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  1. Looking forward to this. Did my first long haul in a 747 this year since 1989, and it was as terrific as I remembered. And seeing the front end of the thing pointing directly into the main lounge at EGCC was simply amazing. It's an astonishing thing to look at, from a few meters away. Just need to find a few shorter routes, since time doesn't permit the long 'uns.
  2. Good to see I provoked a debate... I'll just leave this here: http://www.avsim.com/topic/475641-personal-first-impression/
  3. I'm really surprised by the response to my post. I'd like to apologise to you all, for upsetting you. Sorry. I didn't mean it. All I thought was: this looks like a really minor upgrade, and I'm ###### off that I have to pay full whack for it. But it seems that expressing that view is offensive. Sorry again.
  4. Philip, can you point to where I said my opinion was the only one? My "dissent" point was made because 5 out of the 5 immediate responses to my OP were "why post this" - please read them again. 5 out of 5. It's depressing, when you make a pretty obvious point (like, the new release is disappointing), that you are met with "don't post this" in response to your complaint.
  5. No I don't have v3. Nor do I see a straightforward thread here about the new upgrade being less than a Point release - which is exactly why I thought a separate new thread might be useful. Really, is there no room for dissent here? There is nothing here to justify a full price/no upgrade path approach. So I will do the "don't buy it" thing. That surely doesn't mean I can't express a view about it. Give me 64bit. I'll pay what you like. Give me a few tweaks and ask me to pay full whack? I will not. And I am a P3D supporter. But not at any cost.
  6. A very disappointing release. I see nothing here to justify a new premium, and won't be upgrading. Are we really so desperate for a new FS solution that we'll accept a few bugfixes as an excuse to screw us for another fee? I'll stick with 2.5. A great shame: since a really good step forward for FSim might have created a fantastic profit opportunity for those in the biz, too.
  7. Very sad news. Condolences to all his family and loved ones.
  8. Thanks Dan, that fixed it. If I Route Request BEFORE I fill in my ORIG then I see everything (including the routes not saved in ORIGDEST format) - once the ORIG is in it filters. Like it!
  9. Dan, do my saved routes have to be in the ORIG/DEST format? Cos mine are not. They are e.g. AF123. But oddly I still see the AF123 when I'm in RTE 2, so I doubt that's the issue.
  10. In the NGX I'm used to searching saved plans for the one I want. Can't seem to do that with the T7. Route Request does nothing - unless I am in RTE 2 - when it behaves just like the 737 and gives me a list of all my saved flight plans in PMDG/FLIGHPLANS/777. I can get a saved plan in RTE 1 by typing it into co route and activating it. Very odd - is the RTE 2 behaviour not meant to work also in RTE 1? I've searched Intro/Tutorial/FCOMs and this forum to no avail.
  11. Looking forward to trying this. Might I suggest it would help and be clearer if you bolded the second 2 files in the following part of your readme? -"Copy either PMDG_737_Touchdown.wav or PMDG_737_Touchdown2.wav, (which ever one you prefer) & "PMDG_737_NoseGearGroundroll.wav" & "PMDG_737_Speedbrake.wav" "
  12. PMDG_Lover - your explanation is 100% spot on. I've spent 2 hours tonight trying to sort this but yours is the only way of getting it potted. Thanks.To everyone else:1) Do the uninstall via Cmd prompt2) Do the installThat's not at all clear, till you read all of the above. There are 2 steps. If you're like me, you'll spend ages doing the first only. That won't work without part 2. See what is said, in the last post, and you will succeed.
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