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  1. Thanks so much guys-I'm gonna start putting specs together and hopefully everyone can help and toss in their two cents and I'll get a decent machine! This is exactly why I love being a part of this community-everyone helping each other out.
  2. Thanks so much for the reply. I'm looking at ye olde PCPartPicker for the components and I'm just going bananas with all the options :facepalm: there's just too much there for me to make educated decisions-like a $35 mobo and a $50 PSU save me a bunch but what will it cost me!?!?! HEEEELLLLPPPPP I'M DROWNING IN PC PARTS
  3. Hi all, after using FS from 3.0 up to FS9/X then switching to mac to further my DJ career-I've come back to lurking about here for quite a while and jealously watching friends from my old VA get into the air again-I've decided to come here asking for a ~budget-mid high range recommend build(my wife will kill me if I even go over-IF she lets me go for it!) to get back in the air with all my friends from the AVSIM/VATSIM community My goals: -Get a computer that will run FSX(or FSX se?) or even P3D ON Vatsim (is FSINN still around? I hated the SQBX Traffic models!) -Run the sim with PMDG MD11/73/74/777, Aerosoft/Blackbox/FSLabs Airbuses(I'm a FBWFTW type of guy) tube liners mainly for VATSIM VA flights. -With Aerosoft heathrow/Dubai etc etc-I want decent scenery -I used to use ASadvanced-I believe it's now ASN for wx. -I'd like to see some pretty pictures like on YouTube with the ORBX/REX/Ultimate Terrain type deals -I'd like to Run these addons with REASONABLY MEDIUM HIGH settings-my last laptop choked on FSX(slide show extraordinaire) I switched to FS9, things ran fairly well then it died... But it looked like the Sahara desert... Barely any scenery etc etc. -I'd also like to Find out what the hell a VC is and why they seem to be standard now?(Never used one before-guess I'll have to learn-apparently now they're all HD :-p ) -I'd like to not mortgage my kidneys or liver for this computer. -I'd really be satisfied to get good A/C performance on point to point flights with JBU's VA/EIN/BAV etc etc With that being said-do I NEED an i7 that's overclocked? Do I NEED a GTX Titan? It seems all the "FSX build bibles" say intel/NVIDIA -I can deal with that but if I can go with ivy bridge that'll save me $100 or so... I also haven't the foggiest regarding PSU/Case/fans:how to overclock without killing things Thanks in advance for any and all help... With tongue firmly in cheek -Ross McD
  4. Will you let us know how the AMD/GTX setup goes? All I've ever heard is "INTEL i7 overclocked to 7.4Ghz and GTX5000(kidding) is THE ONLY WAY TO GET GOOD FSX" lmao...
  5. DJ Rosko

    Saitek Panels with 777

    This is an old post but YES-I used the 4 centers for throttle(leaving 1/4 full ahead on two engined a/c) and the left side with red knob for spoilers and the right side with the blue knob for flaps-all calibrated through FSUIPC. I understand Saitek are both lazy and cheap when it comes to licensing and making drivers. I believe they had an agreement with Mr. Dowson(creator of FSUIPC) to license and then backed out/did a hack job of using FSUIPC without a proper license-so the panels DEF don't work but the throttles if my memory serves right show up as a joystick. I'm getting ready to get back into FSX and saitek stuff is on my radar-but NOT if the panels won't work with the high quality PMDG etc addons!