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  1. It seems to me after the install to 5.1 (I messaged you w pics on FB Messenger) it just needs an exclude file to keep the default stuff out. In addition, V5.1 only recognizes (for me) the data folder that simmarket installs. My FB is open, be happy to help test
  2. true story. I’m loathe to buy the few airports I need from FSDT... (KIAH/KCLT)
  3. Yeah. Says the same guy that said ORBX KPBI was gonna be in beta with screens back in august, then October, then November and it’s “delayed more than we’d like” as of late
  4. I’m hoping TropicalSim and T2G both get it together and update their products for V5
  5. FSDT is just PHNL V2 for P3D V5 afaik plus a KPIT version/update Orbx was gently called out by me personally about KPBI which has been “going into beta at month end” since before KSJC and MSFS were released. Still no screens at all but iirc @micstatic or someone else had a post recently where the actual dev (I believe from the UK iirc) who is working on it said it was “delayed more than they’d like but still coming along” As for the rest of the list, I’d like to add -VQPR/Paro (from the aerosoft store can’t remember the dev exactly but I emailed the dev and they said new version coming 2021) -TropicalSim TNCA and other Caribbean airports (MBPV/MDPC etc etc) -ORBX EGLC for P3D V5 -T2G KMCO (a non-hacked V5 version-I love it but it took a bunch of work to get it configured) There are definitely more but I don’t recall them off the top of my head at the moment. I’ll come back and update when I get the list sorted.
  6. @ScotFlieger I take it there’s no way to do this for P3D as of yet?
  7. I don’t have much choice in the matter from what I can gather-I need my radio panels to work
  8. Thanks Andrew... Without doing anything (other than updating my SPAD.next which I use for my radio panel) I’ve now lost the LED lights that used to work with the FSLabs for landing gear (green down/locked and red for in transit) as well as annunciations like starter engaged, fuel pressure etc. It’s been a nightmare trying to get answers from Honeycomb as of yet.
  9. Ok Andrew... This is what I’ve come up with for you. Some notes: -The Detent Buttons from Axis 1-5 are 24-28 and they engage when you pull the levers all the way down past the idle detent (similar to saitek) -Axis 6 or the flap axis-that is Button 33 -The Toga button is Button 29 -It seems like button 30 may be reserved for the Airbus autothrust disconnect as I could not find it. Even the GA propeller lever “Go Around” Button is still Button 29 when it’s installed on Axis 1 -Buttons 9-12 are the reverser handle buttons I hope this helps
  10. Ok Scott I’ll do my best-would a video suffice?
  11. Yes I’ll try to do that like what do you need a pictorial of the buttons?
  12. Ok lemme dig that one out tonight. I’m on east coast US time so about ~5 hours behind you if I’m gathering that right by your profile. I definitely do not want to program lol. I’m very much so appreciative of plug and play type things which LINDA has given me some modest success at so far
  13. The label is “INCR/DECR” and it’s two buttons one left button and one right button if you spin the knob either way
  14. Nope not unless there’s a video/step by step. I would imagine that the mode selector is similar to this perhaps. I have/had it setup for HDG as “unshifted” but I think I deleted it. I sent two emails from my DJRoskoxxxx @ the “g” email... I couldn’t find a second config-hid.LUA file in either folder and I’ve got weird module setup it seems. I sent screenshots of the folder structure and contents. Hope this will help a bit
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