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  1. I finally found the solution myself. Here is the solution in case somebody else has the same problem: One of the config files in the folder C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\LORBY_SI\MSAO was the cause of this strange behavior. After deleting the contents of the MSAO folder, the tool started correctly.
  2. Yes, we understand completely. You should probably wait until after the next World update, or maybe one or two more hotfixes before releasing your product.
  3. I'm stuck with v1.00b20 of MSFSAO, which is working fine. When installing 1.05b02 or b03, the tool doesn't start at all. Any idea what I could try? Thanks, Mike
  4. After using VoxATC for some time on FSX, I switched to Pilot2ATC on P3D a few months ago and I'm rather happy with it, although there's still potential for improvement. A feature that I am missing is a mandatory readback feature, for example I do not just request pushback, but I also have to confirm the approval of the pushback. I'm aware that there is the "CoPilot responds to radio" function, but that's not the same. I would like to say it myself, an if I don't, having Pilot2ATC repeating the instructions to get a readback. Is such a feature possible? Mike
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