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  1. KPBI IS SORELY NEEDED! #3 airport in the US! I sent a ton of pics to them but the dev doesn’t seem to work for Orbx anymore!
  2. great post-I got flamed on the Fenix thread for pointing out VNAV and other things that need some tweaking in future updates. But at least Fenix doesn’t claim to be “ground up” when it’s the same old code as Mike T pointed out Translation: -reddit makes memes -Avsim discussion can get things fixed and features added Although I have indeed made one or two Randangelo memes. (I may have even been the first one to call him Randangelo™ Patent Pending) apologies to the mods for the 3 posts-I tried to do multi quote from my phone and failed miserably.
  3. Only if you bought it by Dec 31 2019… Anyone who bought-even before MSFS came out in August 2020 was excluded
  4. Mike, what a great post! I too have paid PMDG hundreds if not thousands including in EURO’s around 2008 iirc-for the same planes in different sims-sometimes with a new feature or two but I drew the line at MSFS, as much as I’d like to have a Boeing or two alongside my Fenix-which was my first venture into MSFS and bugs with the sim and initial Fenix A320 aside is enjoyable-I cannot give Randangelo (my new name for him since he’s said he’s the “Michelangelo of flight sim” or something to that effect-but I don’t think Michelangelo would reuse the same ceiling over and over again without repainting it or at least sprucing it up a bit) As for the Papa Tango debacle-I vaguely remember a friend telling me to hurry and download AA liveries the second they’d come up due to some of that nonsense back in the day-even stuffing a few on my (dated at that time) Zip100 drive! For the young’ns who don’t remember-I dug Tom Allensworth’s 15th anniversary blog-I was new to the internet back then and those were the days where I’d eagerly download a 747 or 767 mod from avsim just to have the brown cockpit. I still maintain friendships with some of my sim buddies of that era tho I’m the only one still simming. Thanks for the walk down memory lane with his name!
  5. Thanks. I reached out to Fly2High on FB-they’re committing to an update/fixes.
  6. Bought the Fly2High version yesterday due to simmarket pics/video. As said before-the taxi lights are messy-around the runway the terminal the whole 9 yards. The PAPIs for 24 don’t exist it seems or are in the wrong spot and wrong settings (to the right and way before 24) It needs a ton of work with little and bug fixes. Hopefully Ricardo over at LVFR will hook us up soon. I mean I’m good to support something if it’s worth it but for €18 the F2H version needs some serious updates-he’s selling it on FS.to as well and replied to some constructive criticism saying he’d have some fixes soon™ Anyone think the Pachilabs is worth a go? RSW is one of my favs.
  7. At least I tried? You’re clearly just another one just jumping down someone’s throat “there can’t be anything wrong with it” good lord man open your eyes and read!! What am I obfuscating about the rotation? Nothing BECAUSE it’s plainly torqued. Did I say it was barely flyable? Clearly you don’t have reading comprehension. You must’ve missed my post where I said and I quote: “Overall, I’m satisfied and feel I’ve gotten my moneys worth and then some from the Fenix, but today I’m back in P3D flying my beloved A321 with IAEs. I think they delivered a serviceable, fun to fly and well above average A320 for the time being. I’m interested to see what they do moving forward to enhance realism and fix the glaring and minor issues.” In addition to THAT, it seems you’ve missed my post DIRECTLY above this where I pointed out the VNAV-to encompass open climb (hello 2G pull ups when reducing speed in open climb) aka THE VNAV IS A NIGHTMARE and needs tuning because it’s simply way too aggressive. Not to mention it sits at the bottom of the speed bracket in a -2400fpm descent which pretty much no Airbus in the history of Airbus making wings (waves to the geniuses in Broughton) has ever done. I literally have been flying the tail off this plane. It needs tuning and fixing. See below for example: Fenix VNAV Even BB has said the rotation is cooked-apparently the FBW mod slams the trim to 8° ANU to properly if unrealistically simulate the Ground Mode to Normal Law transition. What else would you like me to be specific about before you jump down my throat some more?
