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  1. I had to disable windows firewall completely to make this work.
  2. If anyone is on the fence about this then absolutely give it a go. It’s a very simple install and boosted my fps by about 10.
  3. Weirdly I had this today, restart of the sim fixed it. Running the public beta and the NIS sharpener.
  4. Did you have any of the panels open like ATC or the VFR map? There’s a bug that stops all input from devices if you have a panel open.
  5. Works great, and paired with the bravo throttles it’s even better.
  6. This explains why I couldn’t get it to work 😞
  7. Did you just pair them as regular Bluetooth headphones?
  8. Brilliant to hear about EGAA - instant purchase whenever it’s available.
  9. Just picked one up, suspect they won’t be long in going.
  10. Yes, a lot of the first part of the checklist is usually checking stuff is in the right position, which it always is. I’m more interested in the processes around when to put on particular lights, when to input specific things into MCDU, etc.
  11. I keep a checklist on an iPad beside me, and work through that. Something like this is really good: https://flyuk.aero/assets/downloads/resources/checklists/UKV-PRD-A320-CHECKLIST-V4.pdf It’s fairly straightforward to follow once you’ve done it a few times, but it can be quite daunting at first!
  12. There’s also a third party photogrammetry for Dublin on flightsim.to which is pretty good.
  13. The CTDs I had were due to third party liveries I think…
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