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  1. Paul_Yorks

    [09DEC15] A Whole Lotta 747-400 Goodness!

    Looking forward to this. Did my first long haul in a 747 this year since 1989, and it was as terrific as I remembered. And seeing the front end of the thing pointing directly into the main lounge at EGCC was simply amazing. It's an astonishing thing to look at, from a few meters away. Just need to find a few shorter routes, since time doesn't permit the long 'uns.
  2. Paul_Yorks

    Does P3D 3 = P3D 2.6?

    Good to see I provoked a debate... I'll just leave this here:
  3. Paul_Yorks

    Does P3D 3 = P3D 2.6?

    I'm really surprised by the response to my post. I'd like to apologise to you all, for upsetting you. Sorry. I didn't mean it. All I thought was: this looks like a really minor upgrade, and I'm ###### off that I have to pay full whack for it. But it seems that expressing that view is offensive. Sorry again.
  4. Paul_Yorks

    Does P3D 3 = P3D 2.6?

    Philip, can you point to where I said my opinion was the only one? My "dissent" point was made because 5 out of the 5 immediate responses to my OP were "why post this" - please read them again. 5 out of 5. It's depressing, when you make a pretty obvious point (like, the new release is disappointing), that you are met with "don't post this" in response to your complaint.
  5. Paul_Yorks

    Does P3D 3 = P3D 2.6?

    No I don't have v3. Nor do I see a straightforward thread here about the new upgrade being less than a Point release - which is exactly why I thought a separate new thread might be useful. Really, is there no room for dissent here? There is nothing here to justify a full price/no upgrade path approach. So I will do the "don't buy it" thing. That surely doesn't mean I can't express a view about it. Give me 64bit. I'll pay what you like. Give me a few tweaks and ask me to pay full whack? I will not. And I am a P3D supporter. But not at any cost.
  6. Paul_Yorks

    Does P3D 3 = P3D 2.6?

    A very disappointing release. I see nothing here to justify a new premium, and won't be upgrading. Are we really so desperate for a new FS solution that we'll accept a few bugfixes as an excuse to screw us for another fee? I'll stick with 2.5. A great shame: since a really good step forward for FSim might have created a fantastic profit opportunity for those in the biz, too.
  7. Paul_Yorks

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Very sad news. Condolences to all his family and loved ones.
  8. Paul_Yorks

    FlyTampa Amsterdam announced!

    +1 for a guaranteed buy for FT EHAM. There is currently no version of this airport running anything like a decent framerate. Whereas FT's St Maarten, Kai Tak and Dubai are frankly amazing - so I have great hopes for a new Amsterdam. Bring it on!
  9. Paul_Yorks

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Sorry to hear this. All best wishes to you, Tom. This is page 23 of comments - there are a whole lot of us out there sending you positive thoughts.
  10. Paul_Yorks

    PMDG 777 is out for P3D!

    So charge me extra to upgrade to 64 bit. For a change as substantial as that, I'll pay extra. But I won't pay it now, for a marginally improved sim, for a product I've supported already. Or, if they want to launch a Kickstarter to enable them to develop - then fine. Crowdfund it. Everyone else does. I think people are defending the indefensible, at present.
  11. Paul_Yorks

    PMDG 777 is out for P3D!

    Quite so. And on their Facebook page their position is "don't talk about our pricing policy". I'm disappointed. I also predict they will regret their approach. I think I'm one of very many who would have parted with 30 or 40 bucks without a complaint (even though I don't even yet have P3D!) to get the upgrade. But I won't pay full whack for a product I already have, and Aerosoft and the other houses evidently can manage an upgrade path (or free upgrade/dual installer) with no issues. So I will squeeze what I can out of FSX, and eventually (with say 64bit) I'll go to P3D and then buy what I like. By then what I like might be the v.2 747, for example - but I won't have to buy it twice, because this policy means I just won't buy it at all for FSX. And who will? Have PMDG abandoned FSX? Because you'd have to be nuts to buy an FSX product now, from them, if you intend a P3D upgrade - better to wait and make the switch later. Or you're doubling your price. Who, in fact, if they intend a P3D upgrade, will ever now buy a FSX PMDG product? Very shortsighted, I fear. And amazingly poor on the customer loyalty front.
  12. Excellent news, a very welcome decision. I've always been careful to backup, but this still gets lots of upvotes from me.
  13. Paul_Yorks

    New to airliners... what to get?

    You might be well beyond them, but if you're wholly new to tubeliners then you could do worse than messing around with the (gasp!) default 737 (or maybe the Lear for smaller fun). They are not remotely like the real deal but they are a) free and b) a good way of getting used to some of the facts of life in bigger birds - like managing descents from 35,000 rather than 3,500 in GA, or landing at 160kts etc. Even getting used to larger turning circles and the "heaviness" of the big stuff. I repeat: the defaults are a world away from the payware, but if you've not wet your nose at all, they might be worth a go. After that I'd agree with several others - the NGX is hard to beat. Love it.
  14. Happy REX Essential user here - but if the NGX gets an ASN weather radar, I guess I'll migrate at that point to ASN.
  15. Paul_Yorks

    REX Support forums up?

    Alll good now, as far as I can see. Also: re-running your auto-updater installer with Run As Admin worked for me! Thanks REX.