  8. I wholeheartedly agree. I think unfortunately there’s a ton of stuff wrong but the people jumping down other peoples throats is related to a few things. For one-people who’ve only used MSFS have never had an FSL or Toliss bird to fly, they’ve got nothing to compare it to-so of course it’s “perfect” to them. The other thing I suspect but am not entirely sure on-is that the going for the jugular when seeing critical things pointed out about the Fenix is related to the maturity level (or lack there of) of some of the folks throwing the daggers. To take the two above posts into account. Darren mentioned the RNP-the ADIRS Fenix modeled isn’t rated for RNP-it’s an older model. Fenix did a nice job of compromising between EIS1/EIS2 aircraft aesthetically speaking. The cruise pitch is a touch off-perhaps should be a degree or two lower depending on your situation, the fuel burn is WAAAY off, the rotation is whacky, the VNAV is a nightmare (from what I’ve heard due to MSFS limitations) and the list goes on. I put my noted up above and tagged Aamir-I certainly hope he takes it the right way. I don’t dare try in the discord or I’ll get jumped on. As for what @ha5mvo said about the “XBOX dna” I believe he’s referring to the WASM language (at the very least-I’m sure there’s more under the hood) which helps port MSFS onto Xbox and I’m sure causes tons of issues-one of them being data transmission and reception outside the sandbox (I’m paraphrasing something a much smarter friend told me there) If the devs can’t/aren’t allowed to get SDK updates and things they need to deliver better addons-because “it won’t fly for the Xbox version of msfs” then it’ll be broken beyond repair…
  9. To be fair, I’m fairly certain that @DEHowie in pointing out issues hasn’t disappeared. It’s more likely he’s not answered yet cause it’s about 2am where he lives. As for myself, I’ve been an FSL die hard for two solid years. I bought the Fenix on day one and given her a solid three weeks of flying the tail right off the thing. I’ve quite enjoyed it, but there’s a bunch of nagging issues that bug me to no end. I’ve also asked a few questions of BB711 and other RW A320 pilot friends regarding the pitch/power couple, over aggressive VNAV, completely torqued rotation/ground mode to normal law blending logic and a few other odds and ends. As for the answers, they’ve been fairly critical answers from both BB and others regarding the Fenix. When I asked a few RW pilots (besides BB) who did stream the Fenix, I was told “it’s fine” when it was clearly not “fine” on stream or in practice with the plane-which made me scratch my head as to why they’d say “oh that’s fine” not sure yet I’ll have to go back and watch over again. Overall, I’m satisfied and feel I’ve gotten my moneys worth and then some from the Fenix, but today I’m back in P3D flying my beloved A321 with IAEs. I think they delivered a serviceable, fun to fly and well above average A320 for the time being. I’m interested to see what they do moving forward to enhance realism and fix the glaring and minor issues. I’m sure @Aamir can confirm it’s probably a nightmare with this hybrid flight model they’ve had to implement-using prosim/Asobo default/their own custom model. I’ve made a list of stuff I’d like to see fixed up/added etc. Hopefully some others will like this list and add to it as well to help Fenix along the journey. ASOBO ISSUES? -Ground model halfway decent but still faster than maybe it should be (AS?) -WXR/PWS (AS) -Terrain Radar doesn’t show limits (Asobo or Fenix idk?) Fenix Pros/Cons -Sounds are excellent-maybe little too much bass in cruise-something I can’t quite put my finger on-it sounds just a TINY bit off in pitch/harmonics during cruise vs IRL. BUT, I usually fly on IAE’s IRL. The intermediate approach/flap deployment thrust changes/SPEED-ALT* down low sounds great! Exterior sound is also amazing! -Far too low of a weight variant-WV008 w 162.2K/142.2K is super low for an Airbus these days. Would like to see modifiable WVs/OEWs or at least options for more MTOW/MZFW/MLW as well as more configurable cabins -Fuel Burn way off-have used everything from -6 to -16 on SimBrief and still not been quite able to nail down a profile-at heavy weights this will put you over MLW due to the low MLW of the Fenix in general -VNAV is way too agressive and always slows to the bottom of the bracket. I’ve not only seen it myself but also heard and seen it in other streams. (MSFS/Asobo drag model?) Open Cl reducing/increasing speed yanks the nose up/hammers the nose down-perhaps this is F/D or AP logic that could be tuned-RW IAE pilot