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  1. Great, thanks for that. All the comments seem to suggest it’s brighter but not realistic. I’ll give that a miss.
  2. These seem to be popping up on the marketplace for every city known to man, but has anyone tried them? My city has just appeared and I’m considering it if it’ll be a substantial improvement on what I already think is pretty decent night lighting.
  3. Yes, this is a regular bug and the FS team have closed the bug saying they can’t reproduce it. There’s a large thread over at https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cannot-hear-atc-instructions-and-other-aircraft-suddenly-while-ai-copilot-still-responds/418969/930 which would be worth posting in.
  4. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cannot-hear-atc-instructions-and-other-aircraft-suddenly-while-ai-copilot-still-responds/418969/892 Worth replying to this topic for visibility.
  5. Flew in last night and it was fine on arrival, nice to see the two runways on approach. Performance on the ground was ok until I got near the terminal and it was fairly jerky, but once loaded wasn’t too bad. The terminal interiors modelled are pretty good, but the seats in T1 are angled the wrong way around! The fairly awful looking glass on some of the piers is disappointing, but I can overlook this by parking at some of the other gates instead. I can see how it’s a V2 but could do with a V2.5 to address a few remaining issues.
  6. I’ve had this problem for months, good to know closing the WMR closes it.
  7. I’ve had this quite often with SU12.
  8. It’s probably the cable, as they’re quite weak and are known to fail. I’d try buying a replacement cable to see if that works. The headset itself is usually fairly sturdy. No white light suggests the unit isn’t getting any power at all, which would suggest a broken cable. I had a similar issue and a cable replacement fixed it.
  9. No, it’s not updated in the marketplace yet.
  10. You can find it cheaper on websites like cdkeys.com. I bought the upgrade from Deluxe to Premium Deluxe there for cheaper than MS offered it.
  11. I prefer to buy through the marketplace so that I know when there’s an update available and I can reinstall stuff easily. I don’t really want to have an orbx updater, an aerosoft updater, and a bunch of random website logins for one thing on each.
  12. I’ve uninstalled GSX now as I found it awkward and buggy in VR. In 2d it’s great because you can see how many passengers have boarded, and it’s better for interaction. With VR I didn’t once get pushback to work properly, and on more than one occasion the GSX window would disappear and not come back. I’m hoping this gets addressed in a future update because I’d like to use it regularly but I spent most of my simming time fighting with GSX and not flying.
  13. I just picked it up on sale, and yes, it does work in VR. Little bit awkward with mapping a key for it because you can’t see the keyboard, but all the integrations and animations work fine.
  14. To answer your second point, if you press the windows start button on your keyboard, then again to dismiss the pop up, you’ll get the mouse back.
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