airport is really well done and very accurate to the real world and I would like to continue using it. Thanks,
  3. portanav

    Ultimate Traffic 2 and Live

    OK, thanks.
  4. portanav

    Ultimate Traffic 2 and Live

    Where do I get the updated models from?
  5. portanav

    P3Dv4 Scenery Library Problem

    You can also use the FREE: Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer - https://lorby-si.weebly.com/downloads.html. I use it and it works like a dream for both new method and old method addons. You can also through the program move any new method addons to the scenery config with the push of a button. Regards,
  6. portanav

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Hi Paul; I have been using your great software for about one year, and I am really happy with it. My sim is a full walk-in B738 simulator running on P3D and Prosim737. I have written a full Boeing 2005 revised checklist that I use with SimVoice in the sim. I would like to make one suggestion, that is; whenever you update SimVoice you consider adding a volume control slider to SimVoice in the settings. That way it would be possible to control the volume from SimVoice independent of other audio software. Thanks again for the great software.
  7. portanav

    Blurry textures P3D V3

    I agree, they are cheating us or fooling us with improved performance. I am seriously thinking of going back to FSX, as I am not enjoying my sim as I did when I used FSX. LM seem to be looking for easy fixes or short-cuts rather than admit to the problem and deal with it. Frustrating and disgusted.
  8. portanav

    Blurry textures P3D V3

    Hello Morten; I am having the exact same problem that you are having. I have been trying everything imaginable with out any solution. Did you ever resolve your problem? The thing is, I did not have this before, and only suddenly I noticed the blurriness. I am at a loss. My system is: i7 3770 ASUS Z77 Kingston SSDs (480Gb and 120Gb) Kingston DDR3 2400 GTX 680 I used FSX previously before switching with exceptional graphics and performance. P3D started out the same, but It was only recently I noticed the blurriness. I then switched back to FSX, now with the same blurrys. I borrowed an GTX 970 to see if it was the video card; same result. I reformatted my SDD and have returned to P3D. I keep my addon scenery on a seperate SSD (120Gb), and use UTX terrain for landclass. I certainly hope you or someone will have a suggestion to a solution Many thanks.
  9. I am trying to setup my Alabeo DA40 with a Mindstar G1000, but I cannot find the DA40 style as mentioned in the instructions as one of the styles provided. Can someone help me with this?
  10. portanav

    Scenery config in P3Dv3?

    I am new to P3D, shifting from FSX. Is there a scenery config file in the new version of P3D (v3)? The reason I asked is that my Aivlasoft EFB is saying it cannot find the config file and when I checked the P3D folders there really is none. Because of that it is affecting the updating of EFB with airports, etc. Regards, Michael.
  11. portanav

    KJAX by Ray Smith

    Thank you very much Menno, you have been very helpful. Regards, Michael.
  12. portanav

    KJAX by Ray Smith

    Hello, I have installed the Jacksonville KJAX scenery into FSX Scenery Library, but I do not see any terminal buildings. I read about the AIG scenery and added it to the Scenery Library (not sure if that was correct); if this scenery is the reason for my problem, can anyone help me solve this and advise me where to place the AIG scenery? Regards, Michael.
  13. Hello All; Does FS2Crew 2010: FSX 737 Default Edition Voice Commander work with GSX? Thanks, Michael.
  14. portanav

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Hi Paul; Thanks for this great software. However, I have a few questions. I have a male voice for the checklist reader, however at the end of every checklist reading a female voice responds "checklist complete" instead of the male voice. This also happens with one particular checklist item "hydraulic panel" instead of being read by the male voice it is female. Any ideas what is causing this? Is there any way to change the voice of the checklist reader? Can I select "listen" automatically when I run the program without having to go to the sub-menu? Thanks, Michael.