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  1. Looking for solutions to the slow loading/dropped out city/airport textures (think DD NYC/Chicago/Seattle etc) when looking away/turning downwind or base come back to find that this aged well. My 3080ti with 12GB is about 8GB short of what I need to run LatinVFR KMIA and KFLL 😂
  2. I noticed I had duplicates at KJFK after installing the inibuilds GSX profile-but not at T5 only at the BAW terminal (8 iirc) I’ll have to take a peek at the files and/or do a reinstall.
  3. I kind of figured as much that’s what I was wondering about. With Cross the Pond being so close-what would you recommend I do to be on the safe side prior? Just a reinstall? I’m also planning on picking up FS2Crew for the 737ngxu-would installing that version happen to also reset the XACT-DLL file in question?
  4. Thanks Bryan. I had some issues with my mouse cursor as well (not sure if I can link the thread here from FSL-but I will and a mod can fix it if need be) First time I’d had that issue-had wondered if it was GeForce experience. When the crash happened-I had turned the FS2CREW panels on/off a few times in quick succession. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/30922-disappearing-mouse-cursor-on-efb/&do=findComment&comment=246660
  5. Hi Bryan, Tried out FS2Crew for my beloved FSL A32X’s for the first time and loving it so far (even if it sometimes doesn’t like my Boston accent) Have done dozens of flights with it no issue. Last night-while climbing out on a short hop and using my hide/show button along with popping up secondary panel a few times in a row, I got the XACT.dll crash. Ran a system scan etc. some things were fixed. I do not have ANYTHING on this PC other than stock windows and Flight Sim apps-it’s purpose built-no DRM stuff or anything mentioned in previous (years old) posts regarding XACT CTD’s. You can see the exact moment of the CTD, what I did before/after in this video (channel is not monetized) @ the 59:00 mark onwards. Again-I had done countless flights prior with zero issue. Only changes I made were some FSL livery additions.
  6. Shez, @micstatic has told me that DTW is working great in V5 with the latest beta and a bit of tweaking. I’ll shoot you an email later today for the beta. Also-thanks again for that Four Stacks Visual! It was a heck of a ride in!
  7. The internet isn’t good for sarcasm most of the time 😜 As far as the MCDU stuff. It’s a nagging annoyance to me… But I still fly the things. Although it’s been a stutter fest on the PMDG Ngxu for some reason lately. Only changes were orbx trees changing season, a few 3rd party liveries and a win update.
  8. Well don’t call me spoiled then If it means something different for you.
  9. Sure, but every bit of realism makes it more fun doesn’t it?
  10. Spoiled by the FSlabs, Leonardo Maddog and to the extent I fly it, the QW 787-that functionality is all there. I’m not hopeful for Global Flight Ops… I feel like they woulda said something-anything by now.
  11. I find it hard to fly anything besides the FSL (and Leonardo) aircraft. Their AOC/ATSU, CPDLC and finally the GSX integration really make the little realistic details matter. PMDG lags far far behind in the realism I know RR doesn’t like GSX/Coatul and has said as much, but not even being able to grab airport WX or ATIS from the CDU’s on the PMDG stuff really drives me nuts. Most other addons have the ability to do it. FSL is truly in a league of its own. My opinion is that it really feels as tho you sit down in the flight deck and FEEL like you’re prepping for a flight, getting your loadsheets, your cargo loading etc. The GSX integration with the weights/baggage/pax/catering and even water, jetways and GPU/ground AC is simply sublime when it comes to it. Here’s hoping they give us the Concorde and a PROPERLY modeled A330-200/300 and whatever other Airbus products they can get the data for! With all that being said, I will be installing MSFS for the first time when the Fenix A320 and Whiskyjet A220’s are ready to go.
  12. Is there any workaround for this? I posted in the P3D V5 Facebook group. I’ve got specific questions that maybe will help. I’ve also seen a post on the FSDT forums about sim connect locking up if people didn’t do “clean” installs of P3D V5.2HF1 which I’m fairly certain I did via the P3D instructions… below is my post about the lockup with some questions I’m hoping folks can answer. I use REX SF3D with ASP3D for clouds/WX I’ve had some issues on longer flights/sessions (including a shut down WITHIN sight of Honolulu after a 6 hour ride 🤬 🤦‍♂️) My questions: -Is everyone getting that Simconnect bug after 6-7 hours? -Is there a workaround for the amount of simconnect connections? Some possible work arounds I’m considering that some folks may have tried: -If I turn off REX cloud sync but still run REX with the sim, will it still time out/shut down simconnect @ 6hrs? -If I install my selected textures via REX and then shut it down and DO NOT run REX SF3D WITH the sim, will I still get the textures or does REX need to be running to get the “installed textures” to work? -I’ll be cross posting this to their discord but I’ve heard people have been removed for it (I don’t know how said folks went about asking about it-so maybe it was justified but 🤷‍♂️) Any ideas/suggestions short of “switch to FS2020” are readily welcome. Thanks.
  13. Procedure followed, excellent support received from @ScotFlieger via email. Issue solved, admins may close the thread.
  14. Will do it will be a bit before I can.
  15. Scott, what I’m getting at is-SOME of the commands work, some do not. Some also have a hefty delay. I’m not sure what to do really-this is a fresh NGXu install I mostly fly the FSlabs and Maddog. should the reload LUA work? I took the screenshots with the sim closed to show that I had many functions programmed but not all of them worked. I will post a video for you tomorrow night. Hope you can help get this sorted. I’d always had some issues with the NGXu commands even on my previous install. I much prefer LINDA to the garbage interface for the Honeycomb. I’m not a programmer, thus the LINDA GUI makes it super easy (you’d think for $250 they’d have done some better software!) For example, APU Start never worked, but the APU off did on my toggle switches.
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