told me the FDs can be aggressive, but the AP will usually not follow the FDs as aggressively -Skalarki support and proper profiles and/or tutorials for home cockpit hardware Bravo/TCA etc etc. -Flap sounds could maybe be a touch louder? -Handles pretty decent with the right control sensitivity. -Drops speed like a rock -Climbs like a rocketship even when at heavy weights-frequently 18-20° on takeoff -Rotation logic torqued -It floats like it has sharklets (quoting V1 Sim-but I wholeheartedly agree) Minor tweaks -FD’s shouldn’t be on by default -ENG page/PB on ECAM shouldn’t be on by default (should be the door page) -AOC doesn’t do very much. It could use some more features like optional D-ATIS in the US and via VATSIM/IVAO (a-la FSLabs style with auto update) -Step Climb/re cruise-ALT CRZ not available in FMA until resetting the PROG/INIT page, FMGS doesn’t automatically apply NEW CRZ FL350 in scratchpad (did this once then not again) Not sure if it’s legit for a Thales box? -Approach Phase (D) pseudo waypoint Seems to go into the flight plan really late a lot of times-later than it should potentially be? -MSFS drag model and Fenix speed dropping fast notwithstanding, it should be hard to slow an Airbus down that fast-especially when the Decel point is on the localizer just priorto G/S capture or the FAF-not sure how accurate this is-but other Airbus sims don’t have it this late. Will continue to monitor. Airbus aircraft have extremely slick wings and in general do not go down and slow down -Thrust seems overly aggressive-lots of breaking 250kt restrictions (eg: coming into CLB or OPEN CLB out of SPD/ALT after an ALT restriction the thrust just hammers in) Wishlist -Higher weight variant option/Option to set own preferred OEW/MZFW/MTOW/MLW -That the IAEs and Sharks are actual physical mods and not visual only additions as in some Airbus products. -Full Skalarki support-Prosim or no sim-they should’ve realized that people who would buy their product do own skalarki gear! This is becoming more of an issue apparently. Things I’m seeing most: -Asobo needs to either open the weather or contract someone that knows how to interpolate and smooth the thing. Hope this might help.
  10. Mark does a nicer job at making things nice and tidy on my iPad-I have an addon with inbuilt MCDU-I just much prefer the Aviaworx version as well-gives folks options.
  11. Haven’t heard back from @marcom just yet. I had emailed him on release day. Hopefully the ability is there for it to be done-he’s already got the Maddog and Boeing setup in Aviaserver for CDU and iirc Overhead too-not sure I’m not an overhead guy-just flight monitor and like every CDU going for P3D.
  12. Allegedly it’s all on Fenix according to a post in the Skalarki forums. There’s a lot of talk that Skalarki support may be not possible due to Prosim contract/licensing issues. I certainly hope that’s not the case!
  13. In regards to support for the Skalarki gear, I definitely hope to see support as my FCU is currently a $1500 paperweight on my desk. As for other hardware, I’ve got a halfway serviceable Bravo profile thru spad.next at the moment-I downloaded the “Fenix A320ceo for Bravo” profile. Of course it wasn’t all setup how I particularly prefer it. Many of the toggles are multiple events etc. I’ve attempted to alter/change it to my preferences-but THAT endeavor has caused me to bash my head against my Alpha yoke several dozen times as I try to configure my 6 different controllers to work with the Fenix. I’m not so great at the “toggle bit/increment/decrement/set value” type stuff. I’m very much used to FSUIPC/FSLinda and sending control codes/Simconnect events via either Spad or FSUIPC. None of the lights on my bravo work yet but I’m not certain the AFC bridge works properly yet. As for the external MCDU support, I’ve emailed Mark Foti of Aviaworx-(he has Aviaserver/AviaOH/AviaCDU/Flight Monitor etc) about a remote MCDU for the Fenix-he’s already got support built in for the other recent high fidelity addon releases. Hopefully he can get cracking on the Fenix tho I haven’t heard back just yet. He’s also offering discounts for P3D users of aviaworx products who are giving MSFS a try this month. I’m sure Fenix is extremely busy trying to fix the aggressive VNAV and sometimes strange flight model but they’re probably up against it since it seems Asobo oft times focuses more on video game style features instead of sim features. If anyones got suggestions on coding/setting up thru spad feel free to hit me up! @cavaricooper I’d be happy to share what I’ve done so far in addition to anything you’ve come up with.
