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  1. portanav

    PFPX V2

    I have no problems and it works great, with a nicer interface. There is also an update 2.03 now available.
  2. I would like to have Prosim 737 flight model supported. Thanks.
  3. Their is no install/uninstall feature, just replace the PTA.exe file in your folder with the new version.
  4. Hi Gerard, I just came across this related post and reply from Matt (earlier) -
  5. Matt, thanks for the update. I'm getting this same error, whenever I try to apply a preset; yours or SK3d. I did as you suggested by uninstalling and reinstalling the P3D client, but still get the error. Initial run of PTA says "Shaders integrity OK".
  6. portanav

    Is adverse yaw well modeled in P3D?

    Please note, there is a difference between slipping and skidding. Skidding like with a car is outside of the turn, slipping is (skidding) into the turn or towards the center of the turn. The term "side-slipping" is experienced only during descent in an uncoordinated turn or deliberately by the pilot on approach (using cross-controls) to increase the aircraft's rate of descent. The latter used commonly in flapless aircraft.
  7. portanav

    Is adverse yaw well modeled in P3D?

    Torque only affects an aircraft during takeoff, as it applies more weight (thus drag) to the left main (on american made aircraft). Torque has no effect on an aircraft in flight; the only effect coming from the engine input in flight comes indirectly from the propeller's slipstream, producing a yaw to the left and this is normally overcome (neutralized) by the fixed trim tab found on the rudder (of all Cessna and Piper aircraft) and factory set (for cruise speed). So in a turn (of more the 30 degrees bank) where more power is needed to maintain cruise speed, the slipstream effect will be added to the adverse yaw. Even if their was no adverse yaw (due to differential ailerons) you will still have to apply some rudder in the turn one way or the other. A turn to the left will now cause slipping into the turn because of too much yaw as the slipstream effect plays it's part once again, requiring rudder input in the opposite direction of the turn, though negligible at times (theory wise that is). So in short, rudder is always needed during a turn once power beyond the cruise setting is required to maintain the cruise speed. Even on more advanced aircraft like the B737, some rudder input (very little by the yaw damper) is used in the turn at times.
  8. portanav

    GTX1060 versus GTX680

    Yes I did.
  9. portanav

    GTX1060 versus GTX680

    Hi Elaine, I am very happy to report that your suggestions fixed all my problems, and the new card is really running better than the GTX680. Thank you and all the others who responded with their suggestions for helping me solve this. Thanks again😄
  10. portanav

    GTX1060 versus GTX680

    Hi Elaine; I did install into a PCIE3.0 slot (ASUS Z170), clean update to v416. I will remove NVI profile also try the suggestions on your link. Thanks,
  11. portanav

    GTX1060 versus GTX680

    Hi, yes I did a clean update with the latest driver from Nvidia v416.
  12. portanav

    GTX1060 versus GTX680

    Is it possible for a GTX1060 6G to perform worse than a GTX680? I recently upgraded (or thought it was an upgrade) my system from a GTX680 to a GTX1060 6G, and have found that instead of getting better performance it got worse. My FPS dropped by 30-50% at my HD airports, where all settings remained the same with my FPS is locked at 30. I used Nvidia Inspector to configure my card (both 680 and 1060) to the settings recommend by NickC, and added the recommended lines to the P3D config, which made significant improvement to the GTX680 operation. With the GTX680 (2Gb G-ram) my FPS was always between 25 and 30 and generally smooth, day or night; with the GTX1060 (6Gb G-ram) my FPS varies from 10 to 30 at the same airports and under the same conditions with stutters. Is this possible? If so, can someone explain how this is so? I expected some serious improvement over the 680 with quality and for sure smoothness, instead it got poorer. I still can't believe what now exist after spending money I could have used elsewhere. I sure hope someone can explain what went wrong. My system is an i7/6700 with 16Gb DDR2400 ram and an 450Gb SSD and either the GTX680 or the GTX1060 and 3x Dell 23" monitors through a matrox triplehead2go, running Win7/64 and P3Dv4.3. Using GPU-Z to monitor my graphics card, I find that the load on the GPU is only 20% with other parameters according to card spec. I updated the driver with a clean update to v416.
  13. I've just applied Adam's latest version to PTA and I really like it. It's exactly how I wanted my external views to look, the scenery is just beautiful now. Thanks Adam.
  14. Is anyone having problems with UTX Tropics on P3D and the LatinVFR Tobago scenery elevations (and hopefully fixed)? I installed the LVFR Tobago scenery, but the ramp and parts of the runway are about 40 feet above the airport scenery, which covers a lot of area; airport and surrounding town and residences. Could anyone offer some solutions or ideas to try and fix this? The airport is really well done and very accurate to the real world and I would like to continue using it. Thanks,