  14. I feel like I know one of these people…
  15. For those of you on the fence, it’s an absolute joy to fly. Worth every penny. My number 1 addon aircraft. The GSX, SimBrief and even FS2Crew integration is absolutely amazing. I won’t even consider MSFS until there’s something approximating FSL quality. Truth be told, aside from the big ticket items… It’s really the little details that make it worth it. If you’d like a preview you can find my YT channel at “FBWFTW” on YT-tons of FSL stuff there if you’d like (not monetized). The Maddog is the only other aircraft that comes close for me.
  16. Looking for solutions to the slow loading/dropped out city/airport textures (think DD NYC/Chicago/Seattle etc) when looking away/turning downwind or base come back to find that this aged well. My 3080ti with 12GB is about 8GB short of what I need to run LatinVFR KMIA and KFLL 😂
  17. I noticed I had duplicates at KJFK after installing the inibuilds GSX profile-but not at T5 only at the BAW terminal (8 iirc) I’ll have to take a peek at the files and/or do a reinstall.
  18. I kind of figured as much that’s what I was wondering about. With Cross the Pond being so close-what would you recommend I do to be on the safe side prior? Just a reinstall? I’m also planning on picking up FS2Crew for the 737ngxu-would installing that version happen to also reset the XACT-DLL file in question?
  19. Thanks Bryan. I had some issues with my mouse cursor as well (not sure if I can link the thread here from FSL-but I will and a mod can fix it if need be) First time I’d had that issue-had wondered if it was GeForce experience. When the crash happened-I had turned the FS2CREW panels on/off a few times in quick succession. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/30922-disappearing-mouse-cursor-on-efb/&do=findComment&comment=246660
  20. Hi Bryan, Tried out FS2Crew for my beloved FSL A32X’s for the first time and loving it so far (even if it sometimes doesn’t like my Boston accent) Have done dozens of flights with it no issue. Last night-while climbing out on a short hop and using my hide/show button along with popping up secondary panel a few times in a row, I got the XACT.dll crash. Ran a system scan etc. some things were fixed. I do not have ANYTHING on this PC other than stock windows and Flight Sim apps-it’s purpose built-no DRM stuff or anything mentioned in previous (years old) posts regarding XACT CTD’s. You can see the exact moment of the CTD, what I did before/after in this video (channel is not monetized) @ the 59:00 mark onwards. Again-I had done countless flights prior with zero issue. Only changes I made were some FSL livery additions.
  21. Shez, @micstatic has told me that DTW is working great in V5 with the latest beta and a bit of tweaking. I’ll shoot you an email later today for the beta. Also-thanks again for that Four Stacks Visual! It was a heck of a ride in!
  22. The internet isn’t good for sarcasm most of the time 😜 As far as the MCDU stuff. It’s a nagging annoyance to me… But I still fly the things. Although it’s been a stutter fest on the PMDG Ngxu for some reason lately. Only changes were orbx trees changing season, a few 3rd party liveries and a win update.
  23. Well don’t call me spoiled then If it means something different for you.
  24. Sure, but every bit of realism makes it more fun doesn’t it?
  25. Spoiled by the FSlabs, Leonardo Maddog and to the extent I fly it, the QW 787-that functionality is all there. I’m not hopeful for Global Flight Ops… I feel like they woulda said something-anything by now.
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